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Browns LB Genard Avery conference call - 4/28

LB Genard Avery:

On his powerlifting in high school:

"In high school, I looked up to a lot of guys that did stuff outside of football. I had my cousin, his name is Chris Avery, that powerlifted back in the day. I looked up to him a lot. He got me started because he ended up winning a state championship. I wanted to beat all of his numbers and whatnot. I started in ninth grade. By my junior/senior season, I ended up breaking records and my own records my senior year. It was great. I ended up doing stuff outside of football to make me better in football."

On if the Browns gave him an idea where he may play:

"They know that I am versatile. They know that I can play outside or inside linebacker. It really does not matter. I am comfortable with wherever they want to put me. I am just ready to start."

On Pro Football Focus rating him with a high pass rushing grade:

"I just work hard at it. The stats and the numbers, it really doesn't mean anything to me. I'm an effort guy, and I try to finish to the ball every time. In my pass rush, I work hard at it. One thing about pass rushes and getting to the ball is it is all about effort."* *

On playing at Memphis after considering a transfer:

"My college coaching staff ended up leaving my junior season. They ended up leaving and whatnot, and there were a lot of players, older guys, plus I was one of the older guys that wanted to leave and transfer, too. One reason I came to Memphis was because of my coaching staff, and they treated me like family. They were like family, and they ended up leaving. I didn't know who was going to be the new coach and so much stuff was going through my head. I was a big fan of Ole Miss. I always wanted to be a Rebel growing up, and I was like, 'OK, I can go back home to my mom and be close to home and play for the school I want to play for.' I ended up staying at Memphis, and it was the best decision of my life. (Memphis Head) Coach (Mike) Norvell told me to give him a chance, and I did. I had one of the best position coaches in the damn land, and he taught me football. The reason why I'm here today is because of him because he cared, and he treated me like his son, brother, father, all of them"

On being on the same team as DL Myles Garrett:

"It feels great. He is a monster. He has so much destruction. I am excited to be a part of this organization. I am so grateful that they gave me the opportunity. I am just ready to showcase my skills and do whatever I can."

On his special teams experience:

"In college, I played all of the special teams from my freshman to senior season. It was great. I am not unfamiliar with any position on special teams. Wherever the coaching staff and the organization want me that is where I am going to play. I am just ready to get started."

On earning his bachelor degree in 3.5 years and being on the dean's list:

"That was my main goal to get my degree before football. My mom was hard on me in school. She said if you do not have the grades, you cannot do this or that growing up. That is one thing my mom, she wanted me to do. I promised her that I was going to get my degree before this process. I ended up taking extra hours and doing what I had to do. I graduated in December. Now, I am here."

On overcoming a broken wrist:

"My broken wrist, it was weird. Injuries happen in football. I was a sophomore. I had gotten a new coaching staff. After spring, I rehabbed it, did what I had to do and it was done. I didn't have any trouble with it after that, and now, I am here. It was great. Just rehabbing the heck out of it and doing extra work."

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