Browns player quotes - 10/31

WR Corey Coleman

On getting cleared to play and how excited he is to return to the field:

"Yeah, I did get cleared. That is exciting. I had a final X-ray this morning and everything is perfect, healed up just the way we wanted it to. I am excited to get back out there with the guys. I know they have been working extremely hard trying to get a win so I am happy to be back out there, and I am going to help them out."

On if he has caught passes yet:

"Yeah, I caught a couple today with (QB) Cody Kessler. We were in here by ourselves, everybody else was in meetings, and I went to ask him if he could throw me a couple balls."

On how difficult it is to try and pick up where he left off:

"I don't think it is difficult at all. I think I just have to go back there, get the feeling, get the timing with the quarterback. I think I am going to do just fine."

On if he can make a significant impact and help the offense:

"When I look out there, I know I can contribute to the team or they wouldn't have drafted me here. It is difficult, it is tough, but no one is giving up. The season is far from over so we are going to come back to work and fight and keep on going."

On making his return against his hometown team of Dallas:

"It means a lot. I am from Dallas, all my family is going to be here. They are a really good football team, too so it means everything. I am excited to go out there and really play and help this team be successful."

On if he was a Cowboys fan growing up:

"Um, next question (laughter)."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. has told him how much he has missed his presence alongside him on the field:

"Yeah, Terrelle is funny. He has. He is a really good guy. He has high energy, and I am excited to be back on the field with him, too."

On if it is important for him to draw some of the defense's attention away from Pryor:

"It is important for me to help out our whole team. I would not just single out one person, but help our whole team."

On if he is also ready to help the Browns special teams in the return game:

"I am ready to do whatever they want me to do. I am down for it."


LB Christian Kirksey:**

On his reaction to the Browns adding LB Jamie Collins to the defense:

"I think it is a great move. He is a playmaker. He is well-known around the league. It is always good bringing another good player on the roster. We bring him in with open arms, and I think he will fit in this defense pretty well."

On what kind of message trading for a Pro Bowl player before the trade deadline sends to the Browns:

"It is the league, it is all about getting players to make plays and getting the best players out there. He is one of the better linebackers that is in the league so why not get a jump on him and bring him in? I think it is a good move for us to bring a veteran guy in, bring a guy that knows how to win and knows how to make plays and we will see where he fits in on this defense."

On if he will have to help Collins be excited about playing for the Browns given that he was just traded away from a possible Super Bowl contender:

"Just being a football player, being a competitor, whenever you move to a new team and whenever you get the opportunity to play a game, you are obviously going to be excited to play. I don't think there is too much that we need to say for him to get excited to play here with the Browns. He is a football player so he came here to win ball games, came here to play football and that is what we expect him to do."

On if he has watched tape on Collins:

"Yeah, I am the type of guy that [studies] a lot of my opponents and a lot of my brother linebackers and stuff like that, and I watched film on him. He makes plays and he has an eye for the ball. He is a tackling machine. He does it all so I am very excited to be a teammate with him and tip my hat off to him."

On where Collins will fit into the Browns defense:

"He can fit anywhere. He plays some outside linebacker, some inside linebacker. He does it all. Whenever you have a versatile player like that, it definitely helps your defense. I think he will fit us pretty well, and I am looking forward to meeting my new teammate."


WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.:**

On if QB Josh McCown was right for blaming himself for the missed pass in the third quarter:

"That was on me. Of course ,he is a quarterback and a leader so he is going to take that blame, but at the end of the day, there is a lot of stuff going on. Sometimes in practice, it might come out different, it may be shorter, sometimes it is longer and sometimes it just depends. It is on me really to try to open up my stride a little more. It is just a play I am supposed to make, and it is unfortunate that I did not make it. Like I told him texting him last night, 'Do not put that on you.' I always tell them, 'You cannot over throw me' so that is on me 100 percent, and he knows that. He is just being a polite guy, a great teammate and the leader that he is and I have to go make that play. That is the end of that one. It is definitely on me and not on Josh. Everybody knows it. Coaches know it, everybody knows it. I need make that play. I need to open up my stride even more instead of fighting with Darrelle. I ended up beating him pretty good, but I have to make that play. I have to run that down."

On what it means to be a cornerstone of the team:

"Every day, myself, (WR) Corey (Coleman), Hawk (WR Andrew Hawkins) and all the other guys, we strive to be the best, be what our coaches ask us to be. That is all I try to do every day. I am definitely not perfect. I know (senior offensive assistant) Coach Al (Saunders) might want to rip my head off because he wants it exactly a certain way in which I have to be better with and I understand that, but from those talks, I don't read into that kind of stuff.  I don't read into what our management thinks of me. I just try to go out there and do the best I can every day. I try to be the best teammate I can be every day. I am not perfect. I know that and I have a lot of wrongs that I do sometimes. Every day, I want to better myself to perfect person and player and a father and all those things. I hope I am doing decent and I can continue to do well."

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