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Browns player quotes - 10/19

TE Gary Barnidge:

On how disappointing it is to fight to win a game and come up short:

"It's tough. We showed, like I've said every week, we're never out of a game. We're always going to fight till the end. It's just tough not finishing at the very end and pulling it out. It's two weeks in overtime, and this week, we didn't get it the way we wanted to be."

On how the Browns keep bouncing back after losing close games:

"Just keep going along. You can't worry about that you just have to keep learning from that and just try and finish at the end of the game. You can't dwell on the fact that you didn't finish it that time. We're just going to keep gaining on it keep learning from it."

On how often the Browns practice two-point plays:

"We do quite a bit. We do have a slew of plays that are two-point plays that we work, if that time comes up. We just didn't execute it this week."

On if the touchdowns feel routine after a few of his more acrobatic catches:

"No, Josh is just putting the ball in good places. He's doing a good job, and that's all it is really."

LB Karlos Dansby:

On his takeaways after watching the Broncos game on film:

"We didn't make enough plays. We had opportunities, and we let some slip away."

On if it has been the same mistakes for most of the season:

"It is different. Everything is different. Different situations, different opportunities missed and like I said, it is part of the game and part of the growing process."

On how the Browns bounce back from two last-play losses in two out of the past three weeks:

"Go out and win. Find a way to win. We have to dig deep. There is a lot of football left to play. We can turn this thing around."

On if he has any concerns about guys being able to keep their psyche up:

"No, none whatsoever. We are a tough group of men. Like I said, our character is being tested, and we just have to respond."

On why the Browns' run defense hasn't been better:

"Technique issues and different guys, different plays. That is the only reason. We just have to continue to work hard and continue to get better at that. It is something we have to put some emphasis on in order to win."

On how much emphasis has been put on stopping the run:

"A lot. A lot of emphasis has been put on it. We just have to continue to work. This thing isn't going to happen overnight. You have to work at it in order to be great."

WR Andrew Hawkins:

On Head Coach Mike Pettine's message after the loss:

"Same as it is always after a loss. You put in a lot of preparation, you want to get a W, doesn't go your way. We can't do anything about yesterday now. That energy is better used toward focusing on next week."

On if he is concerned Browns players won't be able to bounce back from the loss:

"No, no concern there. Me personally, it's not something I'm concerned with."

On his confidence in QB Josh McCown after the loss:

"Like I said, we were one play here or there away. Still have all of the confidence in Josh, and I don't think anything will change that."

LB Barkevious Mingo:

On way the defense played after watching the film:

"I think we put a solid game together. We made a bunch of plays. We made some mistakes. I think the whole thing about playing the game is you get to correct those mistakes and come out and play again. That is what we are aiming to do this week, and we are going to try to put an even better game together for this week."

On if yesterday was the Browns defense's best game this year:

"I haven't really looked back on all the games, but it was definitely a good game. We played a Hall of Fame quarterback; we played a team that was undefeated. We went blow-to-blow with them. We had a shot at the end of the game to win, but unfortunately, we didn't. It is back to practice to clean up the mistakes to get better and do what we came here to do."

On his interception:

"I dropped back and I saw (Broncos QB Peyton Manning) looking that way, and he just floats the ball in the air, and I was just fortunate enough to come down with it."

On if he originally thought his interception won the game:

"I didn't even know where I was on the field. I was swarmed. I was trying to make it to the bench as quickly as possible. I don't know. It is a team game."

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