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Browns LB Nate Orchard conference call - 12/28

On discussions whether or not Head Coach Mike Pettine will stay with the Cleveland Browns next year:

"That's a hard topic to discuss just because you hate to see a coach leave, you hate to see anyone on the staff be gone because we've had such an up and down season, but yet, we've been so close in so many games. Personally, I love Coach Pett. He's done a phenomenal job from the moment I got here showing his generosity and his care and what really matters to him – family first before anything and being a football player second. My hat is off to Coach Pett, and I hope that he comes back next year and we can make this thing happen."

On the Browns defensive success in the second half of yesterday's game:

"We really put it together in the second half executing the game plan, knowing our assignment, understanding the offense and what they were going to give us. As an entire unit, we were communicating really well. We had glimpses of that throughout the year, but we really put it together the second half going into the Kansas City game. I couldn't be more proud of the way we performed. Hopefully, we can continue to build off that."

On his progress over the past four weeks:

"It's a long season, and the only thing you can do is get better week by week. The last thing you want to be is complacent and happy with your playing time and what you're doing. Me, personally, I want to make the most of every opportunity I get. (LB) Armonty (Bryant) not being there was hard for the defense so it put a lot more reps on me, (LB Barkevious) Mingo and (LB) Paul (Kruger). You just have to go out and execute, next man up mentality. We lost one of our key players, but we have to continue to play hard."

On laughing with LB Craig Robertson about the interception:

"Most definitely. It's funny because we sat on the bus after the game right next to each other, and (QB) Johnny (Manziel) walks in and he said, 'Hey, does it really take two guys to catch the football?' We laughed and joked about it. We were sitting with each other talking about the play and how I'm supposed to give a certain call and I didn't and I wanted to be man on man with the tight end, and next thing you know, the ball was tipped in the air, Craig tipped it, tipped it to me, I tipped it back to him. We were going back and forth. Next thing you know, we both had our hands on the ball right there. It all happened to fast I knew it's either you or me that's going to take this ball. I saw everyone piled up behind us so I just snatched it and ran and a little designed trick play on us, throwing our opponents off and running down the sideline."

On his goal to get better every week and if he expected the sack production to occur:

"Right after I got my first sack in the San Fran game, I felt my confidence was back, I was able to get back in a groove. I got close a couple times in that Seattle game and the situations I'm put in pass rush wise, I just have to get to the quarterback. After I got my first sack in San Fran, I was back to my old self, my confidence was back up and knew that this is why they brought me here – one of the best pass rushers in this draft class. 'I know I can do this. This is what I'm here for' mentality and going out and do that. I'm finally back in my groove, and it's all good."

On the meaning of a Browns win on Sunday:

"It would mean everything. This year' has been such a roller coaster, but to cap it off with a W at home against Pitt, I'm sure it would leave the fans happy, as well as players and coaches."

On difficulties playing against and adjusting to mobile QBs, given Chiefs Alex Smith's rushing success in the first half:

"The biggest thing is going back to the fundamentals and keeping it simple and having guys stay in their pass rush lanes and keeping the quarterback in the pocket until you are able to collapse those B gaps and force him either to step up or go out. That is when you have those edge rushers there for him to fall in your lap or the quarterback will run into your interior guys. The way that they were protecting kind of threw us off and that opened up lanes for him real quick to not make his reads as fast and find an opening and run for big yardage."

On what LB Paul Kruger has meant to him:

"He has been a mentor, someone I can come to if I need anything at all, on and off the field. Being a former Ute, you really take care of your own. The moment I got here, Paul has been sincere and has been a great teammate ever since. He sees me out there making those big plays, he is nothing but excited for me and he is always the first one to come and congratulate me."

On if registering sacks were was necessary to propel his confidence:

"Just getting my role, I am in there to stop the run so it is hard when you are in there first and second down and your job is to stone the run and you can get your pass rushers in the game. That was my situation for a while. Not much has changed to the scheme of the defense. We are just bringing both outside linebackers off the edge a little more. I think that has given me the opportunity to get the sacks that I have had and coaches putting us in the right position."

On the Browns defense's struggles early in the season followed by some recent success:

"Tough deal. It is a long season. We dealt with a lot of injuries and things like that. It is hard. It is hard to have a full roster throughout the week and guys can tend to get down. It is a rough season. Like I said, it has been a roller coaster, but at the end of the day, we have our 53 guys and we have our coaching staff that we lean on and we are going to finish the job. We have one more game left. We are all here. We are going to continue to work and do our best. All we can do now is just finish this thing."

On other Browns who have aided him during his rookie season:

"My outside linebackers coach, Coach (Brian) Fleury, has been amazing to me from the moment I got here, as well. He and his wife have been nothing but supportive in helping my wife and I with the transition from being in Utah with family and now here. I have a great support system. Coach Pett from the beginning has been awesome about that and family. Like I said, I have a great staff, and I am happy to be here in Cleveland."

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