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Bills Pro Bowl OL Richie Incognito impressed with Browns rookie DL Danny Shelton

On the first play of a running of a 9-on-9 inside running drill, Danny Shelton got his hands on Buffalo's left guard Richie Incognito and violently tossed the former Pro Bowler to the side on his way toward running back LeSean McCoy. While he made the move, Shelton was yelling with intensity, and the playful jawing kept up between the two after the snap.

"That's the way we fight!" Shelton screamed as he was embraced by linebacker Craig Robertson and other Browns defenders in the huddle.

"Man, he's a big guy," Incognito said after Tuesday's practice. "He takes up so much space. He's got a good foundation. He's strong."

Shelton has watched Incognito play on Sunday's for years. In the mind of Cleveland's 339-pound rookie, Incognito is the epitome of a football player who treats each play as an individual battle. Shelton wanted to show a veteran on another team what he's all about.

"Richie Incognito is one of the linemen I've always wanted to go against," Shelton said. "I know, for sure, I'm going to get competition from him."

It wasn't just one play Tuesday against the Bills where Shelton stood out. It was nearly all of them. He's powerful, relentless and finishes every play. Shelton is all over the field, he's loud and even when Buffalo started catching on to how strong and fast he was, he didn't relent.  

Shelton's rise could be one of the biggest developments for the Browns going into the regular season. He hasn't played like a rookie and sets up other teammates to make plays.

"I definitely wanted to play more violently," Shelton said. "That's something that I practiced these past two days. I feel more prepared now. I feel more prepared for my second game."

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