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Britton Colquitt encouraged by 'warm welcome' in Cleveland

Britton Colquitt spent his first seven NFL seasons in Denver,  winning a Super Bowl with the Broncos this past winter. So it's with bittersweet emotions the veteran punter starts a new journey in Cleveland.

"It was tough for me just leaving somewhere that I was at for so long," he said, "but it has been a warm welcome."

Literally and figuratively.

"It helps that it's warm, that's nice," Colquitt said Monday, laughing on a warm and sunny afternoon. "Beautiful here so far."

Colquitt, who signed with the Browns this past weekend after the club traded Andy Lee in exchange for a fourth-round draft pick in 2018, said he's been encouraged by positive vibes inside the building as they prepare for their season opener at Philadelphia.

"The players have been awesome, the upstairs [staff] and then all the coaches are super welcoming. They really take care of their own here," he said.

"Obviously the fan base is second to none from everything I've heard and just loyalty and things like that, so I'm really looking forward to being part of such a historic organization. It made the move easy. I haven't gotten the family here yet but they are looking forward to coming out."

For the Browns, tthe addition of Colquitt is a welcomed one after testing the waters with younger punters in Michael Palardy and Kasey Redfern in the team's preseason finale.

The 31-year-old has averaged 45.3 yards a kick throughout his career and is considered one of the league's better special teamers.

Now, Colquitt — who will also hold for kicker Patrick Murray is eager to contribute in his new location.  

"Walking in, it felt like a great organization from the top to the bottom. Everybody is super nice and supportive. They have all the support to make us successful," he said.

"I haven't interacted with a lot of fans or anything like that yet, but that just goes without saying – the Dawg Pound. It's a great organization. My dad is thrilled – he played for Pittsburgh – so he's like, 'Man you're playing for a great organization.' This is his old division…he's thrilled that I'm here and I am too."

He added: "Obviously first impressions are great – it's been beautiful since I've been here."

Literally and figuratively. 

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