Browns player quotes - 11/8

WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.:

On how tough the quick turnaround is playing on Thursday:

"It is pretty tough because guys on both sides, no matter who is playing on a Thursday night game, you might be banged up from weeks ago and you are still fighting it, like myself. It is tough because it is a quick turnaround, and your best friend is days off and extra days so I think that is a big factor. That is part of the game, I guess."

On if there is also a mental challenge preparing for a Thursday game:

"I don't know. This is my first Thursday as a receiver so I am just going to take it in stride and do extra studying. Obviously, you don't have the days to study like you do normally, but we will see. I will be able to tell you after the game because this is my first time really as a receiver. I think I will be fine, though. You should be fine if you study enough."

On if the Ravens defense:

"Their front seven is very good. They have been getting after the quarterback pretty good and dominating from that standpoint. It is really helping their backend. That is why it is a team sport, you know? At the end of the day, it is going to come down to what we do. We control it ultimately so it is how prepared are we and how detailed are we in the game and do we give ourselves a chance to win. That is really what it comes down to when you are about to play a game."

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