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Browns player quotes - 12/11

WR Taylor Gabriel:

On if he immediately knew he sustained a concussion:

"I didn't know right away. I didn't know until, I would say, two hours later, but I didn't remember the play. It's a scary thing to go through and, I'm glad I'm out of (concussion) protocol."

On not remembering the play:

"Concussions, it's a bad thing that happens. I'm just glad that I'm out and playing with my brothers."

On his discussions with WR Andrew Hawkins about concussions:

"Just the process of it, we talk about it and the things that we're going through at the time. That's why I feel like the Browns did a great job with me and handling me and really just not pushing me to come back and things like that, really just on my timetable. I feel like just getting my feet wet this week, not doing too much this week, like (Head) Coach (Mike Pettine) said limited. Hopefully, we can get this win this Sunday."

On Hawkins' and DB Joe Haden's multiple concussions:

"Yeah, scary, man. I was going through it so just sympathies out to those guys, and hopefully, those guys can get healthy."

On how Haden and Hawkins have been feeling:

"They're doing pretty good. They're the same guys. I feel like nothing has changed with the guys so I feel like they've been doing pretty good. Prayers go out to those guys. Hopefully, they can recover fast."

On what he hopes to see from QB Johnny Manziel and the Browns offense:

"The expectation is still the same. As long as we go out there and do what we've been doing, be an explosive offense and just follow the gameplan, I feel like we'll be okay."

On if he will play as much as he did before the concussion:

"Yes, of course. Of course. This week, I've just been taking my time this week and limited [practice reps]. Just trying to get my legs back together so hopefully I can contribute this week."

On if previously had a concussion:

"No, this is my first concussion."

On what he learned about concussions:

"It's scary. It's scary and it's nothing that you can just heal like an ankle injury or anything like that. It's the brain and you have to give it time to rest."

On if fans realize how serious concussions are:

"Really but not really because it's the brain. It's not just an injury that you can just shake off. We are professional athletes, and it's easy to say 'Yeah, you guys can get right back out there.' We want to, but at the same time, it's the brain; it's nothing that you can just heal in a few days."

DB Donte Whitner:

On the Browns' season:

"It is going terrible. It has been very tough. From losing the games the way we lose them – San Diego, field goal; Denver, not being able to get a couple yards to get a field goal; the Monday night game; throwing an interception against the Raiders to come back and try to go to overtime – it has been a tough season. We are learning how to handle this adversity. It is tough right now. We are going to see who is really with us, who are not front runners, who is going to finish the season and give great effort as if we are fighting for a playoff spot. That is what you look for in these games. These last four games are very important to us."

On ranking the Browns secondary today:

"I don't know. Somewhere around the middle based on injuries, and it is based on a number of different aspects of what we didn't do, what we could do better. I would say somewhere in the middle. I would say that our confidence is still high. We still have the same guys in that room. It didn't go the way we wanted it to go."

On if the Browns defense is too complex:

"No, I think that is BS. It is the same defense we have been running for two years now. Honestly, if I could sit here and show you guys cut-ups from things that we look at in practice and running a certain defense against a certain play and doing it perfectly in practice and getting in the game and totally just doing something that you didn't practice to do, that happens. Maybe it is because I have been playing for 10 years. I don't think it is too complex. I think you would have to ask each individual guy. As far as what I think and what I know, I don't think it is too complex."

On main causes for the Browns' defensive struggles:

"I would probably say we just have some guys that don't do what they are supposed to do as consistent as they are supposed to do it. That is the honest to God truth. Even sometimes you can tell some guys this play is coming, somehow they still see some other type of play out there. That does happen. I don't know what else to say about that. Sometimes guys do what they are supposed to do. Sometimes they don't. When you tend to not do what you are supposed to do, that is when you tend to get beat, that is when you tend to give up big plays and that is when you tend to lose football games, and that is why we are 2-10."

On if it is only younger Browns players making those mistakes:

"I didn't say any guys. Everybody makes mistakes but how consistently do you make mistakes or do you continue to make the same mistakes. If you continue to make the same mistakes there are three reasons: you either don't know, don't care or you don't want to play football. We have to figure that out. These four games right here is where we figure it out. You figure out who are the front runners and who really cares and who really loves the game of football and who really wants to play the game of football."

On how much the lack of pass rush affects the secondary:

"It always affects you as a defensive player, especially as a defensive back because pressure and coverage go hand-in-hand. Sometimes we can cover it up a little better and allow those guys to get there. Sometimes we need pressure right now with some of the coverages that we play. Anybody around the National Football League will tell you that we play a lot of man coverage. We rely on that pressure getting there, primarily from four or five guys. If you don't get that, it makes it hard. I am not going to point any fingers. I am not going to call anybody out. We can do a better job of covering to help those guys get there on the defensive line and maybe we can get a little more pressure. All of these things add up to being 2-10.When we fix that we will be better."

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