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Browns player quotes - 10/7

DL Desmond Bryant:

On how predictable the defense was against the Chargers:

"It's hard for me to say, I wasn't playing. I think the coaches brought a good scheme here. With the right execution we'll have the results that we want."

On head coach Mike Pettine's even temper:

"For the most part year Coach Pettine's even keeled pretty much all the time. He's always talking about getting too high with the highs and too low with the lows. After a loss not wanting to have that end of the world mentality and then when you win not thinking it automatically means you're going to win the Super Bowl. He practices that and I think we all do to an extent."

On if he ever screams or gets mad:

"He has his moments where he coaches us up (laughter)."

On Ravens RB Justin Forsett:

"I think the thing that really differentiates him is just his vision. He and (Steelers RB) Le'Veon Bell are very good at finding somebody who might be out of their gap and taking advantage of that or he might be able to set somebody up make them think that he's going one way then as soon as they commit to that then he's able to cut it back and exploit where he was supposed to be. That's dangerous for us on defense."

On the best way to deal with a RB like Forsett:

"Its` so cliché to say but just do your job. If I'm supposed to have this gap in the run play then I'll have this gap on the run play. Don't worry about 'I think he might go that way' and trying to make a play out of my gap and then get burned on my gap so just do your job and make sure that gets done first and foremost."

LB Karlos Dansby:

On his reaction to people outside the building being upset that DB Joe Haden did not play against San Diego and if he has any doubts about Haden:

"I don't have any doubts about Joe. I don't really have a response to that because that is not my issue."

On how hard it is to adjust when one of the main guys on the defense cannot play at the last minute:

"It is tough. It is tough. Guys have to be able to step up and play the game. It is a kid's game. Next guy has to step in and play."

On if he has noticed a trend of giving up big plays and how to stop it:

"It is not a trend. We are having some breakdowns, some technique errors, mental errors. You can't have those in crucial situations, and that is what we have been doing. That is what we have been doing in crucial situations. We have been giving up plays like that. We just have to tighten it up a little bit and continue to play lights out football."

On Ravens QB Joe Flacco's abilities:

"He is real good. He is solid. He is able to read the defenses and get the ball out of his hands pretty quick to his playmakers in space and allow them to make plays for him. We just have to be sound, tackle well and run to the ball."

On if is frustrating that little dump passes have turned into big gains:

"We have mental breakdowns. If you have mental breakdowns, technique errors or something in the scheme, then you give up plays like that in crucial situations, and we can't let that happen."

On the Browns' reaction to Head Coach Mike Pettine reviewing the team's history with Baltimore and if it serves as extra motivation:

"No, I don't think we need that to motivate us. We have enough already to motivate us. It is Ravens week. We have to get a win."

On DB Tramon Williams' comments that Chargers QB Philip Rivers knew a lot of what the defense was trying to do:

"With any quarterback, if they study the game well, they will figure it out after a while. You have to out-execute. That is what they were doing to us. They were out-executing us. That falls upon us on the field. We have to out-play these guys and take it to another level."

On if he is confident in the scheme and if Browns players are comfortable giving defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil suggestions based on what they see:

"It is open door. We are confident in what we are doing. It is definitely open door. If somebody brings anything to the table, coaches take it in and try to apply it to what we are doing. If it is going to make us play better and make us play faster, he is open to it."

DB Joe Haden:

On what happened pregame in the Chargers decision and explaining his decision to not play:

"It was a little bit of a miscommunication. My whole goal and intentions were to go out there and play. I felt like I owed it to the team and just my wanting to go so bad, wanting to play so bad, my body wouldn't let me. When it came down to it I thought when Saturday came I would take shots, numb it up, cast it up and try to play. When it came down to it I got the shots and put the cast on it and went out there to play and it still felt like in practice when I couldn't use it. I felt like I was playing with one hand. So when it came down to that I felt like I would be letting the team down if I was out there bracing myself and only playing with my left hand. It came down to that decision and that is why I ended up not playing."

On if the game against Oakland contributed to his decision to not play, as in the Oakland game he kept coming back on the field after sitting a few snaps to be checked out for injury:

"I just want to be out there for the squad. My thing was me being out there and me wanting to play so bad. Coaches knew my finger was messed up. I was telling them, but they didn't understand to the extent that me wanting to play so much – I don't think I was as clear. I think it was just a miscommunication."

On his reaction to people outside the organization being upset he didn't play against the Chargers:

"It is upsetting. It is a little upsetting to me. I play so hard. I would think that I know in the locker room, the guys don't question that at all. Just me wanting to be out there so much. I think that is kind of what the problem was – I wanted to be out there so bad that I just couldn't see myself not playing. At the end of the day I would have been out there and I would have been a liability. I would have been hurting the team more than helping them. At the end of the day that is not what I want to do at all."

