Browns' 53-man roster ranking: the fallout


We ranked.

You reacted.

Not surprisingly, the order in which Nathan Zegura, my co-host on "Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford," and I put the Browns' 53-man roster at the end of last season drew considerable Twitter reaction from those who read it on

Some, such as Patrick and Joe, seemed to agree with it.

Patrick: "Good list overall. Certainly highlights areas of need."

Joe: "Very good rankings. After looking at them, we greatly need to improve roster from 16-53."

Most others didn't, which is usually the case with subjective pieces such as this.

Here's a sampling of reactions:

B.M.: "As soon as I saw that Joe Thomas wasn't No. 1, I was done with this. Terrible."

Behindenemylines: "Joe Haden's performance waned. Josh Gordon was our offense. Haden shouldn't be #1 for symbolic reasons or his play over four years."

Voice of reason: "Are there five good players on the team? After Hayden and Thomas, Mack is decent; Ward, too. But Gordon is one suspension and done."

Ricky: "What was your reasoning for putting Greg Little 53rd? I'm not a fan of his, but how can you qualify ranking him dead last? I'd say 42ish."

Our reasoning was simple: Little fell woefully short of proving to be even a decent receiving complement to Josh Gordon.

Little continued to have struggles hanging onto the ball and progressively got worse with gaining separation from defenders. His pronounced lack of contribution to the offense was a primary reason that the pass-first offense floundered and the team finished 4-12. The same could be said for Davone Bess, and that was how he wound up 52nd on our list.

Lamar: "Little is not the worst player on that roster."

BcWz: "Brandon Weeden is worse than Little."

Bruce: "Greg Little bottom-feeding. Much deserved."

Todd: "Good call on Little and Bess."

Debbie: "I think Buster Skrine should be higher (than 21st). A very scary start with a surprisingly great finish."

Dan: "My top five: 1. Gordon, 2. Haden, 3. Cameron, 4. Ward, 5. Mack."

Adam: "My top 10: 1. Haden, 2. Thomas, 3. Ward, 4. Gordon, 5. Jackson, 6. Cameron, 7. Mack, 8. Sheard, 9. Benjamin, 10. Skrine."

I'm good with eight of your top 10. I think Benjamin, provided he can stay healthy, has the potential to become a top-10 player on the team. Skrine did some solid work at times, but he figures to have a longer way to go to get there.

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