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Browns player press conferences - 10/5

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today's media availability:

  • LB Joe Schobert
  • DL Danny Shelton
  • OL Joe Thomas

LB Joe Schobert:

On the NY Jets utilizing underneath routes in the passing game:

"Yeah, the underneath kind of coverage droppers have to be on their A-game this week. That is what they are looking to attack."

On if the NY Jets seem like a 'patient, take what you give them' offense:

"They do a lot of things – I wouldn't [just] say they are very patient – they do a lot of things to try to scheme up and get like creases in their running game to get explosive runs and then hit some shots down the field, and they do a good job of knowing what they want to do and executing it."

On NY Jets QB Josh McCown:

"On film, you see a lot of the same things you saw when he was here. He is a smart guy and he always knows where he is going, but if you can get after him and get some pressure, he will make some ill-advised throws or fumble the ball in the pocket, stuff like that. We just have to try to get after him."

On what defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is stressing in red zone defense:

"Stressing keeping them out of the end zone. We get a lot of third-and-goals in the red zone that we have allowed so we are doing a good job on second down for second-and-goal. Sometimes they are earned plays, sometimes they are scrambles. Everybody has to lock in and do their job and all 11 people be on the same page."

DL Danny Shelton:

On what kind of boost DL Myles Garrett and he can bring to the defensive line if they both play Sunday:

"A lot because me and Myles haven't been able to play with each other yet. At the same time I was injured in the preseason, he was out there and then when he was injured, I was out there, but it is going to be great."

On the impact Garrett can have:

"I think he will have a lot of impact. We are just focusing on being dominate up front so we can help out the team."

On how to slow down the Jets rushing attack:

"The same thing we have always been focusing on, just knock back, getting off blocks and making plays, wrapping up the ball carrier and trying to get the ball out."

On recalling his NFL debut and advice for Garrett:

"Really just have fun. My first game was against the Jets, and I remember just thinking too much. When that becomes a distraction, you don't really play your game. I have faith in him, and I have faith in the rest of my guys. I am just excited to be back with those guys."

On if he is eager to see what Garrett will bring to the table:

"I know exactly what he is going to bring to the table. I just want to be able to be on the field with those guys again, make plays with them and compete with them."

On why the Browns run defense has been successful:

"Honestly, I think it is just the mindset. We have great guys in here and everybody is on the same page. Everybody wants to be a dominate player. We are all working together and we are helping out the defense and the team as much as we can by having that mindset."

OL Joe Thomas:

On of NY Jets QB Josh McCown's play this season:

"It seems like he is doing a good job. Obviously, I don't watch a lot of his film because I'm usually watching the defense. All I can say is the stats seem to be pretty good. Obviously, winning two games for them is great. I think back to his time when he was here, and we actually had some pretty good games with him as quarterback. It was one of those where maybe the defense didn't hold up their end of the bargain several times. You never know. I'm not surprised that he is doing well."

On if he agrees with McCown that a rebuild can't be judged fairly after only a few years:

"I think it is fair. I think even ownership and management came out when they started on this journey and kind of gave that four to five year timeline sort of where they really expected things to be turning around. I don't think it is really fair to judge (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Sashi (Brown) and his crew or (Head Coach) Hue (Jackson) and his crew after a year and four games because of that fact and because of the depth and significance of the tear down and the rebuild."

On dealing with the 'here and now':

"No matter your circumstances, you are always trying as hard as you can to win with the players, the coaches and everybody that you have in the building. I don't think that ever changes, but as far as if you are thinking from a high level ownership perspective, how am I evaluating the job that everyone has done? I think you have to be patient when it comes to those things."

On how candid the front office was with him when they told him the direction of the rebuild:

"I don't think you ever get ownership or a general manager to say, 'Hey, we are rebuilding' or anything like that (laughter). I guess I'm not on that level of paygrade to be involved in those meetings (laughter)."

On if last week's loss against a division opponent at home was especially difficult, particularly given the score:

"You hit it at the end. When you are in a situation where the game gets out of hand in the first half, it is frustrating and it is much less fun than the games when you are in it until the end and you have a chance to win. You get that feeling in the third and fourth quarter when it is like, 'Our chances of winning now are pretty slim.' Those are not fun games to be involved in. Certainly for fans, it is not fun to watch a game where the feeling is it is over rather soon."

On if DL Myles Garrett looks like he did training camp:

"During the season, offense and defense – the starting groups – don't really go against each other. It is offense versus the scout team and the defense versus the scout team, but just from a casual observer from the sidelines, he seems to be moving around pretty well. I'm excited to watch him on Sunday."*  *

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