Browns player quotes - 11/28

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today's media availability:

  • WR Corey Coleman
  • TE Seth DeValve

WR Corey Coleman:

On his plans for the bye week:

"I am going to go back to Dallas, go see my beautiful mom and my sisters and just relax."

On if he is still taking reps at punt return:

 "I still take reps back there. I can be back there anytime. We are just playing it by ear. I take a lot of snaps on offense. In this last game, we had [75] snaps on offense. That is a lot. So a lot of running."

On if he knew he was going to be open in the end zone:

"No, in the NFL you never know if you are going to open up. They called the play and the guy was on me. He was off coverage so I know I had to get a really good bite on it."

On if the Browns are getting closer to a win:

"Yeah, we are. We are working really hard. If you have watched the games we played, if you watched close, you can see the little things. It is the small details that keep us from winning. It is not that we are just having a bad game. It is just like we have not put a full game together, a complete game. We have played a good quarter before. We have played a great half before. We have played a great second half, not a good first half. We just have to put it together."

TE Seth DeValve:

On if he expected to play as much as he did yesterday:

"Yes and no. I am always prepared. You always have to be ready in case you are called. They were being a little cautious with (TE) Gary (Barnidge) so I had a little more time."

On how his season has gone:

"Progress. There is a process to everything that we do. I am learning a new position still and getting better and working on something new each day and hopefully taking strides in the position direction each day. Luckily for me, it is showing up on the field."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson noting him as one of the players that has shown a lot of improvement:

"That is great. I am happy to hear that. I am most grateful for an opportunity to contribute to this ball club, and any opportunities that Coach puts me in to make plays, I feel like I can go out and make those plays. I am just grateful for the opportunity to go out there and make something happen. Coach is really good at putting guys in positions where he knows they will best succeed. That is what he does with everybody."

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