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Browns player press conferences - 8/24


DL Trevon Coley:**

On if he is sensing he will start at defensive tackle in Week 1:

"That is up to (Head) Coach Hue (Jackson) and (defensive coordinator) Coach Gregg (Williams) and those guys. I'm just coming out here and playing ball every day. They are throwing me around in a lot of different packages, and I'm just trying to learn them all to the best of my ability and playing well."

On if this training camp feels different because of the opportunities he has received:

"Yeah, a lot different. A lot more playing time and a lot more being on the field in practice. It was a little different from where I was previously, but yeah, a little bit."

On improving from last year to this year:

"Just a lot of hard work. That is really it to be honest. That is the formula. A lot of hard work. Obviously, opportunity. To put in the work in the offseason and come out here every day and working hard at it, every little chance I get, a lot of film has been great."

On what it would mean to be named the starter Week 1:

"It would mean a lot to me. That would show to me that I put in a lot of work, and the work that I have put in this offseason has paid off. It would mean a lot."

On his reaction to DL Desmond Bryant's release:

"I reached out to him. Des is a good friend of mine."

On if the day Bryant was cut was a tough day:

"Obviously, when one of your friends and teammates, something happens, it is always a tough day. It is not easy to swallow."

On if Bryant was his closest friend on the team:

"I think I have a good relationship with everyone in the D line room. I think we all are a pretty close group. From the first day I came in, they took me in as one of their own like I had been in there forever. I feel like I could go to any of their houses. I could call any one of them at any time. Anytime you have that relationship with someone, you are going to consider them as a close friend."


DB Jabrill Peppers:**

On finding a home in deeper in the field:

"I wouldn't phrase it that way. It's just me finally get a chance to show what I can do, and I'm going to take the full opportunity to keep showing what I can do."

On if there are more plays to be made in the center of the field:

"It depends how well you judge the ball and read the quarterback, but plays can be made from all over. I guess it just depends on the team, but now it is a passing league so you definitely can make a lot of plays back there."

On if he ever doubted he would play well away from the line of scrimmage:

"I didn't doubt it."

On why he didn't doubt he could play well away from the line of scrimmage:

"I know what I can do. Things got blown out of proportion because according to you guys, I didn't have a position, but all I know and what I told the coaches here was all I need is an opportunity. They gave me an opportunity, and I am forever indebted. I'm just trying to be the best person and player I can be."

On how a long punt return can impact his play on defense, as well:

"All phases feed off one another. You want to get a stop early to get good field position for the offense. Since I am a defensive guy, my mindset is I'm trying to take one back anytime I get my hands on it. I'm just trying to set the offense up with the best possible field position. It is all about field position and play the field position game. Even if we don't score or get a field goal, we pin them even deeper. We have tremendous confidence on defense that we can play with anybody anywhere, and that is just our approach."


OL Joe Thomas:**

On if he is going to play Saturday at Tampa Bay:

"Pending anything that happens tomorrow – I think we are flying out tomorrow – on the plane or when we get there, the plan is to play."

On if he was surprised QB DeShone Kizer was named starter for the third preseason game:

"I don't think about it a lot, until I am asked about it – usually out here, but certainly, I think the improvement that DeShone has made throughout camp has been impressive. I wouldn't say surprising because he struck me as a really bright kid as soon as he walked in the building when he was on his draft visit. You could see the work that he has been doing has really led to some drastic improvement so I wouldn't say surprised, but definitely pleasantly pleased, maybe, to see a rookie taking on the challenge of being the starting quarterback and doing the things he needs to, to earn the coach's trust to be able to throw him out there in the third preseason game."

On if this QB competition is a case where he relies on his trust in Head Coach Hue Jackson:

"Starting as a rookie in the NFL at any position is very challenging. The difference in speed and quickness and scheme from college is vast, but when you talk about a quarterback, that is even more difficult because of the complexity of the position. It is definitely the most difficult position to start as a quarterback when you are a rookie, but with that being said we have the right man for the job. You look at what Hue Jackson has done with young and rookie quarterbacks in his career – he is just the man to do it. What he did with (Ravens QB Joe) Flacco in his rookie year and I think (Bengals QB) (Andy) Dalton his second year is really impressive. If ever there was a great team of rookie quarterback and coach, it would be DeShone and Hue. I think DeShone really embodies what a professional is. Even as a rookie, he understands how to work, how to study the game. He understands the commitment it takes to be a starting quarterback, so if ever there was a great combination for a rookie quarterback and coach, it would be Hue and DeShone."

On if there is any concern about possibly going to Week 1 against Pittsburgh without having the full starting OL take any snaps together in the preseason:

"For me, there is not a lot of concern because (OL) Joel (Bitonio) and I have a good rapport going back from the years that we have played together and we did get quite a few snaps together in training camp. Also, Joel got a lot of snaps with the center (JC Tretter) so really from my standpoint, I don't see that as an issue because he has gotten a lot of snaps with guys on both sides of him. That is the most important part of getting an offensive line to gel is just playing with the guys that are next to you or the guy that is next to you, and in Joel's case, I think we do have enough reps with each other that that doesn't concern me that he probably won't play this week or next week."

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