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Browns partner with Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry in the Breaking New Ground Campaign

Cleveland Browns Sponsor Large Two-Family Home


Browns representatives along with the Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (LMM) and St. Clair-Superior Development Corporation teamed up to celebrate the completion of Bonna House, the first home purchased as part of the Breaking New Ground affordable housing initiative.

On Aug. 4, the Breaking New Ground initiative came to fruition with the ribbon-cutting of its newest renovation involving a large two-family duplex. The latest renovation adds additional housing options inside the St. Clair-Superior community, which is currently occupied by single mothers and families who have previously experienced homelessness.

Funding by the Browns and other critical partners, both public and private, has already made a significant difference within the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood. The Browns pledge of $100,000 to purchase and completely overhaul the two-family duplex allowed Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry to own its first house. 

The Browns long-standing commitment to diversity has been showcased in numerous initiatives and activities over the last several years. The Breaking New GroundCampaignlooks to further strengthen this push by creating an innovative rental model for underserved Clevelanders. The initiative has closed the gap between voucher-eligible would-be renters and homes that would otherwise have been unavailable to them.

The organization's well-established partnership and collaboration with Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry over the years have been a factor in multiple assets of the Breaking New GroundCampaign. As part of the BNG Campaign, The Affordable Housing Initiative will also provide St. Clair- Superior community members with resources and life-enhancing assets including LMM's supportive services. 

The initial $3.5 million goal assessed in the Family Stability Fund was recently exceeded by $745,000, totaling $4,245,000 to date. All funding directly supports the purchase and refurbishment of home projects. 

All Browns fans are encouraged to join and learn more about the organization's push for social justice found on the team's website as well as social media platforms. 

Visit to learn more about LMM.

The Cleveland Browns stand in solidarity with all the people within our country who are making the commitment, effort and sacrifice necessary to demand and work towards positive change for the community. The organization will continue to work to become an instrument for change regarding criminal justice reform, economic mobility, and black-owned business. For more information, visit

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