Browns Community Highlights - August 7


Name:Pam Judge  

Hometown:Cleveland, OH

How they give back:
Pam Judge and her family began a foundation to raise awareness and research funds to find the cure for Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO). Her son Connor was diagnosed with the severe autoimmune disease that attacks the optic nerve and spinal cord, leading to blindness and paralysis. After Connor's diagnosis, the family brought their research efforts to Case Western Reserve. After her selfless decision to commit to #give10 and raise funds and awareness for something near and dear to her heart, Pam is proud to say her son is a success story. As the word of the foundation continues to grow through social media presence and more, Pam hopes to inspire others. Thanks for sharing your story Pam. It is important for us to #give10 to the causes that we are most passionate about.

Name:Megan Nagy 

Hometown:Cleveland, OH

How they give back:
Megan is a loyal Browns fan who has committed to #give10 and help her community become a better place. Megan and a group of her friends donate blood regularly. It has been an honorable contribution that she doesn't mind making whenever she can because she knows that three pints of blood can save a life. Megan was inspired to begin giving blood after her best friend's boyfriend Brian passed away suddenly in a motorcycle accident. Now giving blood has taken on a whole new meaning. She likes to #give10 as well as give life. Every time Megan gives blood, in her own way she is showing how much she loves and misses her friend. That's very sweet Megan. Be sure to check out even more opportunities to #give10 and donate provided through the American Red Cross, our First and Ten community partners.

Name:Dale Podojil

Hometown:Broadview Heights, OH

How they give back:
Dale and his wife have been Clevelanders for more than 70 years. They #give10 to help their community and all of greater Cleveland by volunteering as Trail Ambassadors at the Cleveland Metroparks. In this role they patrol the trails, to keep them safe for others to enjoy. Together they've done so for more than 8 years, combining for a total of nearly 1,000 volunteer hours. As a part of the 'Owls program' Dale and his wife began this work after taking a required course and getting their certifications. Dale says they love the Metroparks and they got involved because they wanted to give back to the great organization in some way. By volunteering their time and taking care of the park, they believe they are carrying out the vision of the park's creator. Dale loves to #give10 and more because in his own way he is to giving back to the community what it's given him. Wow Dale, That's fantastic! What a unique way to #give10 and keep your community safe.

Name:Sherri Heffner 

Hometown:Malvern, OH

How they give back:
Sherri is a caregiver in Cleveland at Hope Lodge, where she helps those with cancer through radiation. She watches and assists one particular patient, fixes his meals and supports him emotionally and psychologically. She says Hope Lodge provides her with an amazing opportunity to #give10 and helping others. She believes that when your loved ones are suffering from cancer, it makes the journey less stressful and more serene. Sherri would do what she does any opportunity that she got because so many suffer from cancer and they usually have to go through it by themselves. She feels privileged. It's important to her and she would encourage others to visit, donate and volunteer at the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge to help sustain the care. Sherri says the patients love people who come in. She encourages people to #give10 because it's not always about giving monetarily.  That's amazing Sherri! Continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

Name:Matthew Pankratz

How they give back:
Matthew is a 7th grader at Amherst Junior High. He loves the Browns but also loves to #give10 even at a young age. Matthew knows how important education is and has made it his mission to tutor kids that have a hard time understanding math and reading. By assisting other students in lower elementary, he feels good about himself. Through this peer tutoring Matthew helps the students perform better and develop essential skills. When he tutors kids after-school for free he also is happy to save their parents money. Matthew says that if he were in the situation he would want others to help him. He wants to continue to #give10, help others in his community and continue to make a difference in any way that he can. We love education, Matthew! That's an absolutely fantastic way to #give10. Keep it up!

Are you signed up to #give10? Share how you are helping the community and pledge to be part of First and Ten on All you have to do is give 10 hours, help your community. We want to hear your stories so follow @BrownsGiveBack on Twitter and Instagram for the latest community updates and be sure to use #give10.

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