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Browns player quotes - 11/13

DB Ibraheim Campbell:

On uncertainty on if Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger will play:

"We recognize that they have a lot of talent on their offense. We know that we have to execute every play to be effective and stop them."

On preparing to potentially face Roethlisberger, who is listed as questionable for Sunday's game:

"We prepared for him to step in. We have also studied the next guy, as well. We are prepared either way."

On what makes Roethlisberger so tough to defend:

"He's got a great arm. He is experienced. You really have to be aware of that and the fact that he will find the open guy. He has a lot of talent around him and he makes sure he spreads the ball around well. He is a pretty big guy so he is tough to bring down."

On if it is challenging to not know who is going to start at QB:

"I wouldn't say that much. We have a pretty good idea so we are preparing for bot, but at the same time, we recognize the threats they have around. We are focusing on them and then just playing it as it goes."

On if it is all hands on deck covering Steelers WR Antonio Brown:

"He is a big part of their offense, and we definitely recognize that as a defense. It is going to be a key for us to make sure we shut him down."

On if the Browns can contain Brown, even without DB Joe Haden playing:

"I believe that we can. We have a lot of talent and guys that are prepared to step in when guys like Joe Haden go down. I think guys are prepared and ready to fill his shoes."

On if he is confident the Browns safeties can get the job done with DB Jordan Poyer and DB Tashaun Gipson listed as questionable:

"There are only three of us, right? We have to. We don't have a choice. We have to be ready to go."

On how much more complex NFL offenses are compared to college:

"I wouldn't say it is much more complicated, but there is a little bit less to grab onto because of the offenses because they do so much more. I don't see it as much of a hurdle. At the end of the day, it is football. I feel like I have been playing football for a long time."

On if he processes information pretty well:

"Yeah, I think so. I think that comes down to preparation. I take preparation seriously, and I think being prepared mentally is something that is huge, especially in the NFL because offenses come at you and they are prepared and know what to expect and know what you are doing. Any mental edge that I can take, I will take advantage of it before the game."

LB Barkevious Mingo:

On not knowing who be the Steelers QB:

"Our gameplan will be the same no matter who is playing. Even with (Steelers QB) Ben Roethlisberger there – he is obviously an upgrade at quarterback – but their backups are not bad QBs at all. They can get in in there and manage the job. They have been winning. It is just us going in there with the mindset of whichever quarterback we play, we play."

On if the Browns can adequately prepare for multiple QBs and without it being too much:

"Yes, with the exception of (Steelers QB) Michal Vick, the two quarterbacks are similar. Outside of the run element that Michael Vick has, the other quarterbacks will sit in the pocket and throw the ball."

On if he thinks the Steelers defensive players are going through the same situation not knowing who the Browns will start at QB:

"Definitely. If there is a quarterback question, you have to think, and if the quarterbacks are different styles, then it makes you have to have a couple different gameplans. As far as us, like I said, those two quarterbacks, they are playing kind of similar. Ours are different. We have (QB) Johnny (Manziel), who is more mobile, and we have (QB) Josh (McCown), who sits in the pocket and throws it."

On if he has seen any drop off from the Steelers, given injuries:

"No, it is a solid team. They are playing good right now."

On why the Steelers are so effective running the ball, even after losing Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell:

"It starts up front. They have good run blockers. It is going to be a challenge. I think we are ready to face that challenge and stop the run."

On the Browns have extra confidence after significantly outscoring the Steelers during the past six quarters:

"You approach every game the same way. You respect the other opponent, no matter what their record is. You go into every game confident that you can get the job done. It is the same way for us this week."

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