Browns player press conferences - 8/5

LB Jamie Collins Sr.:

On learning a new defense and if he feels more connected to the team this year after joining the Browns midseason last year:

"For sure. It is a great group of guys. I'm glad to be here. This is my job so I'm coming to work every day with that on my mind. It is a brotherhood."

On visiting defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and the Browns coaching staff in Mobile, Ala. upon Williams' hiring:

"That is my route home. I live out there anyways. They were around so I just wanted to stop by and see my guys."

On if he was excited by the hiring of Williams:

"For sure, knowing that you have a new guy coming in, you have to start off somewhere. You have to get to know him. You have to do certain things to be comfortable. I just felt like I needed to stop by there, and I did."

On if he knew Williams before this season:

"I had heard of him, but I didn't really know him, like I said, but I had heard a lot of things about him."

On the Browns defensive system this year:

"I feel pretty good about this system. We have a lot of energy around our defense. We have guys flying around the ball. I'm just looking forward to great things."

On if he is able to express himself more in this defense:

"No, but at the end of the day, it is the game of football and emotions come out all the times. Sometimes, it is going to happen."

On if this defense allows him more freedom on the field:

"Sometimes it takes that. Guys will put you in different positions. He is one of those guys. Take advantage of it and make the best of it, that is what I do."

RB Matthew Dayes:

On his first NFL training camp:

"I think I did pretty well this week. There is some stuff I need to clean up, but for the most part, I'm making plays out there. I know I am capable of making those plays so it is not a shock to me at all."

On if he has a chip on his shoulder after being drafted in the seventh round:

"Every day when I wake up, I think about that. I thought that I was going to go in the third or fourth (round) and ended up going in the seventh round. I am thankful right now because I am with a great organization. I'm blessed and I'm happy with how everything has gone so far for me."

On how many RBs were selected before him:


On if he was counting the number of RBs selected before him:

"I wasn't really counting. I don't know how I knew that number, but I just know the number to tell you the truth. I know for a fact there were not 29 running backs in that draft that are better than me."

On the emotional toll of falling in the draft:

"That was tough. That was probably one of the toughest moments of my life, but I had my family there supporting me so it was all good. It turned out to be the best for me right now."

On if he considers himself a between-the-tackles runner:

"I love running the ball inside. I love running the ball outside a lot. I was used as a receiver a lot in college. I look at myself as an every-down back. I can do everything."

On if he had any indication the Browns would select him with their final pick:

"I had no idea. I was already talking to a bunch of teams about free agency. I had no idea the Browns were going to pick me up so I was happy when I got that phone call."

DB Joe Haden:

On the biggest defensive takeaway from yesterday's Orange & Brown Scrimmage:

"Tackling. I think we did a really good job tackling. That is one thing that our coaches really emphasize as far as with the corners and the secondary is make sure we are able to get them on the ground. Communication was really good. We understood the calls and getting calls out so I think as a whole we did pretty well. Just trying to get to the ball a little more and creating more turnovers. We didn't have too many strips or interceptions so that is something else that we need to work on. Besides that, the tackling was really good and the communication was really good."

On if getting his hands on more pass attempts is a point of emphasis for him this season:

"Yeah, definitely. Just trying to be locked in and just trying to play my coverage. When I am in good shape, make sure to get my head around and create turnovers – that is the biggest thing. Just trying to get the ball back to the offense. I feel like with my playmaking skills, when I know I am in good shape, being able to get my head around."

On the DBs making it tough on WRs during training camp:

"We are just competing and trying to get them better. The biggest thing with us is if we have man-to-man calls, coach says if it is man-to-man, don't let him catch it or if it is zone, making them check it down. It is everybody doing their own part. Just working, grinding and trying to get them better. It is just tough ball. When we are playing man-to-man, we are not trying to let them get the ball."

On adding DB Jabrill Peppers to the Browns defense:

"I think he is going to be a really good addition. His football IQ is very high. He understands the game. You could tell that early when we started installing the playbook. He is out there, and he likes to make noise and he is very active, but he is just making great calls, making the checks and seeing what is going to happen before it happens. You can tell he plays with such energy. He loves the game. He is having fun out there. He brings the passion, and with him being a smart football player, he is able to talk and relay the calls very well."

On if the additions of DBs Jamar Taylor and Peppers increase the Browns secondary's playmaking ability:

"Yeah, definitely. We have a live group. We have a group of dudes that just really, really love the game and are football smart. You can go a long way when coach is installing different plays and different techniques, and we are able to just understand what is going on, not only knowing what we have to do but we are starting to look at the offensive concepts to understand how we are going to play different types of routes and schemes. It is really good having [Peppers] there with Jamar and J Mack (DB Jason McCourty) – just people who are football smart. Their football IQ is very high. Being able to have that is a big help for the secondary.

DB Derrick Kindred:

On the Orange & Brown Scrimmage and the defense performing well:

"It was pretty good. A couple of mistakes that we got cleaned up today in this morning's meetings. Looking to come out here and have a good practice today."

On if there were many mistakes in the secondary:

"No sir. It was just as a team. You just want to try to get to as perfect as you can. That is what we are shooting for. We corrected that in today's meeting."

On if he felt more responsibility following DB Ed Reynolds II's injury and his potential as a starting S:

"No, I did not feel like that. Unfortunately, Ed did go down, but somebody has got to step up and take over the role. Just be a leader on the defense. I plan on doing that. There is a lot of competition in the safety room. A lot of players plan on getting in there and showing what they have."

On if he is ready to be starter to being the season, despite it only being his second year in the NFL:

"I definitely feel like I am ready to be a starter. That is what I come out here and work for every day in the film room, with the team and the guys. We brought in a lot of talent at safety. A lot of players want to be out there."

On if he can be a ball hawk at S and create turnovers:

"Yes sir. That is something that I am working on now. I was more of a physical guy,  and am still a physical guy. I am making a transition to free (safety) and being in a deep zone. I am working on my ball-hawking skills. They have gotten better from my rookie year, and it has gotten better since."

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