Browns player quotes - 11/29

WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.:

On how excited he would be to see QB Robert Griffin III back on the field:

"I am excited. Like I said last week, I am excited that anybody that has been injured or anything like that and they have been fighting and clawing so hard to get back, it is exciting to get your teammates back. At the end of the day, whoever the coaches put out there, I will be excited to play with. I just want to go out there and try to get a win and try to show progress."

On what technical aspect of the WR position he needs to improve at to become truly elite:

"I think to be elite I have to keep on continuing to having better angles on blocks. I missed a block that I can't remember if it was (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) or Crow (RB Isaiah Crowell) got tackled in the backfield and it was totally my fault. Stuff like that, angles like that, and I think a little bit more running after the catch. There are a couple times where I am catching and I am trying to make big plays rather than just take it, run up through between two guys and you know you are going to get tackled possibly but you can get six or seven more [yards], rather than I try to get around the defense and try to make – I am trying to think touchdown every play (laughter), but that is not a bad thing."

OL Joe Thomas:

On QB Robert Griffin III being fully cleared by medical staff and if he can provide a lift to the offense:

"Going into the season, Robert obviously was the starting quarterback. He won the job going into the season, and he didn't really get a whole heck of a lot of opportunities to prove what type of quarterback he can be in this system. I think there are a lot of guys who are eager to see what he can do. He didn't really get enough opportunity to kind of prove what type of quarterback he can be in this system. He can bring something different to the table, too. Obviously, he has a unique skillset with the way that he can run and the type of athlete he is. It can make preparing for our offense more difficult when you have a quarterback like that as a weapon to run the football."

On how the Browns' culture has improved, given he has been involved in multiple messaging changes:

"We have made some good progress. We have a lot of young guys who are getting experience right now. We have guys who are going to be here in the same offense and the same defense that are really going to benefit from the additional practice time and the additional experience on the field. I am not sure that I have ever believed in 'culture' or anything like that. To me, that is just a matter of do you have good players that play well and then all of the sudden you have a winning culture. Yeah, you have good players that play well. I think that is more a function of building the culture is building the players that can win. I think that is kind of where we are on that. I think we have an exceptional head coach in Hue Jackson that gives us a great opportunity to win every week with the gameplan on offense and defense and how he manages the show. From that perspective, I think we are well positioned for the future. I do see some progress, even though obviously no wins this year is disappointing. Definitely, I think the ship is headed in the right direction."

On OL John Greco being placed on injured reserve:

"It is tough. Obviously, we were kind of a retooled offensive line going into the season losing (Falcons C) Alex (Mack) and (Chiefs OL) Mitchell (Schwartz). Losing (OL) Joel early in the season and now losing John, it has been a war of attrition on the offensive line this year. It has been tough. Obviously, losing John is going to be another tough blow for us, but we are not the only team in the NFL that has had to replace a few offensive linemen. That doesn't change the job that we have in front of us."

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