Browns player, coach press conferences - 8/13

DB Briean Boddy-Calhoun:

On how much confidence Thursday's preseason game gave him:

"I came into Thursday with a lot of confidence, watching some New Orleans Saints film and just having a good camp so far. I would say I came into the game really confident. I wouldn't say I got more confidence from Thursday, but I just expressed and showed that confidence."

On the biggest difference from last year to this year:

"Just my mental growth. Just learning as a player, learning more concepts, learning from my mistakes last year. The game has slowed down tremendously just in one year. I would say that is the biggest difference."

On if he feels like he 'showed something' with his tackle for loss on fourth down:

"Definitely. I think when you have corners showing that you can tackle – that is something that (defensive coordinator) Coach (Gregg) Williams wants to do with this group – it sends a message to the offense. You are not going to be able to crack wide receivers and put us in one-on-one situations with the running backs. We do that with a lot of confidence so I think that does show something."

On the Browns getting a win early in the year, even though it was an exhibition game:

"It is extremely important, but we just have to realize that one win is not enough. We need more and it is the preseason. After four games, we will be 0-0 again. We just have to take it for what it is. We enjoyed it. We enjoyed it a ton, but we also know that we have a lot of work to do and we are going to come back from it and get ready for New York."

On DB Jamar Taylor saying he could be a top-five CB in the NFL and if he agrees that Taylor has that potential:

"No doubt. No doubt about it. No doubt. Top five corner. No doubt in my mind that he could be that."

On why Taylor could be a top-five NFL CB:

"Just the way he works and his skillset. If he was a craftsman, he would have a lot the tools in his tool box. I am not a tool guy so I am not going to try to name all the tools he has, but I am just saying, the guy can play off, he can play inside and he can go back and play safety. He can play middle linebacker if you ask him to because he is just that versatile. When you talk about off the field, he is the guy that does all the right things. He is in here until camp night. We already break at 10 o'clock with 11 o'clock curfew and he is still in here. Like, you are saying, 'Let's go home. We have been here since 6 o'clock.' When you look at a guy like that, his ceiling is extremely high."

WR Corey Coleman:

On being cleared from his alleged assault investigation:

"Moving past that. I am strictly football. I don't want to answer any [more] questions, to be honest."

On QB DeShone Kizer's performance against New Orleans and if it gave him a leg up in the QB competition:

"They are all out here competing. All of the quarterbacks we have are really talented, and I am excited for each and every one of them. DeShone did a really good job. He came in, and I think in the third and fourth quarter had an unbelievable performance, just like I thought he would."

On how he is feeling and what his goals are for this season:

"Feeling good. Just taking it day by day. Working on my body with the trainers and stuff. Still doing treatment and stuff, just taking it all in. Have some big goals for the season. I am excited for this season, too. We look really good. We have been working really hard. I am just ready for everybody to see the work we have been doing."

On his performance in training camp:

"Camp has been camp. Had ups and downs. As a team, as a unit, just working to get better. A lot of stuff we have to work on. Each and every day, we come out here and try to be the best that we can be."

On what he can improve during the rest of training camp:

"Definitely knowledge of our offense and the scheme and stuff. Proper depths and routes and stuff – the big picture."

Quarterbacks coach David Lee:

On if QB DeShone Kizer worked mostly out of shotgun Thursday night due to comfort and the Browns also need him to execute the passing game from under center:

"We need him to do both. It just happened to be in that particular game the gun was more convenient with things we were doing. Plus, all of the zero pressure he was getting, it is a lot better to be backed up and be separated from it momentarily – not very long. Hope that answers your question. There is no big deal. He can throw from under center fine."

On if the Browns can execute their full running game out of shotgun:

"Our full running game? I will tell you what, about 90 percent of it, yeah. We are pistol, as well as the gun, too. We have a lot of pistol, too, out of the run game."

