Browns player press conferences - 7/31


TE Seth DeValve:**

On projections that he could have a breakout season in 2017:

"It is really just a matter of opportunity. We have a young tight end room with the releasing of (TE) Gary (Barnidge). It has been different without him, but there have been a lot of opportunities for guys like me to step up and take that role or at least a big portion of that role. I feel that I'm ready to do it. I felt like moving on from last year that I still had a lot to show that I'm capable of. I'm starting to have the opportunity now to show what I can do, which is just what I'm coming out here to do each day."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson saying he is an emerging player:

"It means that I'm headed in the right direction, that is for sure. It means that I'm able now to be out here, practicing every day and stacking days and reps on top of each other, which is really how you get better. Football is a game of repetition. That is how you get better at it. The more I can be in the system under his coaching out here practicing what we are installing, the better I'm going to be prepared."

On what the Browns coaching staff identified as an area of improvement this offseason:

"Sometimes it is telling you what to do and what not to do. The NFL season is different than college ever can be. It is longer. It is harder. It is more competitive. Sometimes you can't do too much with your body. You have to train smart. You have to train very specific to what you have to do out here. You have to take good care of yourself. You have to do a lot of modalities to keep yourself healthy. I have actually changed what I'm doing from a training standpoint in the offseason and in our down time in season to keep myself healthy andable to be out here every day and doing what I'm doing. That is the biggest difference is me just having the time to practice and just to play, and that is where improvement comes."

On how different playing tight end in the NFL is from college and people describing TE as the 'most brutal' position in the NFL:

"The tight ends are asked to do a lot. Mentally, we are maybe second or third behind the quarterback and center in terms of what we need to know. We need to know all of the protections, all of the pass game and all of the run game. Sometimes you have to block hand-in-the-ground 4-3 defensive ends. You have to be able to run routes on corners. You have to be big, fast and agile. It is definitely a niche position. There is a lot to learn for sure."

On if the transition to the NFL was more physically demanding than he expected:

"I knew that it was going to be more demanding than what I have ever experienced. It was probably right there where I expected. The NFL is a physical league. It is something that someone like me coming from the Ivy League certainly had to adjust to."

On TE David Njoku's performance in camp thus far:

"He is doing a great job. There is a lot to learn in the offense, especially like we just said at the tight end position. There is a lot that the tight ends have to know. He has mentally handled it pretty well from my point of view. He has made some plays out there. I think he is ready to help us, and I'm excited about what the tight end room can do this year."


DL Myles Garrett**

On how he feels after the first two full-pads practices:

"I'm doing well. I'm doing my job and just trying to improve every day."

On playing inside on the DL in practice and if he has had to make any adjustments:

"It doesn't bother me much. I just have to make sure I get off, I strike and I keep my head down so that I don't get washed down the line and be at the point of attack."

On if playing inside is new to him:

"I did it in college, as well. I'm doing it a little bit more here, but that is fine with me."

On if playing inside is part of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' philosophy for everyone to play two positions:

"Yes, and I don't mind it at all. It is just more opportunity for me to make plays."

On his post-practice 100-yard sprints and why he does them:

"I want to be more than prepared for the games for the preseason and for the season. I don't want to have to be taken out because I'm tired or need a breather. I want to play enough snaps so that if we go 13, 14, 15-play drives, I am still able to get off and play like it is play two or three."

On if he has always done sprints after practice and how many he does:

"Yes. Around eight. I try to increase it by each week."

On if there is a veteran player who he has looked to for guidance in camp:

"My fellow D linemen. Almost all of the guys are older than me there. I'm trying to see what they know and pick up the things they have learned through their experience in the games and how I can be better in my steps and small little details."


OL John Greco:**

On if expected to return from injury as soon as he has:

"Absolutely, yeah. The trainers, coaches set up a great plan, and we have been working hard together trying to carry that plan out. I think we are right on track and right where I think I need to be. I have been excited about the progress thus far."

On if training camp is a big different this year given his experience, the Browns' offseason line acquisitions and returning from injury:

"Absolutely, the older you get, that window of opportunity decreases. They know what they have in me. I have played here long enough, and my goal is to come out each day and leave no doubt in anyone's mind that I should still be a part of the solution."

*On the Browns signing OL Kevin Zeitler and OL JC Tretter in the offseason as it related to his standing with the team: *

"I try not to let it bother me, and it really didn't. I understand things. At that point, I was focused on getting back on the field because at that point, I wasn't. There was really no time frame in mind. I was just like, 'Hey, you have to get healthy before you can do anything else. So that was kind of my mind set."

On understanding why the Browns signed two OLs in the offseason after sustaining a substantial injury:

"There is a lot of uncertainty when you have a major injury. Yeah, I do not have any ill will. It is just kind of a thing where it was just all about myself at that point, and I have to do everything I can to get back on the field. That is still my main goal right now."

On if being versatile provides him as special skillset for the Browns:

"I have always known that. I have always been kind of encouraged that if they need me at left guard, center or right guard, I am ready to step in at any moment. The past few years, I have had one position. There have been times when I have had to bump over, but like I said, they know that I can play anywhere. I just want to go out there every day and if they ask me, 'Hey, you are playing left guard today.' That's fine. If they ask me to play center, wherever they need me, I am ready to help out."

*On how close he is to being 100 percent ready to play: *

"I am not going to put a number on it. I don't want to say, 'Hey, I am 80 percent.' I was encouraged how I felt out there. I give credit our trainers and our staff in there and the plan they gave me. We kind of laid out as far back as 2016. We are right on track and everything is feeling good. The main thing is when we play the Steelers that is kind of when, if I was to put a number on it, 100 percent. Everything up until that point is just getting ready as best as I can."


RB Duke Johnson Jr.:**

On if he had a good practice yesterday:

"For the most part. I still have some things that I have to clean up early in practice, but I ended better than I started."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson saying he is going to use him everywhere on offense, and if there is anything different about his game this year:

"It is possible that there may be some things different, but for the most part, he is just trying to find different ways to get me involved."

On if he attends WR meetings:

"I am normally with Coach Jackson."

On where he studies with Hue Jackson:

"Basically everywhere."

On how much better he is as a WR now than when he entered the NFL in 2015:

"A little better, not much, because I was normally working a lot of running back. I would go with the receivers every now and then, and I would go with (senior offensive assistant) Coach (Al) Saunders. The little bit of time that I was with Coach Saunders, I learned a lot."

On what he plans to do differently in his third season with the Browns:

"I just want to be more productive, and I believe I will be granted that I just continue to do what I am asked from the coaches."

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