Browns player quotes - 10/13


OL John Greco:**

On returning to RG:

"It is good. I have been bouncing back and forth the last couple of weeks so this is a right guard week. Hopefully, I get to stay there, but like I said, I am ready no matter where they need me."

On OL Cameron Erving returning from injury:

"I'm excited to have him back out there. I know he has been kind of anxious to be back out. I know they just want him to be healthy because that is the thing, we don't want to rush him out there and then it turns into missing three or four more weeks, but he is ready to go. He seems energized and focused, and it has been exciting to have him out there these past few days."

On the Titans' formidable DL:

"They have arguably one of the best defensive linemen in football in (Titans DL) Jurrell Casey. They have one of the leading sack-getters right now in (OLB Brian) Orakpo, but across the front, they are talented. They have a bunch of guys that can get after the quarterback, and they are stout in the run game. They do a lot of moving, a lot of stunting, a lot of blitzing, so it is kind of they don't just sit there in a vanilla defense and say, 'Hey, block us.' Constant movement, and when you combine that with a lot of athletic guys over there that are relentless and get after the quarterback, it makes for a tough day. We will have our hands full, that is for sure."

On where Casey likes to align:

"He is all over the place. That is the beauty of it, all five of us are going to get a chance to see him. It is a great challenge. He is a great player so we are looking forward to it."


LB Christian Kirksey:**

On the Titans rushing attack:

"They have a good running back, DeMarco Murray. He is back to being the DeMarco Murray that we knew him as in Dallas. They have good dual running backs with (Titans RB Derrick) Henry too. We just have to make sure we play fundamentally sound and attack the line of scrimmage."

On the Browns run defense this season:

"We took some strides. We are improving in certain areas. Now, we just really have to make sure we hone in on our small details, whether it is missed tackles or not setting the edge or not being in the right gap. We just have to pay more attention to the small details and fix those, and I think we will be fine, and I think we will make a lot of strides."

On how impressed he has been by the Browns young players, such as DB Briean Boddy-Calhoun:

"Very impressed. I knew Briean. I saw him play when he was in college. He went to Minnesota so I was very familiar with him, and I knew once he got on the field, he was going to make plays, just like these other younger guys stepping up. I have total faith in them. I go to practice every day with these guys. I know what they can do. I know what potential they have. I am very proud of the way they have been playing, and we just have to keep continuing to go forward."

On Titans TE Delanie Walker:

"He is an athlete. I believe he ran a 4.4 something in his combine so he is a guy that can fly. He is a game changer. He is one of their top targets, and I tip my hat off to him. He is a good player, but we just have to make sure that we don't give him a spark so just have to tune in on him and make sure we know where he is on the field, and we will be fine."


DL Danny Shelton:**

On Titans RB DeMarco Murray:

"He is an awesome player. Obviously, he has shown what he is capable of and so our main goal as a defense is to stop the run. That is my big priority this week is to focus on stopping the run and playing the right technique and wrapping up tackles."

On Titans RB Derrick Henry:

"He is a guy you can't sleep on. He is a big back, but it does not change our mentality as far as stopping the run. We are going to attack each week like we are going against the No. 1 rushing game."

On Titans QB Marcus Mariota and what differences he has shown this year compared to last year:

"He is really playing well now. He looks a lot more confident when he is playing. I have always been a fan of him so just seeing him do his thing this year is exciting. To have this opportunity to play against his offense is also exciting. I can't wait."

On how alert the Browns defense needs to be regarding Mariota's ability as a runner:

"We are going to have to be really alert. This guy is a quarterback who can easily run like a 4.4 straightaway so if we give him the opportunity, we have to make sure that we are accountable when we wrap up, we tackle him and bring him down."

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