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Browns player press conferences - 8/16

OL Joe Thomas:

On if he smashed the guitar on the first try for the E60 airing on Sunday:

"You guys already saw that (laughter)? I actually haven't seen it yet. I'm excited to see how it turns out because I think it will look pretty cool. It was actually a fake guitar because they knew I wasn't strong enough to break a real one. That is a true story (laughter). It was actually made of plywood."

On if he has ever tried to break a real guitar:

"No, I haven't."

On if the Browns first team offense needs him on the field during the preseason and the philosophy behind his schedule:

"To give you my philosophy, I won't be playing on Monday night, but my plan is to play in that third game, which is typically the most important one for the first unit that they will get the most work. That is my plan, and that is the plan I think that gives me the best opportunity to get ready for the season and be able to survive the full 16-plus weeks."

On if he received pushback from ESPN about not playing Monday night:

"The ratings are going to plummet so I know they are going to be really upset (laughter)."

On how the Browns offense plans to overcome missteps during the first preseason game:

"In my 11 years, that first preseason game tends to be full of mistakes in general just all across the NFL – penalties, missed assignments and formation errors – because it is you first opportunity to go out there and play against somebody else. I don't think that is too uncommon, but certainly, as we look forward to the second game, we are hoping to clear some of that up so the offense can get into more of a rhythm because when you are constantly being pushed back on first and second down from sacks, loss yardage runs or penalties, it does put you out of your normal offense. You don't get an opportunity to try to execute your normal offense on a normal down and distance, and get into that rhythm that all coaches want to see in preseason."

On his expectations for QB Brock Osweiler in the second game:

"I guess I haven't thought about my expectations for him, personally. I hope, as a whole offense, that we play better than we did in the first game and we show improvement from where we were in the first game. I think is, for me, a universal the way I see preseason is just making little increments each week, getting a little bit better and getting into a little bit of rhythm and a flow for when the regular season starts."

On the development of QB DeShone Kizer:

"From an Xs and Os standpoint, I'm not sure because I don't sit in their meetings, and I don't understand his position in the way I would have to to evaluate his progress, but from a comfort, confidence and leadership standpoint, which is what I can grade and what I think as a quarterback is very important, you do see that maturity and that growth happening. You see that confidence coming, and I think that is one of the most important things for a quarterback. He has to be confident getting back into his drop that he can go through his progressions quickly, throw to his spot, someone is going to be there and it is going to be a completed pass. He has to have confidence in knowing that he understands the defense and the route concepts. In that respect, I do think he is making some nice progress, and I am excited for his future."

TE David Njoku:

On playing in his first NFL game on Monday against the Giants:

"Exciting. Very exciting and the best part about it is it is against a team that I grew up loving so it is going to be really fun. Can't wait."

On how hard it was to sit out the preseason opener against the Saints:

"It was hard, but it was the smart thing to do. I have to make sure that I am healthy and ready to go before I go so I agree with (Head) Coach (Hue) Jackson's choice of holding me out, and I will be ready to go."

On looking more comfortable in practice now than when training camp started:

"I just feel good. I feel good. You feel good, you can play good."

On if he is settling into the NFL game:

"Yeah, everything is slowing down a little bit. I am just having fun playing football."

On if he has taken more reps with QB Brock Osweiler than any of the other QBs:

"I see a quarterback, a quarterback throws to me and I try to catch it. It doesn't matter who it is, I just try to catch every ball."

On how much more comfortable he is within the offense now than at the beginning of training camp:

"A lot more comfortable. I am finally getting everything down pat so I am just going to keep working and see how far it takes me."

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