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Browns player press conferences - 7/29

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today's media availability:

  • TE Gary Barnidge
  • QB Robert Griffin III (full transcript)
  • DB Joe Haden
  • QB Cody Kessler (full transcript)
  • QB Josh McCown (full transcript)

TE Gary Barnidge:

On yesterday's conditioning test:

"It was good. It was good. I think everybody did a good job with it."

On whether or not Head Coach Hue Jackson cut the conditioning test short:

"I don't know. I don't know what he had planned before, but we just showed up and that's what we had."

On the mentality that a player needs going into a conditioning test:

"It's a new start. Let's get it going. Everybody is excited about it, energized because as you can tell, Hue is very energetic and it's going to be a lot of fun."

On if he thinks about needing to replicate his performance from last season:

"Not at all. I'm more worried about the wins than anything else because that's what matters. I'll do whatever I can do to help the team and they know that. That's all that matters."

On if last year was frustrating given his personal success versus the team's struggles:

"You always want to win. I don't ever care about my personal stats. I'd rather have our team win versus me get anything so obviously that's what we're improving toward this year."

On the role and opportunities for the No. 2 TE in the Browns offense:

"I think every tight end is going to have an opportunity to do everything. It's not going to be 'this guy does this, this guy does that.' Everybody is going to be moved around, and I think everybody on offense will be that way. It just makes it tough for the defense."

On whether or not the aforementioned opportunities will be different than past seasons:

"It's not that different. Everybody has more opportunity, I think that's what it is. That's the only difference."

On the versatility shown from the TE position in Jackson's offense:

"We've done everything. Everybody has been everywhere, and that's the great thing about it because you never know what's going to happen. It just keeps everybody on their toes."

On WR Josh Gordon's return to the Browns:

"He's a fantastic player, and we're all excited about it. We're going to be around him, and I look forward to getting him back out there."

On whether or not Gordon has to regain trust from the team:

"I think he's already done that. I think he's done it and he's showed it out here so far in the days he's been here. He's doing good. We're looking forward to it."

QB Robert Griffin III:

On if some of the rust was coming off during minicamp:

"I just feel like we were all going out there working to get better – master the system, master the language of our system. It's good being in the meetings. Thus far, you can see how much guys are recalling and how much more advanced we are already on the field at this point. We're diving deeper into the playbook and getting to mix things up a little bit more. It's awesome to feel like you actually can go out there, know what you're doing and execute at a high level."

On if he is 'the guy' to QB the team:

"All you can do is come out here and show the talents that God has blessed you with and continue to work hard every day. I think everybody is coming out here knowing that nothing is guaranteed. You have got to go out, put in the work and show that you can be one of the 53 guys that can make the team."

On the Head Coach Hue Jackson making the decision to name the starting QB:

"I think Coach is going to come out and see what he needs to see and make that decision. It's our job as players to put our best foot forward."

On his role with WR Josh Gordon returning:

"I think my role with Josh is no different than my role with every other guy on this team. It's to be a leader. He's got a lot to prove. We all have a lot to prove. Most of that proving has to do with to ourselves, to our owners, to this organization, to our fans. Josh is a great player. Everyone knows that. He's made the mental decision to come back and give it his all. I'm glad he considers me a big brother, someone he can lean on. That being said, we're looking forward to him helping this team win."

On if Gordon seems different now:

"We basically grew up together in college. I had him there with me for two-and-a-half years. I know who Josh is. Like I've always told him, he's always been family. He'll always be family. I know what he has to do to overcome some of the obstacles that he's put himself into. For me, he's always been that guy – if you talk to him, you're going to love him. If you're around him, you're going to think he's a great guy. He just made a couple of mistakes. It's his job and our job to help him no longer make those mistakes."

On if he has ever mentored a player who has been through as much as Gordon:

"I probably can't say that I have. Like I said, we go back, way back to Baylor. That's family. All of the Baylor guys around the league know that so I hope they have a great training camp."