On Coach Pettine's comments that he is partly to blame for that reaction and if Pettine needed to patch anything up with him:

"He said he misspoke. Coach Pettine sent me an extensive text and then we talked. We are good. It was just a lack of communication. That is all it was. Pett and I are good moving forward."

On how hard was it to come to the decision that he couldn't play:

"It is the worst. It is the worst feeling ever. That is why I kept it until the last minute. I wanted to go. I want to play. Me not being out there I understand – I am a guy that we need for this defense. I am out there and we are in zero and we are rolling coverages away. It is really not a one for one swap. I could see where the coaches could (come) from (in) not knowing – they have to make game plan decisions at the time of the game. I completely understand where they are coming from. Where I was coming from was I want to be out there. I want to help my guys. At the end of the day when I am going to hurt them not being able to use both hands and only being able to play with my left hand it is not going to be good."

On if he addressed the DBs before the game:

"I talked to them right before the game. When I figured out I was wasn't going to be able to play I walked to Donte, talked to him personally. Walked up to Karlos, talked to him personally. Walked up to Kruger, talked to him personally. Walked up to Tramon, talked to all of these (guys). I walked up to each one of my teammates. My biggest thing is – for them to say Joe is not trying to play that really hurts. I have been in Cleveland for a long time. Feeling like you have to prove yourself over and over, fighting and playing through injuries. If I am hurt, I am hurt. If I can't go, I can't go. Hurt is different than injured. I play hurt all the time. If I am injured and I feel like I am going to hurt the team I am not going to go out there. That is just how it is. I don't want to be out there hurting us. That was the biggest thing. Me wanting to be out there so bad, me wanting to play. I just tried to take it to the last minute to see if I could make it happen."

On what is wrong with the defense:

"We have to make plays. A lot of the things are just big plays happen on us. We have to cut down on the big plays. You don't see them slowly marching. It is a big play that will hit us for a long run. Then they are back on the ball. We have to make sure we stay tight and limit the big plays as far as the burst or run or it will be somebody running through our defense uncovered. It is miscommunication. It is not like people are on their man and things that happen like that. I think we just have to be more locked in. We have to be more on point."

On if the reaction this week about the team is another example of what he described Friday about people getting too low or too high in regards to wins and losses:

"No. At the end of the day we are not winning games. We are not winning games. We are 1-3. It is what it is. The talk about us not playing well is legitimate. We have to be able to play better. The (Chargers) game was a tough, tough way to go out. I feel like we understand that we are not far away. We are just giving up big plays. They are not just marching it down on us. Keep saying that and giving up big plays and letting people run scot-free. We can't do that."

On how it feels to have his teammates jump to his defense when people were questioning his decision not to play against San Diego:

"It felt good because I am in here with these guys. They know my heart. They know how passionate I am about playing and how much I want the Browns to turn it around and start winning. I want to be here. I signed my extension to be here and play here when it gets good. My whole thing is, with me going out there, it hurt me because that is not the case at all. I want to be out there and I want to play. For all my teammates and all of them guys – I know they have my back. Even when I found out the decision, walking up to them individually letting them know, 'Look you know I got your back. I can't go out there and help you today because I am not going to be able to help you. I am going to hurt the team.' Just them knowing that. When I look into each one of their eyes and let them know, 'Dude, my bad, I am going to do everything I can to get back out there with you.'"

On if the coaches were initially dismayed at his decision not to play:

"I see exactly where they are coming from. They game plan around me and what I am going to do out there for the defense. I can see definitely why. Kind of a curve ball. They knew the whole week that my finger was down, but I think it was just a lack of communication. Let them know, 'Coach, I am messed up, but I am going to fight as much as I can until the last minute.'"

LB Paul Kruger:

On if he questioned DB Joe Haden for not playing against the Chargers:

"No, not at all. Joe is one of the most competitive guys on the team. He has been consistently a good player, a great player, competitor, someone who wants to be out there every day so I don't question his decision at all."

On if it upsets him that people probably have no idea what it is like to go through an entire NFL season:

"A little bit. Playing in an NFL game is a different kind of beast. It becomes natural for us because we are doing it so much. If you really think what you are putting your body through and how taxing it is, both mentally and physically, you will eventually appreciate what guys like Joe have been doing for a long time."

On a key strength of Ravens RB Justin Forsett:

"I think he is a strong runner. He is somebody who can bounce off tackles and kind of create yards after contact. I think he is a talented guy. He has the speed and he has enough power to withstand hits."

