Browns player quotes - 10/12


QB Kevin Hogan:**

On how his familiarity and relationship with associate head coach-offense Pep Hamilton has helped his transition from college:

"Coach Pep, he was my coach at Stanford, my offensive coordinator for two years. Some of the offense that he brought is what I'm familiar with, and it helps a little bit. Some of the terms, some of the concepts, being able to go through the reads and know where to go, it is similar so that is helpful. (Head) Coach (Hue) Jackson, it is his offense so I have been learning the ins and outs of what he has brought from Cincy and from before. It is a mixture of both, but I think having a little bit of familiarity from Coach Pep has helped me."

On what he has shown the Browns during his time with the practice squad:

"I think that I showed them that I got better each day and I made greater strides each week and learning the playbook and getting my feet right. I was coming from an offense where some of the rhythm drops were different and the reads were different so coming over and making improvements there and knowing where to go with the ball I think helped me."

On being the only Browns QB who is not overcoming an injury right now:

"It is pretty unbelievable. It is just one of those freak things that happens, but we have some tough guys back there. I know (QB) Josh (McCown) is getting close and (QB) Cody (Kessler) is tough as nails. I am going to do whatever I can to help those guys and prepare myself so that if my number gets called, I am ready to go."

On if more invested in the Browns playbook now, given the situation:

"You always want to prepare as if you are the starter. Due to the circumstances, I am going to be in my book even more and be watching tape even longer and just making sure that I am going through those mental gymnastics of making sure that I can spit out the play in the huddle and make sure I know where everyone is going and I can get through my reads, know where to go with the ball, get us into the right plays and execute the offense. I want to make sure I'm ready to do that."

On if the bar is set high for him, given how well NFL rookie QBs have played this year:

"I don't know if it is setting a bar anywhere. I'm just worrying about myself and making sure that I can do whatever I can to help this team. My job if I get in there is to be efficient, protect the football, get first downs, convert on third down and lead the offense in the red zone. I'm just worrying about those things. I am not really worrying about what everyone else has done. It has been great for me to watch Cody and see how he has handled everything. He has done a great job out there, and it has been really great to see. I am just going to try and kind of play off him and go out and do similar things."

On how QBs Josh McCown and Robert Griffin III have helped him since arriving in Cleveland:

"They have been unbelievable. Robert and Josh, great teammates first and foremost. They never hesitate to pull me aside and if they have advice, something to share that they will tell me whatever it might be. They have been great. I know that they are busy rehabbing and getting back, but the fact that they take time out of their day to make sure that I am knowing what I need to know, it is great. They are great for this team."

On how much he talked with the Browns prior to the 2016 NFL Draft and if he thought the Browns may have drafted him:

"I talked to them a little bit. I took a visit out here. I thought that there was interest, but things happen and I ended up in Kansas City at the start. All that matters is that I am here right now and I am going to do whatever I can to help this team."

On if it fuels him or drives him now and how disappointed he was that the Chiefs did not keep him:

"I wasn't too disappointed. I was excited for the next opportunity, wherever that might be. I'm glad that it came here and that I came here and have an opportunity here at the beginning to start on practice squad and get better and improve and work on things there. Now, I'm excited to help the team in games if my number is called. I wasn't too disappointed. I'm excited for every opportunity."

On if he had a few opportunities when the Chiefs cut him and why he came to Cleveland:

"I wanted to come somewhere where I was familiar with the offense, where there is a familiar face. A lot of guys in this organization I have known playing against them in college, training with them or at the combine. A lot of familiar faces around here, and I thought it was an organization that I could come to and develop and really advance my game. I came here and I feel like it is the best decision I could have made. I feel like I have gotten a lot better as a quarterback, and I'm excited to continue that." 

On if Hamilton was a major factor in coming to Cleveland:

"He is a familiar face. He was one of my coaches in college who I have a lot of respect for. Just being able to come here and have familiarity with an offense, not have to learn a totally new playbook right away, was something that definitely played a factor."

On being described as having an 'indestructible' body by a draft analyst:

"I don't know if I'm indestructible, but I feel like I did a good job in college. If I had to take off and run, I got down and protected myself, avoided the big hits. That is something that has to carry on even more in the NFL. Things happen quicker and hits are bigger. Just making sure you play smart and avoid those unnecessary hits."

On if it's unsettling to begin fourth on the depth chart and now possibly playing Sunday:

"No, it is an opportunity. Whenever that opportunity comes, you have to cease it. That is what I'm going to do. I'm preparing my butt off and getting ready to go so that I step in that huddle, the guys have confidence in me and know that I can lead them down the field."

On comparing himself to the 2016 NFL draft class:

"I'm very confident in myself. I think that I can lead the team. I felt great about how I did in college and leading that team at Stanford. I feel great in my ability to go out and be efficient, protect the ball and just execute the offense no matter what offense I'm in. I'm confident in myself. I'm not really worried about the other guys. I'm just worrying about me."


WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.:**

On if he will get more time at QB this week, given the health of QBs Cody Kessler and Josh McCown:

"As of now, I think we are rolling with Cody because he is going to go today and obviously see how he feels. We will go from there after that. I don't know what is going to happen after that. I think we have a good gameplan. We just got out of meetings, and it gives us a chance to win so we are excited about that and I'm excited about that."

On how difficult it is to take big hits as a QB and bounce back up to continue to play:

"It is tough because you don't see it so it will come out of nowhere. Plays that you think it is possibly blocked up the way it was designed all week and out of nowhere some guy shoots it and he didn't expect to shoot up the middle or something like that. That is what happened to Cody this past game. It had nothing to do with the linemen or anything like that. It is just we thought the guy was going to be in a certain coverage, and he ended up shooting the gap, and we did not expect that. It is unfortunate, but he is a tough guy obviously. We had a great walkthrough just now. He threw the ball well so we will see how practice goes."

On how important it is for the Browns to win this weekend:

"It is like every week, we keep saying, 'It is time to get one here and we are going to get one this week.' I know it is frustrating for the fans. It is frustrating for us. It is probably frustrating for some of you guys that are Cleveland Browns fans and reporters, as well. I am frustrated, everybody is frustrated, but this is the time that we have to stick together and keep fighting because if we don't quit, good things are going to come out. We are getting a couple guys back, some corps guys that are important on the offensive side. It is up to myself and other guys, playmakers to make plays on the outside and make plays when they come to us. We just have to continue to do that and keep pushing."


OL Joe Thomas:**

On there potentially being more changes on the Browns OL, given OL Joel Bitonio's injury:

"Well, I'm not a doctor. I haven't heard any final prognosis or anything like that. All I know is he has a foot injury and we will see if he practices today. I haven't heard if he is going to be able to go today or not."

On how well Bitonio has been playing and the impact on the Browns if he cannot play:

"He has been playing really well. Obviously, he is one of the best guards in the NFL, in my opinion. We lose that type of guy, he is tough to replace, but depending on when (OL) Cam (Erving) can come back, I think we will be in good position if Joe can't play because we have (OL) John (Greco) and Alvin (Bailey), who both stepped up at guard this year. I'm sure they can move one of those guys over."

On how many injuries are too many injuries:

"That is a good question. I have no idea (laughter). You obviously don't want any injuries, but you understand they are part of the game. That is why it is important to build your depth on any team. A lot of times how far you make it during the season, as far as making the playoffs and how far you go in the playoffs, is determined by how quality your depth is. In the NFL, it is not a matter of if injuries are going to happen. It is a matter of when and can the next man step up and perform as well as his starter."

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