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Browns host 6th annual Summer Blitz to give back to the community

Browns staff, players and alumni completed a variety of volunteer projects directly impacting programming associated with Browns Give Back


The Browns on Tuesday hosted their sixth annual Summer Blitz outing, inviting staff, players, alumni and community partners to Berea to participate in various volunteer projects directly impacting programming associated with Browns Give Back.

The Cleveland Browns are committed to championing youth football, education and social justice in our community and throughout Ohio.

Over 80 participants, including LB Anthony Walker Jr., Assistant GM Glenn Cook and alumni Rick Lyle, Greg Pruitt and Ben Davis signed up to volunteer from the Visitor's Parking Lot at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus and complete the following activities:

Cleveland Browns field project bench assembly and delivery

- Volunteers assembled and delivered 8 Cleveland Browns-themed field benches to be used by athletes at Berea City School District's Lou Groza Field

- Lou Groza Field was the 14th high-quality synthetic turf field installed in Ohio schools and communities by the Browns, courtesy of the Haslam and Johnson families and Browns Give Back since the initiative was launched in May 2016.

Assembly and painting of picnic tables

- Volunteers assembled and painted 12 wooden picnic tables to be used by Stay in the Game! (SITG!) partner districts during the 2023-2024 academic school year

- The 12 picnic tables will help create over 100 new seating options and learning opportunities outside of schools for students and faculty

Adapted Football League Kick-off

- Volunteers helped create 150 customized signs and gift bags for athletes participating in the 'Friday Night Lights' event at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus on June 30

- Established in 2011 as the first competitive adaptive football program in Ohio, the Adapted Football League gives children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to participate in an organized, competitive and developmental sport that would otherwise be unavailable to them

Teacher and Student Kit Assembly

- Volunteers assembled 100 teacher kits to help show appreciation to teachers at SITG! partner school districts.. Teacher kits included classroom supplies, cleaning supplies and Browns giveaways

- Volunteers assembled 500 student kits which will be distributed to students upon arrival back to school in the fall. Student kits included school supplies and Browns giveaways

Bike Assembly

- To serve as both a reward and supplementary means of transportation for students, volunteers helped assemble 12 bikes to be distributed around SITG! partner districts

- Students will also receive a bike helmet and lock

SITG! Room Furniture Assembly

- Through a grant from the Arby's Foundation, the Stay in the Game! Network supported the creation of 6 Stay in the Game! reward rooms at partner school districts throughout Ohio

- Designed to act as an incentive for students to improve attendance, the Stay in the Game! rooms provide a space for students to relax and have fun

- During the Summer Blitz, volunteers assembled a variety of items to furnish the rooms including 8 gaming chairs, 5 bookshelves, and 6 storage units

Multiple partners also supported the volunteers during the event:

AMI Transportation Solutions provided vehicles to help transport finished projects to local SITG District schools and Lou Groza Field in Berea, Buffalo Wild Wings provided lunch for all staff who volunteered and The Sweet Fix Bakery provided desserts for all volunteers, which served as an extension of the annual "Cleveland Huddle" program during Black History Month.

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