On having an influence on the decision to bring Gordon back:

"I don't think it was just me that did that. I think the coaches wanted to see him. They wanted to give him a fresh slate, a fresh opportunity to write his own story, erase the tape and record a new message. I don't think it was just me that did that, but I think everybody had a piece of pitching in and saying, 'Look, we have got to give this guy another chance and be there for him because he is one of us.'"

On having Gordon and WR Corey Coleman:

"It's big. Anytime you can step on the field and have two guys that run 4.3 (40-yard dash), it's to your advantage. They're here to work with the rest of the receivers, and we trust all of those guys. When they step out on the field, they are going to make plays. Josh has proven that he can make plays, being an All-Pro. Corey is a rookie who is a first round pick. As you guys have seen out here in the offseason, he can make plays, as well. A lot of guys can pitch in. We're just looking to find the best guys that can help us go out there and attack defenses."

On if another QB named is the starter:

"My focus is on doing what I can to be the best player for this team and help lead them to victory. That's all I can really focus on."

On working with QB coach Tom House during the offseason:

"It was awesome. I can't tell any secrets, but I went out to California, worked with Tom and Adam (Dedeaux). Really just got down to the nitty-gritty and worked hard, continued to work hard on the things that Coach (Jackson) wanted me to improve on, that I wanted to improve on so that when I came back, I was ready to go. I feel ready to go."

On the difference in his style of play from earlier in his career:

"I think that the obstacles that are placed before you that you face in the league only build your character. I've had the opportunity to face a lot of obstacles in the four years of my career. They have helped build me up and allowed me to handle any situation. Every time I step out here, I'm not really worried about what I've been through. I know that I can see the game through Hue's eyes, through (associate head coach-offense) Pep (Hamilton)'s eyes, and that's all that matters. Go out there, execute it the way they want it to be executed, play the game freely and let your natural skills show."

On other Browns QBs competing for the starting position:

"We as a group – it's a great quarterback group. The room is awesome. To be able to go in with those guys and study, learn the game, see how different guys learn the game, I think all of us take a little bit from each other. Obviously, there's only one of us that runs 4.3, but they like to race me a lot. Just in little things, 'Gotcha, Rob. OK, I understand.' It's just a fun environment to be around so I appreciate those guys. You know, (QBs) Josh (McCown), Cody (Kessler) and Austin (Davis), they've made the entire process fun. All of us know that when we step onto the field, we are competing, but there is no reason to be competing with our notes closed or with a cold shoulder. All of us are out there together trying to get better and win."

On previous lessons that have carried over to the present:

"Like I said, all of those obstacles helped me become a better player, strengthen my character to be able to withstand anything and to be poised in any situation. It's hard to pick one thing, but I prefer now to focus on what I have to do with the Browns and not even worry about [the past] anymore. I thank God that I have this opportunity."

On fitting into Jackson's system:

"It's all about consistency in this game and having consistent fundamentals – consistent drops and all of those things. I really harped on that and focused on that to make sure that every time I take a three-step drop, it looks the same. Every time I take a five(-step drop), it looks the same. It helps you in a lot of areas. It helps your receivers stay in rhythm. It helps you stay in rhythm, and it helps you give less keys to the defense. I think all of those things were things that I harped on with Tom House, Adam and a couple of the guys that came out to California to throw with me."

On if he relaxed during the break:

"I think you find time to relax. There is no such thing as a day off. Your mind never stops working on football."

On what needs to be done to return to his top level of performance:

"I just think you have got to have fun. This is a kid's game that we get to play for a king's ransom. At the end of the day, you know what you're doing. You've done your studying. You continue to do your studying. You've worked hard. You've run. You've lifted. All of those things. Now, you just have to come out here and have fun. I think that's the beauty of the game. The more fun you have, the easier it is to play the game freely and go out and make plays."

On if he is having fun:

"Yeah, I'm having a lot of fun."

