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Browns OL Austin Corbett conference call - 4/27

OL Austin Corbett:

On if he has spoken to OL Joel Bitonio since being drafted:

"No, I have not even checked my phone yet. I was in our weight room this morning working out, trying to kill some time and he came in. I was able to talk to him this morning because he is back to go to the spring game tomorrow at Nevada. This is just crazy."

On if he has played both guard and tackle:

"I played all four [years] at left tackle. At the Senior Bowl is when I got moved into guard and played a little bit of guard there."

On if the Browns have told him which position he will play:

"No, they have not said anything yet. I am sure I will be finding out here shortly, though."

On the backstory behind him saying his wife has been his inspiration:

"Kind of everything that has gone on in my life. We have had some struggles growing up with the recession and all. My dad has just really shown me the way on how to be a blue-collar man and how to get the job done. It does not matter what it takes. You just always have to do what you have to do to put a roof over your head. That is really what I have tried to carry through football and throughout my career."

On being willing to play all positions but if he wants to play T, given that is where he has mostly played:

"Yeah, I am definitely a tackle player. I spent the last four years there, but at the Senior Bowl, again, that was my chance to move inside and I felt really comfortable at those positions, as well. Really, whatever the Browns want me to do, I am going to do for them. I am just super excited to get into Cleveland."

On his relationship with Bitonio:

"He was a senior my redshirt year at Nevada. As a walk-on, I was just watching him, trying to look at every single thing he did because I knew the type of player he was and the type of person he was. I really tried to characterize myself and really idolize Joel. Now, it is going to be crazy to play next to him. He is somebody I have been watching for four years now and everything he has done there in Cleveland. I am just super excited to be able to get next to him and continue to learn from him." 

On what Bitonio has told him about OL Joe Thomas and potentially filling his spot if asked:

"Joel has told me how great of a person he is and just the type of player. When you play [10,363] consecutive snaps, that just says something to who you are and how you can push through things. The offensive line, they are going to get banged up but to push through that and get those things done, that is just incredible. As far as it goes in being 'the next Joe Thomas,' that is just a rare, rare human there. If I can learn from him and follow in his footsteps, that is just amazing."

On his walk-on process at Nevada and joining another walk-on in his draft class with QB Baker Mayfield:

"Starting with me coming out of high school, I was only 240 pounds. No D-I program wants a 240-pound offensive linemen. My brother at the time was playing at San Diego State. He was on scholarship so he kind of set the bar for me. If he can play D-I, then so can I. Then I just got the opportunity to walk on at the local college here at Nevada. That was the only way I could play D-I. Financially, that was the only way so it made sense for us. It is just a difference in how you have to go about yourself when you are a walk-on. I am sure that Baker understands this, there are things you have to do to that kids on scholarships do not. There is nothing wrong with that. Just having that mentality to carry on and that mentality is what it takes to be the great football player. I am sure I can speak for him that it is a mentality he will never give up."

On what makes Bitonio such a good player:

"Just his overall intelligence of the game. It is something special. He just understands defensive concepts and can just see these things and anticipate, which makes a great football player. Then it comes down to his physicality, as well. Moving up in the middle, you got some big dudes up in the NFL, and you have to have a little bit of nasty to you. Playing offensive line, you have got to be a little messed up in the mind, honestly because it is a car crash every play. That is how he played at Nevada, and that is what I saw. He set the standard for me."

On his conversations with NFL teams on where he may ultimately play:

"I would say the majority of what we talked about was moving to the inside, playing guard or center, but there were still some teams that were saying tackle. There was no reason to move me to inside because I have played the past for years of tackle, but it varied with every team. Whatever the Browns ask of me is what they are going to get, for sure."

On what he brings to the Browns:

"Someone that just understands this game and loves the game of football from a mental side of things and really just wants to get after it, scheme up a defense and see what works best. Now on top of that, it is just that physicality. Growing up wrestling, I feel like I have got that nasty to me. What makes offensive line fun is being able to break someone's will over the course of a game."

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