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Browns player press conference - 6/8

DB Tramon Williams

On changes among the Browns DBs this offseason:

"It's new. I guess that's the least I can say, but I think it has been for the better. I think we have some young guys in, young, hungry guys who have done a good job this whole all offseason who have come in, putting in the work, learning the defense and doing an excellent job just leading the group. It's going to be some young guys who are going to have to step up for us. Those guys are doing an excellent job of leading so far."

On the difficulty of going through a losing season after many successful years in Green Bay:

"It was real difficult. For the most part, halfway through the year, I was still kind of getting adjusted to it. Later on in the year, it starts to wear on you in different ways, just pulling on you from different ways. Just frustration, you being out there doing more than you want to, just trying to make something happen at some point, and it doesn't get any better. When you're at that point, it's not going to get any better. We have a fresh start now, and hopefully, like you said, we can come out and have a better year this year."

On if expected to remain with the Browns, given the team cut a few veterans during the offseason:

"I had a good feeling that I would be around. At the same time, I always evaluate everything. Whenever moves like that happen, you have to evaluate everything as a person, and I did evaluate everything. At the same time, I always thought I would be here."

On it is important to have QBs that are coachable and put in extra work, as QB Robert Griffin III has shown:

"I think so. For the most part, to be fair to the other quarterbacks, they all have put in time. For the foundation of this team to be good, we have to have a leader behind center who is going to put in the work, who is going to be a real pro and will lead by example. I think the guys that we have will do that."

On how DB Justin Gilbert has been during offseason workouts:

"I like his attitude right now. I think he's refreshed, also. He's on a clean slate – new coaches, guys who understand his ability, guys who are going to try to get the best out of his ability. Justin has just been doing an excellent job so far. Even on the field, he's been taking the coaching. I think in one practice the coach asked him to change up something, and normally, players can't do it just off of a coach telling you to do it in one day and I think he changed it up within that same practice. He continues to do it every day. That's the type of detail he's kind of paying attention to right now. That's great for him. That's great to see out of him. Like I said, he's on a fresh start – totally new, different coaching staff. I'm going to be watching Justin closely myself. I think he's going to do an excellent job for us."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson commenting about the number of padded practices and the physicality during training camp:

"Yeah, but we play football, though. That is what we do. You can't learn to play football without doing the basics, and the basics of football are tackling. If we can do that well, I think we will be a good football team."

TE Gary Barnidge

On how he's feeling after his sports hernia surgery:

"Getting better every day. Obviously, it's only been like a week, but it's getting better every day. I'm walking good. It's going good. I'll be ready."

On the decision to have surgery now and if it will impact his participation in training camp:

"It was just the opportunity to get it all done. I won't miss any time. I think that was the purpose of it so we would get all of this done and then I would be all ready to go before training camp so it wouldn't pop up during the season or anything."

On how or when the sports hernia occurred:

"It's just wear and tear. It's just something that happens – wear and tear over time. It's not anything that you can prevent, really. It's just something that can happen over time. Some people get it, some people don't."

On if he will be back to full speed by the start of training camp:

"I'll probably be ready before training camp. My goal is to be ready as quickly as possible, obviously. I'm going to be working at it every day I am out here and every day doing stuff. I'll be here in the summer and stuff, as well. I'll be back as quickly as I can."

On working with new QBs:

"I think it has been good. We had a lot of work together during OTAs when I was going and then during the offseason program, we have been working together. I think we have good chemistry with all of the quarterbacks."

On if TEs will be featured as much as last year in Head Coach Hue Jackson's offense:

"I think every position is going to be really featured because he's going to make it where every defense is going to have to focus on every position. You can't focus on, 'We're going to shut down the tight end,' or 'We're just going to shut down the receiver' because then everybody else is going to open up. I think that it going to be dictated per week."

On following up on his breakout season last year:

"I'll just do anything I can to help the team because it's not really about one person. It's just about trying to get wins. That's what we're all about. It's about helping the team. Anything I can do to get other guys open or to spring the run game, that's all I can do."

LB Nate Orchard

On defensive coordinator Ray Horton's defense and how he fits into it:

"I'm really excited about it. I got a glimpse of it about two years ago at the Senior Bowl when Tennessee was there. (DL) Danny (Shelton) and I were on the same team, the North team. I got familiar with him, his staff and his scheme. To now be a part of it and bring it here to Cleveland, I'm really excited about it."

On the Browns adding rookie pass rushers in the offseason:

"If anything, I'm really excited about it. (LBs) Emmanuel Ogbah, Joe Schobert, those two guys, I had a chance to talk with them and coming into the NFL and what it is going to be like. I'm just excited to take them under my wings and help them any way I can. I know they are going to bring a lot to the table. As a defense, we want to be able to get to the quarterback. I know they are going to help us out."

On what Ogbah has shown during the offseason workouts:

"What I'm seeing out of him know is a lot of what I saw in myself when I first got here. Being someone that's been playing in the 4-3 scheme in high school and college, he's never dropped into coverage. Some things are going to be new to him, but he's adapting quickly, he's learning fast and he's getting the playbook down, which is big. He looks comfortable out there."

On being open minded to new training regiments and techniques:

"To me, it all comes down to being a pro and wanting to adapt to the new culture and the new staff and having a sense of respect and understand what they are bringing in and what they want to do. It's change. What has happened in the past, leave the past in the past and move forward. They want to find the guys who are committed and are willing to do what they are teaching."

On if Browns defensive players escape some of Head Coach Hue Jackson's scrutiny, given his offensive background:

"Never. No, no one's safe from Coach Jackson (laughter). He's out there yelling at every single person. If you're not running to the ball, he's on you. That's something you want in a head coach. Someone who is driven and passionate about the game who is running around and yelling at people. It's exciting. Even though he's on the offensive side, you can definitely feel his presence on the defense."

OL Cameron Erving

On doing additional work with QB Robert Griffin III and how the learning process is going:

"It's going well. We are both learning the offense really well. Everything is going really well. We're just trying to build a level of chemistry and continuity and make sure we are on the same page in every aspect of the game."

On being actively involved in the community after completing his rookie year:

"I kind of feel like I have said it before, I kind of got out of doing the things that made me, you know, me. In college, I did a lot of things and outreach. Last year, I was kind of just so focused on football, I didn't really get a change to give back. I didn't really put myself in a position to help the community as much as I have lately. It's very rewarding. It also gives you a different level of focus, and it gives you a perspective on life. It's helped me, and I feel more like I am more of myself since I have been here"

On if he feels like he is settling into his position and as a member of the offensive line:

"Definitely. I feel like I am settling in. I feel like I am doing a good job of just familiarizing myself with the position and making sure that I handle everything that I need to handle as a professional, as a teammate and as a man."

On his mindset when run blocking:

"I just want to be a nasty player. I'm a nice guy, but when I step onto the field, it's time to play ball and it's time to get a mean streak. I feel like that is one of the reasons that I was drafted here to the Browns because they saw I had that. I'm just going to be mean, nasty and physical."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson's philosophy to run the ball:

"I love it. That's where the game starts in the tranches. You can't be successful if you can't run the ball. He's put a huge emphasis on being able to run the ball. We have two amazing backs in (RBs) Duke Johnson (Jr.) and Isaiah Crowell. We're just trying to utilize those guys the best we can. In order for them to be successful, we as an offensive line have to go out and be very successful."

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