On Kizer's ability:

"He gives you big play ability in the passing game at the quarterback position. You guys saw it the other day with the two deep balls. He has a great, long arm. He can throw corner routes, post routes, skinny post on a line. He doesn't limit you. You just get to throw whatever you want to because he has got such great arm talent."

On Kizer's development since OTAs:

"He is a lot better than he was in the spring, but he is still not there guys, and he knows it. There is so doggone much. Right when he has good practices and things happen in a game, that is why this one on Monday night is so good for him. That is what we need is put him in the real lights on a national television game and see if he can carry these fundamentals that we are harping on him over and over and over into the game. He is trying and he is doing better. Has he got it mastered? Not yet. We have to know that he can do all of it before we put him out there full time. He is not ready for that yet."

On what fundamentals Kizer has improved in his passing mechanics:

"First thing, his stride length is considerably less than when he came here, which is a great, great advantage as a passer. As I have mentioned before, we talked about when your stride is out there and long, your body can't catch up to your lower body because that ball is going to come out closer to your front foot. You would like for it to be in a straight line. He is way out. He is not anymore. He has cut a lot of his stride-length down, which should increase his accuracy. It should decrease high balls sailing over people's heads. Does it happen occasionally? It happens to everybody, but that is what you fight hard fundamentally with DeShone on and (QB) Brock (Osweiler), also. They both have the same disease so we are fighting to shorten those strides."

On QB Brock Osweiler overthrowing a few WRs Thursday night:

"It is not muscle memory yet. His lower body has not memorized it. It is so hard because when the bullets start flying, old habits will take over. You just come back and stay on him, 'Hey, it is not there, look here.' 'Yeah, I see it, Coach. I see it,' and you keep working. If you guys watch DeShone warm up, he puts his foot and steps into a cinderblock every day just warming up just to create the short stride. You can't do it enough. I did it with (former Cowboys QB) Tony Romo for two years. He was ready really the third year and he didn't get to play until the fourth year so he had plenty of time. We are crash-coursing these guys because it shoots your accuracy up."

Defensive backs/corners coach DeWayne Walker:

On evaluation of the CBs through the first two weeks of training camp:

"Improvement. That is the No. 1 thing is that we are just trying to stack up good days and just trying to create a reliable group."

On DB Jamar Taylor saying he can be a top-five NFL CB:

"It doesn't really bother me. It just comes down to production. If you have the production and the consistency, then that goal could be valid, but that is where he needs to get to in terms of being elite. You have to be very consistent and very reliable."

On if he sees that confidence from Taylor in meetings and on the field:

"Not an arrogance, just a quiet confidence. The way that he works, there is no question he feels that way about himself, and that is OK because he puts the work in. Now, it is all about what you put on tape and what is the production."

On if Taylor has the physical tools to be a top-five NFL CB:

"If you do your homework and look at all of the elite corners or the guys that have made All-Pro over the years, I think you do it one season at a time so when you see players that have reached that goal year in and year out, there is no question that he has [the talent] to do it. I know the elite ones, they find a way to do it every year. I think that it is not a lofty goal for him. He just has to take one play at a time."

On Taylor having a chip on his shoulder after being traded by Miami:

"A lot of times, some guys have internal motivations and some have external motivations. I guess with him it is external. I don't think it is a bad thing, just as long as you monitor it the right way and not let it get the best of you."

On DB Briean Boddy-Calhoun's developmental and his performance Thursday:

"He is similar to (DB) Jamar. He is a worker and he has some intangibles. He is a football guy. He studies and he loves to play. That is the main thing – he just loves to play. When you can put all of those things together and just be consistent and not give up plays that you are not supposed to give up, then you are going to see some good plays come out of him."

On if Boddy-Calhoun can be as good outside as he was as an inside CB last year:

"For a young guy, I think the jury is still out. For him being young, as a staff we are trusting him to do both, so I think for him it is not necessarily the 'can he get it done?' To me, I am judging him based off of just the production and the consistency of doing both."

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