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Browns hope tour of top QBs offers clarity with NFL Draft a month away


ORLANDO — **Browns general manager John Dorsey hopes a weeklong tour of meeting with the top quarterbacks offers some clarity before the NFL Draft next month. 

In the span of about five days, Cleveland's front office visited with the best signal-callers in this year's class — a group that includes USC's Sam Darnold, Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, Wyoming's Josh Allen and UCLA's Josh Rosen — last week in either on-campus Pro Days or private visits. The hope, Dorsey said, is this trek across the country gives the Browns, owners of the first and fourth overall picks, a better idea of who they'll draft the night of April 26.

"I think any time you get a chance to be together as an organization and kind of go and see the top four players at their respective position, you get a chance to meet them as a person," Dorsey said at the league's annual meeting in Orlando. 

"You get a chance to kind of watch them and their depth of X's and O's. And then you get a chance to actually physically work them, see them work out. But I thought it was good. You get to see them back to back to back, so it's all fresh in your mind, so therefore there's more clarity of thought, of understanding that position."

Following the first winless season in team history, the Browns are poised to draft a quarterback early and end what has been years of instability at the sport's most important position. Darnold, Mayfield, Allen and Rosen — who are widely viewed by draft analysts as first-round picks — are among those candidates Cleveland will continue to evaluate in the coming weeks.

The Browns sent a large contingent to Darnold's Pro Day Wednesday in Los Angeles and then to Allen's session Friday in Laramie, Wyoming. They also held private workouts with Rosen in Southern California and Mayfield in Oklahoma. "What we tried to do is we tried to fit all the pieces together in alignment," Dorsey said, "and we thought the best way to fit it all together was just around their Pro Days."

While last week's tour offered the Browns some answers, Dorsey made clear they're still gathering information.

"I think it's a long process. I think there's some things that it worked out. I think there's clarity of thought," he said, "but there's still four weeks until the draft, so we still have a lot more planning to go along, but it's another check on the box."

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