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Browns player quotes - 11/10

OL Cameron Erving:

On if he has practiced a lot at LG:

"That's probably the spot that I've taken the least amount of reps at, but offensive line is all the same. It's just all about getting a level of comfort at each position once you change."

On if the lack of reps made it more challenging coming in at LG at Cincinnati:

"I don't mean to sound cocky when I say this, but I've gotten a lot of questions about different positions. I'm a football player, and I like to play football so I'm going to put everything I have into what I'm playing that week or what the team needs me to do. All of those questions, honestly, are irrelevant to me. I'm just going to go out and I'm going to play football, regardless of what position I'm at."

On remaining prepared to play at any moment:

"It's been tough, but I lean on guys like (OL) Joe (Thomas) and (OL) Joel (Bitonio), as well, because it was a short amount of time when he wasn't starting the whole time. It's just about preparing yourself each week to the best of your ability, knowing that you might play, knowing that you might not play. It's a lot of uncertainty there, but I've done a good job, I feel like, and a lot of guys have commended to me on the job I've done of just being prepared when the time comes. Now, I'm looking forward to just going out and being able to seize the opportunity."

On being excited about his first NFL start:

"I'm definitely excited. I'm definitely excited, but I'm not going to get too high, too emotional early in the week. I know it's all about the preparation that we're going to go through the rest of this week and knowing what Pittsburgh is doing. It's all new to me. Like I said, I'm learning as much as you guys are now talking to me. It's new. I'm a rookie so I'm going to lean on guys like Joe, Joel – he's not playing – but (OL) John Greco, (OL) Alex (Mack) and Mitch (OL Mitchell Schwartz), all of those guys have helped me a tremendous deal since I've been here. I'm going to make sure I do my due diligence and stay ahead of the game, but all those guys are always there for me, I know that much."

On if it was tough as a first-round pick to wait for the chance to start:

"It's easy to surround yourself with negativity in those situations. People from the outside chirping in have always been in my ear since this started, but I've kept my faith and I've stayed rooted and know that my time was going to come. I didn't get picked in the first round for nothing. My chance is going to come so I'm just being patient, and this is the first opportunity of many."

On if this is the first time in his career that he had to wait to be a starter:

"No, this isn't."

On when he had to wait to start:

"It happened in college. I wasn't always a starter in college. On the offensive line, I did step into a starting role. We didn't have a left tackle, but I've battled from the bottom of depth charts in high school. I've battled from the bottom of a defensive line depth chart in college that was full of guys who are in the NFL or at least played in the NFL. That work ethic has always been there. It's just been a tremendous amount of humility that I've had that I try to continue to have just know that I've been there. Never forget where you came from. I just always remember how blessed I am to be able to have this opportunity."

OL Joe Thomas:

On weekend reports that Thomas and his agent asked the Browns to review trade opportunities and that the trade fell through due to guaranteed money:

"I am not sure where that report came from. I can say in no uncertain terms did I ever ask the Browns for a trade, that I ever talked to them about wanting to be traded nor did any of my representatives ever talk to the Browns about wanting to be traded. From what I understand from how things went, the Browns were contacted by the Broncos, and that is where the trade [talks] came from. The other thing I am going to be firm and make no qualms about that I was never involved in any contract discussions with the Denver Broncos. My agent was never involved in any contract discussions with the Denver Broncos. There was never any guaranteed money discussed. I was kind of off the grid this weekend because we had some time off after the Thursday game. I was a little bit surprised to see a few texts from our lovely friends at the Browns communications department about a couple reports from this weekend. Apparently, all of this went down Monday or Tuesday before the trade deadline. We were in meetings getting ready for the Cincinnati Bengals. I guess I wasn't really aware of a lot of this until after the trade deadline until I talked to Coach Pett (Head Coach Mike Pettine) after the trade deadline had passed. When I heard the report that somehow my agent was talking to the Broncos about guaranteeing more money in my contract, of course, I was not involved in them because I was in meetings. The first thing I did was contact (my agent) and ask what the deal is with this report and did you talk to the Broncos or were you involved in any way. He said I don't know where this guy got this from. I didn't talk to the Broncos about changing your contract if you were traded. I didn't talk to them about guaranteeing any money. I guess from my perspective and my representation's perspective is it was out of left field. I am not sure where it came from. Obviously, there are some agendas at play, whether it is the person that tweeted the article or tweeted the initial report or someone who gave him the information. I don't know what they are, but that is all I can say is that it is not true."

On report regarding guaranteed money being completely false:

"Like I said, I didn't really find out about [the trade talks], even the details of the discussion until after it was over. Even then, there was no discussion from me or my agent about guaranteeing money to try to make me feel happy about it or something like that. Like I said, I didn't really think there was anything going on."

On if has ever told the Browns to see what trade offers may be available:

"No, I didn't really have any discussions with the Browns about being traded or wanting to be traded."

On OL Cam Erving and his opportunity with OL Joel Bitonio out Sunday:

"I think he is ready. I am excited to see what he can do out there in a full game. He got a little bit of a taste last week. This week, if he is the guy, I am sure he will be getting the majority of the reps in practice. That is a big part of getting ready for Sunday is getting those reps in practice. I am excited to see how he does. I think he will do a good job. He has shown that he can be a good player already from what we have seen in training camp and at practice. Now, it is time to do it on a big stage against our biggest rival."

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