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Browns player quotes - 10/2

WR Dwayne Bowe:

On what he hopes to accomplish:

"I had great preparation this week. I feel better than I did this (past) week. The coaches are seeing it. I am ready. When your number is called, you have to be ready to perform. I feel good. I feel ready to go."

On if he feels a burden because he was a big free agent signing:

"Injuries are unexpected. You can't get down on yourself. The coaches know what I can do. Right now, I feel like I am ready to go. That is what we look forward to from today on."

On how difficult it was to catch up with the offense after spending nine years in the NFL:

"In nine years, there is no such thing as catch up. You have seen everything that's possible. The fact is just getting out there and doing it, I wasn't behind in the playbook. I was behind in reps and actually going out there and doing it. Right now, I feel better. I feel like my reps have increased and I will be ready come game time."

On if he had to catch up with his conditioning:

"It was from an injury standpoint. You know your body. You'll be in football shape, and that is all you need to be in. I am in football shape."

On if he is ready to step on the gas or does he have to work himself back into game speed:

"Any time I step on the field, I am trying to step on the gas. Whenever the ball comes my way, that is my opportunity to step on the gas. Whatever opportunities I do get in the game, run block or whatever, I am going to go out there to do my job."

On if his conditioning decreased when he was injured:

"Not doing anything for two weeks, you will get tired. I won't say fall off. You just have to get your reps back, and I have been doing that. I think I am pretty good."

On if he should have been on the injury report last week:

"I don't know how that goes. I have never really been injured. They are just playing it smart. It is a long season. It is how I feel and what I show prior to leading up to the game. What I showed wasn't 100 percent. When you have some much invested in somebody, you want to make sure he can go out there and do his job and do it 100 percent, and that is where we were with that."

On if the coaches are being patient with him and letting him heal or if they are getting frustrated with him:

"We have a great coaching staff. They know how to treat the vets and they know how injuries occur and keep occurring and reoccurring. They are playing it smart and asking me every day how I feel. I am going out there pushing myself to get in better game shape and I think now is the time."

DB Joe Haden:

On the Chargers offense:

"Like I said, again, we're going against a very, very capable group. (Chargers WRs Keenan) Allen is really nice, Steve Johnson, (Malcolm) Floyd and (QB) Philip Rivers at quarterback, and then their running back (Chargers RB Melvin Gordon) is special, I liked him coming out of college. They're very, very capable. Rivers, he runs the whole offense. He's a vet. He's as vet as they come. He understands the whole offense, understands defenses really well. How our defense is, we have to try to make him try fit it into small windows."

On the injuries in the DB room:

"We have to just go. We have to go which means no excuses. We're going to be out there. We're out there so you have to be able to make plays. We have to be able to play to the top caliber that we put ourselves to. Everybody's hurt, all over the league you have injuries. You're never going to just go into the game completely healthy but we just know we have to fight. We have to do whatever we have to do to get this win."

On his injury limiting him against Raiders WR Amari Cooper:

"He was doing a little bit on everybody, when we play our defenses it's a little bit of everything. At the end of the day, Cooper is a really, really good receiver. It's no excuses he's a great receiver and (Raiders QB Derek) Carr was throwing the ball really well. Those things are going to happen I just know next week playing against San Diego I'm trying to get out there make sure that doesn't happen again."

On Chargers QB Philip Rivers:

"He can make all of the throws and they give him the authority to make checks and change plays. If he sees something he'll check the out of a bad call into a better call. Just him being able to have that much control of the offense to be able to determine if he wants have a run play or a pass play. Just the control and him knowing what's going on to be able to do that."

On the Chargers' receivers:

"They're solid, definitely. We've been facing some pretty good receiving corps but all of these dudes they're very, very – everybody is capable of making plays so that's what we have to worry about."

On the focus of the defense in practice this week:

"It happens every time we're up or down. We play a half good, we play first half good second half bad, we play first half bad, second half good. We just have to put a full game together. Everybody always talks about it and we come to practice super focused and locked in but like you said it has to show on Sundays, it's no point in talking about it. We were definitely locked in at practice because we know our performance we had last week wasn't up to our standards. Definitely we were locked in and ready to go."

On his confidence in the defense:

"It's only been three games. When you're out here it's just like everything is so it's on you every week. If you made one mistake it's like everything blew up. We know what we have in our room. We're confident in what we have. We know what if we put in the work and play up to our ability what we have and our standard is still our standard. Outside talk and everything we just know we have to just leave that out. We know no matter what, win, it's going to be too much we did good, and lose, its going to be 'y'all suck.' At the end of the day, we just have to keep it even keel, and we know exactly what we want to do to play to the level that we want to play."

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