Briean Boddy-Calhoun's confidence continues to grow after shining in preseason opener

If there's one thing you should know about Briean Boddy-Calhoun, it's that the second-year cornerback lacks neither confidence nor energy.

That's why the Browns' preseason opener was business as usual when Boddy-Calhoun — better known as BBC in the locker room — blew up an end-around on 4th-and-goal in Thursday's comeback victory over the Saints.

"I would say I came into the game really confident. I wouldn't say I got more confidence from Thursday," he said Sunday, "but I just expressed, showed that confidence."

Indeed, that dynamic was fully on display as Boddy-Calhoun looks to build upon a rookie season in which he recorded three interceptions, 43 tackles and 11 pass breakups in 14 games. Once an undrafted rookie whom the Browns claimed off waivers less than a week before the start of the 2016 season, Boddy-Calhoun now finds himself poised to earn a significant role in Cleveland's secondary.

"He's a worker and he has some intangibles. He's a football guy. He studies and he loves to play, that is the main thing. He just loves to play," defensive backs coach DeWayne Walker said. "When you can put all of those things together and just be consistent and not give up plays that you're not supposed to give up, then you are going to see some good plays come out of him."

Boddy-Calhoun spoke of his "mental growth" during an offseason in which he started to master more defensive concepts and correct the kinds of errors he made as a rookie.

"The game has slowed down tremendously just in one year," he said. "I would say that is the biggest difference."

Boddy-Calhoun finds himself fixed in that rotation that includes Pro Bowler Joe Haden, Jamar Taylor and recently-added veteran Jason McCourty. Asked whether or not he's better fit inside or outside, Walker said "I think the jury is still out. I think for him being young, as a staff we are trusting him to do both, so I think for him it is not necessarily the, 'can he get it done?'

"To me, I'm judging him based off of just the production and the consistency of doing both."

Plays like Thursday's night stop, though, could go a long way in forecasting how Boddy-Calhoun might be able to contribute this fall.

"I think when you have corners showing that you can tackle –that's something that (defensive coordinator Gregg Williams) wants to do with this group," Boddy-Calhoun said.

"I think it sends a message to the offense. You're not going to be able to crack wide receivers and put us one-on-one situations with the running backs. We do that with a lot of confidence so I think that does show something."

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