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Browns player quotes - 10/22

Pierre Desir

On his comfort level with starting:

"With each rep, I'm definitely a lot more comfortable in the system and getting out there and feeling the feel of the game. Each opportunity I get out there, I'm definitely more comfortable."

On the key to using his hands and proper technique more consistently:

"Just trust my technique, making sure that I use my hands and just making sure that I have good feet to go along with that. Just to not get frustrated if it doesn't work on one play but continue to do it throughout the game."

On if this Sunday's game at St. Louis is like a homecoming game for him:


On who will be there supporting him:

"Definitely going to have my family, cousins, friends, some high school teachers, actually, some coaches. It's always good to play in front of your friends and family, but I know I still have a job to do. We'll celebrate after, but it is good to be back in my hometown and playing in front of my friends and family."

On how many tickets he requested for his family:

"Actually, surprisingly, people got their own tickets (laughter), which is always good. I personally got about 10-15 tickets."

On if he attended any games at the Edward Jones Dome as a fan:

"Yeah, I went to a couple games at the Edward Jones Dome, and I worked there a couple times, as well."

On what kind of work he did at the Edward Jones Dome:

"I worked the concessions stands selling food. A couple times it was just for my daughter's dance fundraiser so just to help her out."

On his performance in last week's game:

"I think I did alright. There were a couple plays that I would like to have back where I didn't trust my technique and I got away from using my technique and using my hands. I think I did well. Looked at the tape and I saw what I needed to work on, and I'm ready to progress this week."

On if he ever thought he would play in the Edward Jones Dome when he was working there:

"No, not really. I was thinking about selling all of those nachos and hot dogs at the time (laughter). I definitely wanted to play there. I didn't get the opportunity in high school, and it's a great feeling to be able to go back and play in your hometown."

On if he started playing football in high school:

"Yeah, I started in high school, organized. I played backyard football with my friends but never as a team sport."

LB Nate Orchard:

On if the Browns defense is capable of having more than 10 sacks with its talent:

"We just have to continue to keep pushing through. Up front the line wise, outside linebacker wise, we have so much talent. We just need to continue to stay in our pass rush lanes and get home to the quarterback."

On what he has been able to do so far:

"Definitely happy with my performance so far. Just have to keep building on it. The biggest thing is just continue to stop the run as we go forward. It is a long season, and I need to stay on top of my technique."

On what kind of honor it is that coaches are giving him more opportunities:

"It is a huge honor to be able to be in there with (LB) Paul (Kruger), (LB) Armonty (Bryant) and (LB Barkevious) Mingo. Getting after the quarterback, not too many guys get a chance to do that. If I prove myself to the coaches, then it is a great opportunity and I have to take advantage of it."

On if he is doing a good job setting the edge or if he needs to improve:

"I think so. I think I am doing well. Obviously, I can always continue to improve on my technique, but Jimmy O' (defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil) is happy with my performance thus far so I will continue to build on it."

On if being ranked 32nd in run defense is something that sticks out to him:

"I take pride on setting the edge and I am just going to continue to do. I know the other guys will follow along, and we will just continue to build our defense."

On Rams RB Todd Gurley:

"Great back, runs hard, downhill players. Doesn't east and west, he just gets home. He just gets home and wants to make big plays."

On how the Browns defense becomes more consistent stopping the run:

"You just have to continue to rep it throughout practice. It is the little details, technique, even in walkthroughs ,we have to be on top of our stuff mentally and physically."

On if he is frustrated with the way the run defense is going:

"Yeah, who wouldn't be? We don't want to be at the bottom. We know we are better than that. We just need to continue to prove to everyone that we are and continue to work on our technique."

On if the run defense is close to getting fixed:

"We are going to control what we can control. We just need to continue to improve."

On if he has a goal of how many sacks he would like to have this year:

"Double digits is always the goal, but ultimately, my role coming in is to help stop the run and I am going to do just that. When opportunities for sacks present themselves I am going to take advantage of it."