On his mindset going into camp:

"The mindset is to never press. You don't have to press. If you are (former American Olympian) Michael Johnson running the 400, you don't have to try to run the 400 harder just because it's the Olympics. You just go out and do what you're supposed to do. I think that's the focus for every player. There's no need to press. Everyone is going to be excited. It's the first day of training camp. We get out there, then the first day of pads is going to come around and everyone is going to want to hit a little bit. Everyone is going to have a little more juice, but that doesn't mean you can jump offside and do the wrong things. Coming out here, no need to press. Go have fun, know that you know what you're doing and let it all hang out there. You've got nothing to lose."

On his opinion about potentially knowing the starting QB by August 12:

"At the end of the day, you come out here every day having to work to be the guy, to be the best. Even when they name the starter, you still have to come out here and work and prove it every single day. Nothing is ever going to be given to you. Yeah, it feels good to know that you've done the work to make Coach believe in you, make the team believe in you, but at the end of the day, you still have to come out here every day and show it."

On the timing of the decision:

"I don't worry about things that I can't control. If he asks me to stand up in front of the team and present something, I'm going to present something. If he says, 'Don't tell me anything,' then I'm going to sit there and take notes. At the end of the day, you don't worry about what you can't control. Coach has decisions that he has to make, and your job is to make that decision easy for him."

DB Joe Haden:

On his recovery:

"I'm feeling good. I just finished getting a little bit of work in. My ankle is feeling a whole lot better, and we're making progress."

On his timetable for returning to the field:

"I still don't have a timetable. I'm ready whenever. Me and the trainers, we have a nice schedule working out so whenever they say I'm good to go, I'll be good to go."

On the conditioning test:

"I thought it was going to be 40 40s (40-yard dashes) so I was ready to run 10 of them. When he put it to 10, I was like, 'Alright, bet.' If it was 40 40s, I wasn't scheduled to do that one, but 10 40s was good."

On being ready to practice:

"Yeah, it's on its way. I've been working hard. I've been here the whole offseason. The training staff has been – we've been doing a really good job. We have a really good schedule, and I'm just getting better every day. Whenever they say I'm ready to go, I'll be out there."

On if anyone is hungrier than him to get back this season after a disappointing season last year:

"Maybe JG (WR Josh Gordon). He might be. He's a close second, but I would say I'm working hard. I just can't wait to get back out there. It's really a 'what have you done for me lately' league and you kind of see that when it was a very bad season for me last year. I had high expectations and I definitely didn't live up to them. I'm just ready to get back out there and prove that I'm still one of the best corners in the league."

On the Cavaliers winning the championship and what that means for the Browns:

"It's super special what they did bringing the championship to Cleveland after all those years. Just seeing, knowing those dudes personally and how excited they were and how much work they put into it and how they felt like they were going to win it the whole series, it brings life to the city. The Indians are doing a great job, and the new coaching staff here, it's a great feeling to be in this city. We want to bring a winner and just always talking about it and not doing it, that really sucks. Just being able to see the Cavs do it in our hometown just makes us work that much harder."

On his relationship with Gordon:

"I'm super excited for JG to be back. We've talked several times just telling him, 'Let's get back to normal JG. Let's both get back to the Pro Bowl. It's been a little off. I didn't have my year last year. You weren't here.' We've had conversations like that and let's get it back to me and you going across that water together.'"

On his observations of QB Robert Griffin III:

"He has a really, really good arm. The thing I like about Robert the most is he's hungry. He's super hungry, and you can tell it in everything he says and everything he does that he just wants to work. He wants to be part of a team. He wants to build relationships with the players. He goes out of his way to set up different bowling things and he just wants team camaraderie. He's a team-first guy and that's what I really, really love about it him.  Just his work ethic and everything that he does, he's just showing that he's grinding and we're all in it together."

QB Cody Kessler:

On his summer vacation and training during that time:

"It was work. I got after it. I went back to California and trained out there. Just stuck in my playbook, was throwing 5 or 6 times a week, was doing everything I could to kind of get a head start on fall camp. I've never had a training camp before so I wanted to come in as prepared as I possibly could be."

