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Brian Hoyer wins local cooking competition


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It's only April, but a Cleveland Browns player was busy winning last weekend.

Quarterback Brian Hoyer topped local comedian Rick Smith in a celebrity cook-off at the Lago Restaurant and Wine Bar last Friday.

Hoyer and Smith were tasked with the challenge of creating a three-course meal in front of 20 judges, one of which included Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor. The catch is that all of the dishes had to be prepared on the grill.

Hoyer's menu consisted of mussels, a grilled romaine salad, truffle beef tenderloin and grilled vegetables. Smith whipped together a shrimp and mussels pizza, fish tacos wrapped in lettuce and lamb chops.

Smith, a comedy writer for the show Black Dynamite on Cartoon Network, claims he was robbed of the victory.

"There were people saying my lamb chops were the best they've ever tasted," Smith said over the phone. "I think there was a little hometown favoritism given to Brian."

Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere (R.A.K.E.) sponsored the event to raise money for the 11 Foundation.

Judges described the cook-off as laid back, yet still exciting. Smith said Phil Taylor kept, "yelling how hungry he was." The Browns quarterback was the star of the event, though.

Hoyer first started to really get into cooking once he moved off campus at Michigan State. He was always a fan of cooking shows and began to try and recreate some of his favorite recipes.

His favorite type of food to prepare is Mexican. He makes his own guacamole and prefers tacos as the main dish. Hoyer often uses his own marinade, consisting of various peppers and honey. The grill is his specialty.

"It's the easiest. Less clean up," Hoyer said with a smile.

Hoyer already has plans to invite the offensive line over to his home for a meal, once the weather warms up. He hosted a Super Bowl party a few months ago with some teammates. That menu was more of a traditional one, consisting of wings and pizza.

"Sometimes, it's nice to enjoy not having to cook," said Hoyer.

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