Browns partner with multiple local Black-owned restaurants to celebrate Black History Month, give back to local shelters

The “Cleveland Huddle” initiative was launched in 2021 and expanded this year to support even more Black-owned restaurants


To celebrate Black History Month and promote the "Be the Solution" social justice initiative, the Browns partnered with multiple local Black-owned restaurants in February to support their businesses by giving back to them and the community. The partnerships are also a part of the Browns' "Cleveland Huddle" initiative, which was launched in 2021 specifically to work with Black-owned restaurants and provide meals to local shelters.

On Feb. 10, the Browns worked with Swerve Grille in Beachwood to provide 210 meals to Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, a "Be the Solution" partner organization. The Browns aided Darrell Richardson, the Grille's Executive Chef, and his staff with the financial means to cook the meals and then transported the meals to the ministry.

Richardson, who has been chef of Swerve Grille since it opened in 2013, said the partnership and goal of giving back to the ministry was "right up my alley" and was pleased to hear the Browns wanted to work with his restaurant to make the meal donation possible.

"It made me feel good inside," he said. "I enjoy doing stuff like this because it's great to let people taste some cuisine that I've perfected to the best of my ability, and I wouldn't mind doing it again because it's a joyful experience."

On Wednesday, the Browns worked with Black Box Fix to cater lunch internally to employees at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus. The Browns also provided four $100 gift cards to four different Black-owned restaurants in Cleveland each Friday throughout the month through a social media contest. The Crispy Chick, Berea Smokehouse, Irie Jamaican Kitchen and The Rib Cage were all part of the partnership.

The Browns will also be purchasing 40 meals from Angie's Soul Food Cafe in downtown Cleveland on Feb. 22 and delivering them to Passages, an organization that assists Northeast Ohio families with services aimed at empowering them to improve their lives and successfully achieve family resiliency and financial independence.

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