On working with QB coach Tom House:

"Yeah, I worked with Tom. I worked by myself on some stuff. I worked with everything we do in our playbook. Went out there and called our plays out and ran them. Just did everything I could without actually getting live practice to simulate a practice. Kind of doing all the drills we do out here and doing everything – throwing with Tom and throwing with some wide receivers and throwing with some other guys. I think the biggest part for me was – the throwing was great and all that – but the mental side of it, studying the playbook, studying the playbook, starting studying defenses, as well, and getting ahead in that was my biggest part."

On training with QB Robert Griffin III during the offseason:

"Yeah, Rob came out there. I threw with Robert for a little bit. We got to work together for a while and it was cool to throw with him, just still learning from him, him giving me teaching points even when we're away from the facilities, and it was cool for me. We had a great time and we had a lot of hard work and I felt like I improved a lot in the stuff that they wanted me to work on – throwing wise, in the playbook, everything."

On what he expects from his first NFL training camp:

"For me, I've always been a perfectionist so I get a little frustrated when I don't get it right the first time. I have to know it's a learning process, but I don't use it as an excuse. I still want to come in and not make mistakes or eliminate mistakes, but I think the biggest thing for me is just progress – continue to improve, don't make the same mistakes twice, don't make the same mistakes I made in the spring with OTAs and minicamp. I'm excited. I'm excited to compete. I'm excited to get out here in front of the fans and kind of get the vibe of a real training camp. I've already got to see how great Cleveland was so now I get to practice in front of some of the fans with the rest of the guys, and it's just great to be back and get started."

On approaching the QB competition with Griffin and McCown:

"I'm the rookie so I'm the guy that's learning from these older guys, but at the same time, like I said before, I want to compete. That's kind of how I've been my whole life. I've always competed and I've kind of always had that blue-collar mentality to come in and work hard, but you said it best – Robert is a great player, Josh is one of the best vets, best minds in football. He's taught me so much since I've got here, and same thing with Robert. That's awesome – another guy who's started a couple games and has played in live reps. They are guys that I'm just kind of clinging to and I'm listening to everything I can and trying to learn from them. I think it's really cool that when I do something wrong, they'll get on me, but at the same time, it's a teaching point so it's kind of constructive criticism the whole time – Josh especially. Josh is really hard on me, but we've had some times away from football talking and he'll say, 'I want to see you be good. I want to see you be great. I want to teach you everything I know,' and he's done a great job of that and it's been awesome to learn from such a great vet."

On Jackson's decision to name a starting QB before the first preseason game:

"It doesn't change my mentality. My mentality is still the same. I'm going to come out and control what I can control. That's how I play, that's how I practice and that's how I learn the playbook and learn defenses and do everything the right way. For me, I'm just excited to have an opportunity. To come out and learn from OTAs and minicamp and come out to training camp, but it doesn't change my thought process. I want to continue to do what I do and continue to control what I can control and improve and learn from these other guys, so whatever that decision may be it's not going to change my process even after that. I'm still going to continue to prepare like a starter and compete, but at the same time, learn from the other guys."

On how his mindset changes transitioning from a college player to playing football for a living:

"Yeah, it's awesome. It's very humbling. I've talked to my brother Dylan a couple times about it, and he asked me, 'Has it hit you yet that you're playing in the NFL?' I told him no, honestly I haven't done anything yet. Just getting here is obviously something you take pride in, and it's been a long journey, but I want to stay here. I want to be here for a while, and I want to continue to play and continue to improve. I'm very thankful for this opportunity, but at the same time, I haven't done anything yet. I still have to prove myself. I still have to work hard. I still have to do things the right way and ensure that I can play in this league."

