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Browns hold back-to-back picks on Day 2 of NFL Draft

Philadelphia's first-ever Super Bowl victory Sunday gave the Browns some clarity on where they'll be picking Day 2 of the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Browns hold the Eagles' second-round selection as the final piece of the blockbuster trade the teams orchestrated in the weeks before the 2016 draft. That pick will fall at the very end of the second round, 64th overall, and directly precede Cleveland's third-round pick at No. 65. The Browns will also pick in quick succession at the start of Day 2 with the first and third picks (No. 33 and No. 35) of the second round.

The Browns hold six picks in the top 65, including Nos. 1 and 4. Cleveland has held double-digit picks in each of the past three drafts and added 36 players to the roster over that stretch.

On top of the first pick in each of the seven rounds and the aforementioned six picks in the top 65, Cleveland owns the rights to Carolina's fourth-round pick and Kansas City's fifth-rounder, giving it 12 picks total.

Here's how it breaks down as of Monday. The exact numbers for Cleveland's fourth-seventh round selections will be settled after the NFL distributes compensatory picks.

First round: No. 1, No. 4 (from Houston)

Second round: No. 33, No. 35 (from Houston), No. 64 (from Philadelphia)

Third round: No. 64

Fourth round: First and 23rd pick (from Carolina) in the round

Fifth round: First and 22nd pick (from Kansas City) in the round

Sixth round: First pick in the round

Seventh round: First pick in the round

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