Re-living the Browns 27-20 win in St. Louis in 2007.

OL Mitchell Schwartz:

On being ranked as the No. 1 RT in the NFL, based on external analysis sites:

"It's obviously nice. I think sites like that it's hard to put a quantifiable grade on things like that. That's kind of the thing it's hard to figure out what we're supposed to do on every play, figure out with so many things go into every play in terms of maybe the back is supposed to be here, you're expecting one guy to be there, another guy to be there. It's hard to evaluate stuff, but obviously, I'll take the positive rating so it's kind of cool."

On why Broncos OLB Von Miller was limited against the Browns:

"Like I said, everyone did their part on him. I had some one-on-one matchups that went my way. There were times we had some tight ends helping, some running backs helping, times where you'd rush (OL) Joe (Thomas), times you'd rush (OL John) Greco, times (OL Alex) Mack would handle him, (OL) Joel (Bitonio). It's never just a one-person thing."

On the Rams' blitz:

"They have an extensive blitz package on third down. At the end of the day, it's not so much where they overload one side toward the other as much as some other teams. Especially our defense, they could bring eight guys to a side if they want. They're trying to get their guys in one-on-one match ups. Similar to Denver, doesn't necessarily blitz as much, but they did something to try to hone in on those outside guys with the inside guys getting one-on-one matchups. I think that's the key is when you have guys you can rush – (Rams DT Aaron) Donald, (Rams DE Robert) Quinn, (Rams DE Chris) Long, (Rams DE William) Hayes, all those guys they can rush. – you don't necessarily need to bring as much pressure. You can trust those guys."

On this being his contract year:

"You just play as well as you can. That stuff is kind of out of my control. That's not something I really focus on. I just have so much else to worry about week-in and week-out going against such good players. If you do your part on the field, really the rest will take care of itself."

On if he plans to return to the Browns or test the market:

"I have no idea. I haven't thought that far ahead yet."

OL Joe Thomas:

On if Rams DE Robert Quinn is lining up against opponents' left tackles:

"Yeah, he plays mostly over the left tackle."

On how good Quinn is:

"He's exceptional. When you think of 4-3 defensive ends, he is probably the best that you can come up with. He has a lot of sacks over his career. He is tremendous. He gets after the quarterback. They keep him well rested. They have a nice rotation. It is another challenge. We have had a lot of challenges this year with the schedule with the different defensive lines that we play."

On the key to playing well against another outstanding defensive front:

"Every week is different. Every gameplan is going to be different. Every challenge is unique. There are no two great pass rushers that are all the same. It is really about spending time during the week watching film, focusing on your technique during practice, trying to take good pass sets and playing hard and hoping for the best."

On changing gears each week for a new challenge:

"You have to wipe the slate clean every Monday. You watch the film, review the things you did on Sunday well; the things you did poorly, you have to try to correct; and then, when you come in on Wednesday, it is a new week. You have to play each week as its own week, whether you played good or bad the week before. You have to be prepared for the new challenge."

On if QB Josh McCown has the type of personality to bounce back and have a good week:

"Absolutely, you look at a veteran quarterback like Josh and he is going to be excellent at bouncing back from what he would say is not his best game. We are excited to see what he can do. You know a guy like that is so detailed as it is – you see the level of focus this week in practice – it will be exciting to see what happens on Sunday."

On the key to being consistent in winning close games:

"There is no magic bullet or we would have already used it. It is just a matter of making the one or two plays in a game that mean the difference between a win and a loss. You have to make the plays that are there, and when they come to you, it is important that you make them and you don't let the other team make those plays. It is nothing interesting or magical. You just have to make a couple plays that the other team doesn't."

On if he has been saying that for eight years:

"Yeah, it is never going to change, even if you ask me for eight more years. That is the difference in close games. You hate to lose close games. Everyone comes up with magical reasons why you lost, but then, when you win a close game, you think you somehow found a magic potion when everybody knows it just comes down to executing one or two more plays than the other team."

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