On Griffin implying that neither Kessler nor McCown can run a 4.3:

"That's very true (laughter). I think I ran a 4.8 at the combine or something, but I played basketball so I was always more quick than I was long-stride fast so I kind of transitioned to football from playing point guard in basketball all the way up until I got to college, and that always helped me with my footwork – kind of being quick in small spaces. That's correct. I cannot run a 4.3. I wish I could run a 4.3. Maybe a 4.3 30…(laughter)"

On what he learned about Griffin from the spring:

"He really is a pro. The way he does things, the way he talks about everything, he has a real just professional vibe to him. He cares about the game. He cares about the position, and it's been great for me to learn from him. Same thing with Josh and (QB) Austin (Davis), but Robert has been great for me. He's been a teammate, a friend, someone who's helped me out as almost a mentor in a way. I've just been trying to learn from him as much as possible and learn from Josh, pick up things that I can that I wouldn't know being a rookie, things that they only can teach me. Obviously, I know it will be different than getting told do one thing than actually getting on the field, but when we're off the field, I'm picking their brain as much as possible."

On how his game differs from Griffin and McCown:

"I don't know. I've studied them mentally more so, watched them mentally. I think Robert does a great job of getting the ball out on time, being athletic in the pocket, being quick with the ball, and Josh is just a guy that's a vet. He knows where to go with the ball every time, and you rarely see him make the wrong call or make the wrong read. He always knows where to go with the ball. I'm trying to pick up from that, but at the same time, I've always been more on the mental side of it, as well. Just being smart with making calls, running the right play, getting us in the right position, but also being very accurate. That's something that I've always taken pride in. In the offseason, I worked on my long ball, as well, and getting deeper on the ball, being able to push it down the field more, but I don't know. I think everyone brings something different, but we're all similar in some things. I guess whatever some of my weak points might be now going into the NFL, I want to learn from them and pick up and see how they do things."

On the pool in the new Browns facility:

"I haven't tested it out yet. It looks awesome. This facility is – Jimmy and Dee Haslam are amazing. They came in yesterday and spoke to us, and I obviously am a rookie so I haven't heard many other owners' speeches, but for me, it was amazing. They're such good people and they come in, and they were just real with you. They came in and sat down and started talking as if we were their own family. They just had a conversation with us, and it made the guys – I don't want to speak for everyone – but for me and the rookies, we talked about it just felt like you wanted to win games for them. You wanted to play for them. You wanted to pay them back for everything they've done for us and be successful. That was the vibe I got, and Jimmy and Dee have opened their arms wide to all of us rookies and they've been great to us. Just to hear them come out and speak to us yesterday, and the speech they gave and all the things they hit on, it got me really excited to play football and get ready for training camp."

On how the Browns facility compares to the University of Southern California's:

"USC had some really nice facilities. We were fortunate to have, I guess, really strong alumni that were living in the area. USC facilities were awesome. It was great and just real similar here. For me, it's never been about how nice it looks. It's just if you have everything you need. We have that here, and at USC, they had more than that. It's been awesome. The transition has been great for me, but I was fortunate enough to go to a privileged university at USC and have some of the nicer things that we really appreciated. You come to the Browns and you have Jimmy and Dee Haslam give you all of this and it's been awesome so I've been very fortunate."

QB Josh McCown:

On the Cavaliers winning the NBA Championship:

"That was fun to watch. It was awesome. Our family had so much fun just tuning in and what a cool moment for the city. Just to be a professional athlete right now in Cleveland, kind of the momentum and belief that something like that does for a city and for everybody so that was really cool. It was fun."

On if he could take QB Robert Griffin III in a marathon race:

"How far is a marathon? Are we running a half or we running a full? That dude is in shape so I don't know. I don't even like to drive that far. Only one [of us] runs a 4.3, and it's not me."

On if Head Coach Hue Jackson waiting to name the starting QB is a good thing:

"I think so. I think it gives us a sense of direction and the way he's headed. The team and everyone can get behind that guy and then move forward so I think we're all in support of that. I just think sometimes if it drags out or if it lingers, it can be a distraction or it can start to be, but when you kind of name a guy, you move forward and everyone gets behind that guy. I trust his leadership on that. I'm in agreement with that. It is what's best for our team so he'll make the wise decision and we'll move forward."

