Browns' brass looks to apply lessons


You've got questions and comments that you submit to the Browns' official Facebook and Twitter pages, and Here's what I have to say about what you have to say: 

James says: "I've stayed true to the Browns since '99 ... but the firing of Chud has me wondering whether I can continue watching losing football every year."

I say: I feel your pain, James.

I totally understand how your loyalty and confidence would be shaken in light of the firing of coach Rob Chudzinski only 11 months after he was hired. At face value, this hardly looks like something that reflects stability within the organization. 

Nevertheless, the Browns were 4-12 last season, and the signs of regression they showed amounted to the biggest reason for his dismissal. How much of that should have fallen on the lap of Chudzinski could be open for debate, but there clearly was some accountability on his part.

I won't attempt to sell you that this was the right move or something that had to be done in order to make the Browns a better team. I can't assure you that the next hire will lead the turnaround for which all of us have seemingly waited forever to see.

I will say that, given what the Browns' leadership has learned from the mistake it admitted to making with its first coaching hire, there is reason to believe that it will apply those lessons the second time around.

I will also say that, given the likely improvement that will come from an enhancement of core talent that allowed the Browns to be at least competitive in most of their games, the next coach should have a greater chance for success in 2014.

Randy says: "We've been changing and changing year after year. For some reason, that hasn't worked out, am I right? Recklessness is not the answer. Sometimes you just have to sit back, take a breath and let things work out."

I say: Well said, Randy.

I agree that constant change is not a formula for success. However, standing still in the midst of losing can breed more losing. After a 4-12 finish, the Browns' decision-makers chose to be proactive.

It might not have been the most popular move, but it was done with the intention of finding the quickest possible solution to success. This is hardly an easy path. It is expensive and messy, and there are all sorts of questions that won't be answered for quite a long time.

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