On Ravens QB Joe Flacco having the ability to quickly rebound from bad plays:

"He was [like that when I was there]. I think Joe has always had that ability. I think he just has a lot of poise. That is what I always remember about Joe. He is a guy that keeps his cool no matter what the situation is. A lot of people want to see that rise out of him and see that competitive side, but that is what makes him consistently a really good quarterback. I think it is nice thing to have on a team."

On Flacco playing well despite injuries and depth issues at WR:

"I think they have some depth there and they are finding some different ways to get the running back involved. They are making up for it in different areas. We are having a good week of preparation. We are excited to get out there and play."

On if he agrees with Head Coach Mike Pettine's comments that the Ravens offensive line will be the best one the team has faced to date:

"Yeah, I think they are a good group. A lot of their efforts are second and third efforts. They are very aggressive, especially after the play is already downfield. Doing extra things to irritate you and get after you. Definitely a respectable group."

DL Danny Shelton:

On his performance in the first four games:

"Alright. Nothing really that stands out, and that's what I want to change. I want to be able to look at film and see a different player. That's what I'm working on this week, just continuing to grow with the defense, grow with the team and look forward to a win."

On if he is playing as many snaps as he expected to play:

"Not at all. In college, I was a guy who played 70 to 80 plays. Being in the league, it's a lot different. Some games, you don't even get to 70. It's a lot different, but is just a matter of time. Just have to buy into the system, continue to play my game and don't let it affect me."

On what 'being a different kind of player' looks like:

"Just making more plays in the backfield as far as tackles and sacks. At the same time, you can't really ask too much for a nose guard to get sacks, but as far as my personal goals, that's what I want. I want to be a noise guard that gets sacks so I'll continue to work on that."

On if that is tough to get sacks as a nose guard in the Browns defensive scheme:

"Yeah, most definitely. You have to buy into the system, and part of the system is taking up two or three blockers so other players can make plays. I don't have a problem with that. I just have to figure out how to make plays in the backfield after defeating two or three blockers (laughter)."

On if he is drawing as many double teams as expected:

"Yeah, it's what I expected. I just have to continue to grow and learn how to beat those double teams and make plays in the backfield."

On if he has studied the Ravens defense over the years:

"Not really, just always liked a few players that are on the defense like (Former Ravens LB) Ray (Lewis) and (Lions DL) Haloti (Ngata). Now that they're gone, there's no big reason, except for (Ravens LB Terrell) Suggs and he's gone. Those are the three guys that I liked watching, but now it's more concentrating on my job."

LB Scott Solomon:

On how eager he is to get back on the field:

"I'm excited to be back. Just trying to do everything I can."

On if he can play this Sunday:

"Definitely after going today, I feel like I'll be ready to go on Sunday."

On how much he can help the defense against the run:

"I'm just going to do what I can, just do what's asked of me. That's all I really can do."

On how he was injured:

"Just got rolled up. On the right side going in, just got rolled up that way."

On if was worse to get injured on the first drive of the season opener:

"It's not ideal, obviously, but usually injuries don't happen in the best situation or timing so it's just what it is."

On LB Armonty Bryant's performance:

"He's done great. He's done a great job. It's been fun watching him and the other outside linebackers. I think they've done a great job."

DB K'Waun Williams:

On when his concussion happened:

"It was a couple hits, but I didn't feel funny. Felt a little funny throughout the week, and it just kept getting worse and worse so I mentioned it to our trainers. They did a great job. (Head athletic trainer) Joe Sheehan and those guys in there, they held me back to be cautionary, and they put me in the protocol."

On if it happened in the Titans game:


On why he went to DB Tramon Williams to talk about his concussion:

"It was just during practice. I was just talking – he plays corner and you're right outside – and after the play I felt kind of funny, and I mentioned it to him and he just told me, 'Man up and just go in there and tell [the trainers].'"

On concerns going forward after multiple concussions:

"Just continue to play the game and be smart. I know the long-term effects of it, but I just have to be smart and just play the game how I play it."

On if it is important to report concussion symptoms:

"Certain circumstances like I was in, I think it was important for me to say something because of my previous history of this. When I was feeling funny, I knew what it was so I brought it upon myself to tell somebody."

On why he's so good on corner blitzes:

"It's just, I guess, some skillsets I built throughout my life and helped me blitzing. Being small is not so bad in those situations. In terms of blitzing, you just maneuver your way through."

On what he can bring to the defense:

"Just what I do, being aggressive, being in the slot, handling my responsibility and just trusting my keys and technique and just playing my game."

On how tough it was to watch the defense struggle while he was in the concussion protocol:

"It's real tough. Like I said, especially seeing plays that you know you could have been in or putting the defense in a tough situation where you have to put guys in different places, it's kind of tough for me to watch."

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