Browns player quotes - 11/2


LB Jamie Collins:**

On being traded by New England:"Oh, I am good. I am ready to move on."

On if he understands why he was traded:

"I don't, but it is out of my control. I don't make the calls."

On coming to the Browns, given their record:

"I have been there before. I know how to handle situations, and situations occur all the time. I am up for the challenge, and like I said, I have been there before so it is really no big deal to me."

On what he brings to the Browns:

"I am a workaholic. I am going to give you what I have every game and every day regardless. You are going to get my plays."


OL Joe Thomas:**

On if he has been watching the Cleveland Indians in the World Series:

"It is pretty cool. I have been watching. I am not a diehard baseball guy, but I have been watching every World Series game, unfortunately to the end because I am a little short on sleep, more than usual. My bedtime is usually about 10:30 so those games that go to 11:30 or 12:00 am do not help that. It is really exciting. To watch the Indians in the World Series is pretty cool. To have two teams in the same city in the Championship game in the same season is really special."

On if the offense or defense is responsible for surrendering the first half lead:

"Any game is a group effort. No matter the outcome, you have to have both offense and defense chipping in to finish out a game. It is on everybody."

On if it is hard to continue to motivate younger players given the Browns' record:

"Yeah, I think that is why from the moment the young guys step into the building, you always talk about being a slave to the process and focusing on the things you can control and kind of having a plan every week that you follow so you do not get caught up in what your record is or what is happening around you. You can kind of just focus on preparing yourself the same way every week. If you do that, you will not get lost in whatever your record is or your standing in the division or any of those things that really do not affect the game you have to play on Sunday."

On if he is relieved the trade deadline is over:

"(Laughter). Honestly, I did not really think about it a whole lot. I guess I do not have to answer any questions about that anymore which is nice. I did not really think it was much of a possibility this year. I think in years past there were more likely landing spots, not to get into the details, but the teams that needed a left tackle did not have salary caps. It would have been a big surprise if I was traded."

On if he is comfortable with a QB other than Josh McCown being named the starter:

"I think so. I think (QB) Cody (Kessler) did a great job when he was out there. I think he surpassed everyone's expectations. Plus, you have to factor in the realization that he is a rookie and we are 0-8 right now. The chances of us making the playoffs are not the highest they have ever been so you are trying to assess what we have on the roster for the off season and we want to find more out about Cody. He has played well, but I think it is important for the young guys to get as many snaps as they can."

On LB Jamie Collins:

"He is obviously a huge steal for us. To be able to find a linebacker that can cover tight ends, cover running backs on third down is really key. He can also play on first and second down because he is a physical linebacker. To find an inside linebacker in today's day and age who can run and hit is pretty unique. That is why he has been named to the Pro Bowl."

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