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Austin Davis press conference: Browns vs. Ravens

On playing in his first game with the Browns:
"It felt good to play. It is tough to get tossed in on third-and-10 late in the game. I felt comfortable. I felt like the guys around me really just calmed me down, kind of talked me through it as we went. Once we got going, once we got in a rhythm, once we scored that first touchdown, it's just football again."

On how the Browns will bounce back from this loss:
"Losing is always tough, but to lose that way, you always think, 'What could I have done differently to put us in a better situation?' At the end of the day, just couldn't get it done. It's tough to swallow."

On QB Josh McCown's injury:
"First and foremost, hope Josh is healthy. We obviously don't know exactly the extent of his injury. Probably one of the toughest guys that I've ever played with. You pretty much have to drag him off the field. His arm was falling off, and he went back out there and tried to keep fighting and keep playing. He's also helped me a ton to get where I am in this offense and learning it. Just wish the best for him. Hope he gets healthy."

On if McCown battling through injury was personally inspiring:
"He's always an inspiration, but I'm going to approach the game the same no matter what."

On if he felt unprepared going in for McCown since he has not had many practice reps this season:
"No, I feel the plays we're running, the system that we run is what I'm familiar with so it was just a transition of terminology and being in the game, really is the only adjustment. After that first play, third-and-10, we come off, go back on, get a completion, put a drive together. Like I said, just playing football from that point."

On if WR Travis Benjamin was wide open on the touchdown pass in the fourth quarter:
"Yeah, he looked really open. He looked open, the 'please don't miss him' he's so open. Pulled his coverage, and I had a little pressure from the left and stepped up underneath it. He did a good job getting behind him, a lot of fun. Wish we could have finished it off."

On if there was chaos and confusion when losing communication with the coaches on the headset:
"I didn't really feel that. I feel like I really try to just stay calm. In those situations, the louder the crowd gets, the calmer I want to be. That is just how I want to operate in those situations. Like we said, we wasted a little time and that happens. We can learn from it and do better next time."

On if he believed he was out of bounds when he slid on the final drive:
"No, my thought there was I knew we were in field goal range so I thought we would run the clock down and bang a timeout and kick a field. We talk a lot about situations and Coach Pett (Head Coach Mike Pettine) does a good job with us with those types of things. In hindsight, I probably should have just run out and let him control that. I knew time was down, but I thought we could burn a timeout of theirs. Looking back, probably should have just stepped out and maybe try to get a little closer for a field goal. I knew we were down on time and we weren't going to be going for a touchdown."

On potentially playing next week, if McCown is unable to play:
"It has been a wild year. Yes, it felt good to play. You never want to play with a guy getting hurt. That is never how you want to get into the ballgame, but we all know that happens. Come back in next week, get ready to go and see what happens, see where Josh is at and see where (QB) Johnny (Manziel) is at. We have said all along we want to root for the room and whoever is playing, play their best and give us a chance to win."

On how Manziel handled this past week:
"I think he has handled everything really, really well. He has been an awesome teammate. He has really helped me since I got here and helped me get caught up with the offense and all those things. The entire environment in the room has been really positive in my opinion."

On listening to the chants for Manziel:
"You try not to. You just play football."​

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