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Browns player quotes - 11/18

RB Isaiah Crowell:

On QB Johnny Manziel being named the starting QB:

"I was OK with it. I was OK with any of our quarterbacks being the starting quarterback because I feel all of them have the athletic ability to go out there and get it done."

On if Manziel's game against Pittsburgh makes his transition to starting QB easier to accept:

"Yes, I believed in him the whole time. I feel like I've been there for him. Anytime he's been in, I feel like he made plays so I feel like he deserved it."

On running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery's message to the RBs heading into the bye week:

"Just wants us to keep fighting, keep competing each and every game, anytime we're out on the field."

On describing his season so far:

"It's not what I expected, but we just have to keep fighting. Me personally, I just have to keep working hard and everything will come together."

On why it has been so hard to have success with the running game:

"It's been a lot. I feel like it takes everybody to get the running game going – that's passing game, running game. Football, everyone has to contribute. I feel like maybe it's one person not doing their job one time or maybe me, I didn't hit the hole right that time. It's just been inconsistent so I feel like we just need consistency."

On if the running game is close to where it needs to be:

"I feel like it's real close to getting it to where we want it to be, but it's not there yet so we just have to keep working."

On if the Browns have run fewer outside zone plays this season:

"I feel like last year, we ran the ball a lot more than we do this year. That's why I guess it looks like we had a lot of success comparing the two seasons. I feel like we still have the players and talent to do it. I feel like we just have to keep working. I feel like it will all come together.

On if the types of runs this year are different than they were last year:

"I feel like it's the same kind of runs, but sometimes they're blocked differently, and that plays a big factor."

On the perception that the Browns doesn't run as much in the second half:

"I feel the same way you feel. I just listen to the coaches, go by what they say and just listen to them because they're in control. I'm just going along with what they want."

QB Josh McCown:

On his reaction to QB Johnny Manziel being named the starting QB:

"I feel like I pretty much covered it Monday. It is the same thing. It is the same exact words I told you. Once that decision is made, I will serve the team as the backup quarterback and be ready to go and do everything I can to help Johnny do well and win the football game. That is my thought process and nothing has changed."

On his discussion with Head Coach Mike Pettine when he was told Manziel would start:

"I will leave that between us because when the head coach pulls a player in to talk to him, you leave that between you guys."

On if it is tough to hear Manziel will be starting, even though it may have been expected:

"It is the same answer gave you Monday. It is the same thing I told you guys that when I am no longer the starter and I serve the team as a backup, I will do everything I can to be able to play and help Johnny be ready to go. Nothing changes. That is all I can tell you."

On if he would like to be back for the remaining two years on his contract, even if he is a backup:

"How many games do we have left? Six? We have six football games left. I am worried about those. I am worried about the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night. That is all we need to be focused on. Right now, we get a little time off. I am looking forward to go home to Charlotte and seeing my family and hanging with them. All of that stuff is so far down the road that it just doesn't make any sense to talk about that."

On when his standard work day begins and ends:

"We put in a lot of time. It varies. It varies."

OL Mitchell Schwartz:

On QB Johnny Manziel being named the starting QB:

"He has had three starts this year – Pittsburgh, he played really well; Tennessee, we won; and Cincinnati, he did some good stuff there. It is not like it was a bad game. We have been confident all along in his abilities. He has done a really good job out there. I don't think it is taking a step back in terms of conceding the season or anything like that. That is definitely not the case."

On if it was encouraging to see Manziel do more in the pocket and has he noticed it:

"Not as much. I get so engrossed in blocking my guy."

On if he notices Manziel in the pocket more after watching the film:

"When we watch the film, I am not really watching him. I am watching what I am doing and stuff like that. I assume that the coaches said that he did a better job with that. I will trust them on that. Yeah, if he is doing a better job at that, but he still has those plays every game where he breaks contain and makes a big play for us."

On if Browns players have had any player only meetings and if it is necessary at 2-8:

"No, players only meetings are typically only when there is a serious chasm, when there is a big divide or there is something really going wrong. I think it is just lack of execution all across the board. I think we are all on the same page with everything. We need to play better, and at the end of the day, try to play better. We have to score more points on offense and help the defense out. It is hard on them when we are not scoring and we are not doing too much to put points on the board and have turnovers and they are out there fighting their ass off and we have a three-and-out or a turnover and they are right back there on the field. We have to do a better job."

On if the Browns locker room supports the decision to go with Manziel at QB, given QB Josh McCown's performance:

"I think so. Even if people have a personal preference, I think we are all professional enough that you just go do your job regardless. We are not going to be like, 'Hey there goes my (defensive end) because it is Johnny and not Josh.' That stuff doesn't happen. Personally, I haven't talked to too many guys about that exact question. I think we all have a good feeling that Johnny has a really good grasp right now and it is not like we are taking a step down with him."

On why the running game has struggled:

"A little bit of everything. I don't know. There are a lot of factors. In every play, there are 11 guys across the board. Everyone has a job. That is the thing that is kind of crappy about offensive football. You could have 11 plays and every guy has one bad play out of those 11 and it is every separate play, then that is 11 bad plays on offense. You look back and you are grading out over 90 percent. You are 10-for-11 on good blocks. If everyone takes turns having a bad play, the whole offense looks doomed from afar. It is just consistency, really."

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