On if he has any indication if he will be kept on the roster this season:

"I hope so. Obviously, this is the time of year where across 32 teams all of us are coming to camp to make a ball team. That's my mindset and I'll do everything I can to help this team and to be ready and to make this ball team. That's how you have to play it and really and truly, I think when you want to be a good player. That's the way you approach it, anyway. What do I need to do today to solidify my job, to keep my job and to keep playing at the level I expect to play at? That's my mindset going into camp to have that kind of focus and then to also be able to share with these young guys and help get them ready. That will be my approach."

On if there is a risk about sending a mixed message to the team on who will be the starting QB:

"I mean, it can be. Remember, we did have spring. I know it's not a game, but we had spring. We're going to have these practices right now and I understand. It's really kind of the side of the fence you fall on how you want to look at it. From my experience and just going through quarterback competitions and stuff like that, I believe the earlier the better. I think it helps. I'm thankful for that Coach is going to take that approach. I certainly see your point, but I think we trust coach's decision. We trust our preparation and the guy that gets named, his ability to get ready to go, it's going to be the right decision and we're going to move forward and get behind that."

On if the process for him is expedited knowing a starting QB will be named in two weeks:

"My approach is the same. I can't make the day go any faster. The reps are going to be the reps whether he named it in two weeks or whether he named it in six weeks. It doesn't change my approach and all the things I said earlier. As a player, you have to wake up and trust your process and go through your day. It's really how I try to live my life because tomorrow is not promised so you don't know. If you just go do that then at night, you lay down and go to bed and have a good night's rest because you did everything that you could control. The other things, whether you're on a team and not on a team, all those things, that's in our business and that's a lot of things in life that's out of your control and I can't control. I'm not going to waste a lot of time worrying about that. I'm just going to focus on those things. My focus and my process and what I do to get myself ready and also to help these young guys. That'll be my focus. Like I said, two weeks, we'll know something and we'll get behind that and move forward."

On WR Josh Gordon being reinstated:

"So far, it's been great to be around him. I just applaud the league for letting him back in and making that decision because you look at guys going through those things and I just believe the structure can only benefit those guys. To have him here, I believe gives him the best chance to put his best foot forward and we'll just all rally around him as teammates and be available to help him do that. He's been great in meetings. He's been great in everything he's allowed to do. He's right there. He's one of us and we're glad to have him here. Like everything, it's a day at a time, but we're certainly glad he's here."

On his thoughts of Gordon as a player:

"I only saw him from afar and I've played with some guys, Jason Campbell and different guys that I know that played with him and just talk about how talented he is. I think from afar you see what he does on tape and you see how fast he is. You think that's a smaller guy doing those things because he's so fast. I met him last offseason somewhere and I remember meeting him going wait a minute. 'This guy is way too big to be doing what he's doing on tape.' When you see that and you put those two things together, you realize he's a special player. He's a special talent. He's been given some amazing gifts and all of us just want to come alongside him and help him realize those gifts to get the most out of him for himself and to help our team. We're glad he's here. I'm glad he's around."

On the difference between Gordon and former Browns QB Johnny Manziel and distractions:

"Well, I wouldn't call him a distraction, first of all. Then, second of all, they're different just because they're different. I've spent obviously a lot more time around Johnny than I did around Josh, but they're different just because they're different. I have four kids and they're all four different. Even though they came from me, they're all four different. These are two different human beings and they're going to make their own choices. They certainly have every right to be friends with whoever they want to be friends with. Right now, all I can comment on is what I've seen from Josh since he's been here these last 48 hours. He's focused and he's involved and he's ready to roll. That's who we're concerned with because he's in our building and on our team. Like I said, we're going to come alongside him and do everything we can to help him be the best he can be."

