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Browns player quotes - 10/28

TE Gary Barnidge:

On if he feels tougher because he got stitches and a tooth knocked out but returned to play against the Rams:

"I don't think anything really. You have to play. There is nothing you can do about it. You just have to deal with it and go. Everyone is going to have injuries. You are just going to have to play through them."

On why his helmet came off on the play where he was most likely injured:

"I don't know. They might have pulled it off, I don't know. Honestly, It is just part of the game."

On if that is when he lost his tooth and was he kicked in the mouth:

"I don't know if I got kicked. I think I hit it on my helmet when it was coming off. I think as it got pulled off, it yanked and hit me here in the mouth then that caused it to happen."

On if he had a mouth guard in:

"Yes, it was attached (to my helmet). It pulled it out because of the attachment."

On how he feels now that he is producing more than earlier in his career:

"Just take it in stride. I don't do anything different. I haven't done anything different this year compared to other years. Everything has been the same. It has just been the opportunity, and I appreciate the Browns for giving me that opportunity. I was behind Pro Bowlers previously in my career in (Panthers TE) Greg Olsen and (Dolphins TE) Jordan Cameron so just getting the opportunity to be on the field every play helps."

On if not knowing the starting QB on Sunday affects the team's preparation:

"Not really because we have total confidence in all of our guys. It doesn't really matter who is back there. We will be ready to go."

On QB Johnny Manziel's performance in practice today:

"He did good. He made throws. He is doing a good job out there."

On what QB Josh McCown has showed him with his ability to take hits and keep playing:

"Same thing he shows every week: he is tough, a leader and he is out there trying to win every day. That is the thing. You have to respect that. He is going to take hits. He is going to take it. He is trying to help the team."

On if he expects McCown to play Sunday, if he is medically cleared:

"I am sure he would be."

On if McCown is hard to count out, even if he didn't practice today:

"Yeah, I would think he is. He has that leadership mentality where he doesn't want to miss. He is going to do everything in his power to get back."

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DB Tashaun Gipson:

On returning from his ankle injury:

"This is playing a game that you love, being blessed to have this opportunity. It's a lot of football missed those three games. Anytime you're on the sideline, it's like the game slows down. You see a lot of plays and say, 'Hey, man, I could have made that play.' Things could have been different. That's to take nothing away from those guys that have been out there playing. It's just when you feel like you can make certain plays and play at a high level, that's supposed to be how you feel. We're getting a lot of guys back – (LB) Craig (Robertson), myself and (DB) Joe (Haden). We have time to turn this thing around. It's not over, for sure."

On if it feels good to recover quickly:

"Yeah, absolutely. I know what I'm capable of, and come hell or high water, I was not missing four games in a row. I just couldn't do that to my teammates. I missed a substantial amount of time this summer and that's not something that I want to let those guys down. I want those guys to know they can depend on me, and I'm going to go out there and I'm going to play my game. I'm going to play fast, do what's needed in this defense and whatever I have to do to get this thing right. I'm excited to be back out there, first and foremost, and just blessed that I've been able to heal the right way, proper way and just ready for some football."

On if there is still time for him to reach his goals for the season:

"Yeah, absolutely. You have nine games left. When you look at that, you have nine games from an individual standpoint. This is a team sport. Once you're having success on the field, make no mistake about it, the individual things are naturally going to come. You're going to get that individual success, attention, I guess. Nine games left, that's a lot of football left to say, 'Hey, this season is all but over.' I'm more than confident that I can accomplish what I want to accomplish, and I'm more than confident as a team we have goals out there that we can accomplish and when it's all said and done, we can say we have no regrets, we put it all out there. That's what it's all about at the end of the day."

On the frustration that comes with his frequent injuries:

"I would say it's frustrating because they're, I guess, not self-inflicted. You see, I go up to make an interception, (DB) Joe (Haden) runs into my knee. I go to make a tackle and (DB) Donte (Whitner) falls on my ankle. These aren't self-inflicted things. These are things that you just can't control. That's in God's hands. Any given time you go make a tackle and who's to say my teammates going to run up on my ankle, that type of stuff just happens. When you look at it from that side, you say, 'Yeah, that's frustrating,' but I've been fortunate enough, nothing serious. MCL – had knee surgery and it healed properly. This ankle, I feel like if it was the playoffs and the team really needed me, I could have played last week. Minor injuries but yeah, it's frustrating because you just don't want to go down. I want to be out there all 16 games, but right now I'm focused and that time away gave me time to appreciate the things that I was missing."

On if he is surprised the team is 2-5:

"Absolutely. Not comparing teams to other teams in the past, but when you have an offense, if you eliminate last week's game – I think that was poor performance on both sides of the ball – we have an offense that's legitimately able to put up points, able to put points on the board. Everything else rests on the defense so yeah, I'm surprised that with the talent we have that we're all sitting at 2-5. A lot of our games – for example, the Denver game, that's a game that we really felt like we should have won and we could have won. You take a play here, a play there and we win that game, give us that momentum that we need heading into the St. Louis game. I am surprised that we're 2-5, but like I said, we have a nice stretch, and in these next two weeks, we can turn this thing around, head into the momentum into Pittsburgh game and who knows what can happen from there. I think that we definitely have time. I don't think that guys in this locker room are holding their head down low."

RB Robert Turbin:

On if he expects bigger workload against the Cardinals:

"Not really sure how the coaches want to do it. I'm just here to do a job. Keep working hard and the results will eventually show."

On how it felt to have a long run last week:

"It definitely felt good to start the second half with the offense. It allowed me to get a rhythm and get a feel for the game. On that particular play, the offensive line did a great job. I went up there and followed the fullback. (FB) Malcolm (Johnson) did a great job blocking and popping it open for me, and I think that's something we can do on a consistent basis as long as we continue to work, continue to study and harp on the details."

On if he is playing at 100 percent:

"No, I haven't been 100 percent yet. The ankle gets sore. It's just something I have to battle through. The doctors know it's going to be up and down. They told me that. I expect it to be painful sometimes, but the thing about it is that it continues to get better, which is great. Today is the best day so it's great."

On if he will be 100 percent this season:

"I don't know. Talking to (head athletic trainer) Joe (Sheehan) and those guys in the training room, they say it's something that's going to nag me for a little while, but like I said, it's continuing to improve. Today is the best it's felt, like I mentioned, and if I continue to have those days, I'll continue to have more confidence in it and it'll help me on the field."

On hoping his role expands after his performance against the Rams:

"I definitely want to be a huge part of this football team. I want to help as much as I can from what I do in my position to help us win football games. If that's playing a lot, then so be it. Hopefully, it's not playing a little."

On creating more consistency in the run game:

"We just have to run the ball a little bit more, just really incorporate it into our game plan. As runners, we can be more consistent in what we're doing as far as reading our blocks, and up front, we can be more consistent about getting on guys and driving guys back. It is a collective effort offensively. We want to get better. That's what we're striving to do, and we will."

On being able to record more than 20 carries per game, given his injury:

"Once you get into the game, once you get into the flow of the game, the injuries, you can feel it here and there, especially when you're on the sidelines and the defense is on the field. It can start to creep up on you a little bit, but ultimately I'm trying to win so it's whatever it takes. I'll care about my ankle when the game is over."

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