On how Griffin has grown:

"It's hard to comment on how he's grown because I wasn't with him in Washington, but just watching him through the offseason. I think anytime you come into a new situation – it's his first time changing teams – you're kind of feeling it out. How are these guys going to treat me? What's this going to be about? I think we wanted to just establish early on that we're trying to make the quarterback group, the quarterback room better for this team. Yes, we're going to compete, but we're all going to have the same information and we're all going to go out and share information. We're going to do everything we can to help each other in the meeting rooms and in the walkthroughs and what not. Ultimately, when the lights come on and you compete, it's up to you to get that done. There's no reason to withhold information because that just hurts our football team. I think we were in one accord about that early on and it's just being great. It makes it fun to come to work because you know you're about studying the game of football and the process and learning. (Assistant head coach-offense) Pep Hamilton and Coach Jackson do an unbelievable job of providing an environment to do that. When you have that, it's fun as quarterbacks to come and you don't want any bitterness or any hope he gets that answer wrong in the meeting. Why would you sit there and do that?  It's not a way to live. We've enjoyed our meetings immensely. It's been really fun and look forward to continuing that."

On his approach these next few weeks and hopes to win the starting QB job:

"The reps will go how they go. We'll see today and then every rep that I get, I'm going to play as if I'm the starter. That's the thing really and truly in competition for us, and as long as I've been around, the guys who stay in the league and around, they play that way. They play as if they're the starter even when they're not, and if they're the starter, they play as if someone's trying to take their job. They compete. You never really walk to the line of scrimmage and go, 'Yeah, I'm probably not going to be the starter so I'm going to throw an incompletion this time.' Your mindset is always 'I'm going to play as best as I can on this rep.' That's my mindset on this rep. If it's one rep, that'll be my mindset for one rep. If it's 10, it'll be my mindset for 10. That's how I go about it and again because I have to be at my best because we're competing. Ultimately, that's going to draw the best out of Robert and (QB) Austin (Davis) and (QB) Cody (Kessler) and vice versa for them and to me. That's the idea. That's the environment that Coach Jackson has provided for us, a competitive environment and we'll go about it that way. Hopefully, that leads us to the best quarterback room we can have."

On if he worked out with WR Terrelle Pryor during the break:

"Yes, he stopped by Charlotte and he went down and we worked out. (Former NFL WR) Randy Moss has a little receiving academy that he does down there and he had some guys out. We got out there and threw, and Randy works those guys really, really hard. He does a great job helping those guys. Terrelle came down there and worked his tail off. Got some good throws in. It was good work."

On if Pryor has grown from last season to this year:

"Yes, I think so. Anytime somebody's making that kind of switch, I think all you want to see is just improvement. That's the thing I think I can say the most about Terrelle is just that he's improved and keeps improving. He's turning over every rock to make sure he can find a way to get himself better. It's a hats off and credit to him because he wants it. Some guys that I've been around in the past that make that kind of transition are kind of reluctant and their reluctance kind of leaks through in everything that they do. That's not the case with TP. TP is all in about doing it and he works hard to become a good receiver. (Senior offensive assistant) Coach Al (Saunders) and (offensive quality control/assistant wide receivers coach) Bob (Saunders) and those guys are coaching their tails off trying to help him and he's taking it all in. Like I said, he's doing everything he can do in the offseason to get himself better. I look forward for him having a big camp because I just appreciate how he's attacked it."

On if it is a challenge to have a young WR corps:

"It is. There's certainly a challenge, but I think that it's something that we embrace because it keeps our mind on football. When you're having to grab a guy and you keep having to grab him and talk to him about this and this, it keeps your mind on football. You're getting better. It certainly is a challenge. These guys are young, but I've said it before about Coach Saunders and he's just an unbelievable receivers coach. He has those guys prepared and Hawk (WR Andrew Hawkins) does a great job of having a veteran presence in that room and so does (WR) Marlon Moore. We'll do what we can to help those guys. Like I said, we'll embrace the chances to help those guys because it's ultimately helping us be better because we're talking about ball. We're talking about our offense and this is a new offense that we're learning. I just believe anytime you're teaching something, you're taking a step towards mastery of something because you're giving it away and you're teaching it. If we have to do that with the receivers, it just helps us internalize and learn the offense even better. It's a challenge, but it's one that we embrace."

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