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Browns player quotes - 12/16

LB Paul Kruger:

On if being a shorter QB may be an advantage:

"For the most part, some of those players you're mentioning – (Saints QB) Drew Brees, I feel like being the exception – I feel like a lot of those guys just seem to be a little bit faster, especially in this case when (Seahawks QB) Russell Wilson can make a lot of plays with his feet. When he get out of the pocket, he's a special cat. We're going to be game planning heavy for that."

On if he changes how he rushes a QB who is a threat to scramble:

"Yes and no. You're going to change the philosophy of your rush. You're not going to be thinking about him escaping your whole time you're rushing, but you definitely have to as far as game planning and schematically. I keep that in mind, for sure. Have eyes on him all the time other than just the guys up front. He just creates some problems in that way."

On seeing similarities between QB Johnny Manziel and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson:

"Absolutely, yeah. I think they're very comparable. Johnny is an extremely athletic guy. The one difference I see is Johnny can make a lot of throws from different angles with his arm. He can side arm the ball, just a really athletic guy. I do think they are comparable in that way."

On having more time on the sidelines with the Browns success running the ball:

"It's huge. It's a really big deal for the offense to create that momentum, as well as that confidence in the run game. It was exciting to see. Those guys had a great day. No doubt. The more time you can be on the sidelines not only to recover physically but also to talk about what's going on, what we're seeing, it was big for us."

On approaching games in hostile environments:

"I don't think there is anything special you can do. You just have to get out there. You have to take it all in when you get there and actually step foot on the field. I think that's the biggest thing is just getting your mind right before the game, 15 to 20 minutes before the game understanding how loud it's going to be. I don't think anybody's going to need to change their philosophy or anything like that. It's just a matter of volume might be a little louder than what we're used to, but I don't see it being a huge factor."

On if the win recharged Browns players for the last few games of the season:

"It definitely makes a difference when you have something you feel like you can build on. You feel like you've had success in certain areas that allows you to create a game plan around. It definitely creates a little momentum for us."

LB Nate Orchard:

On recording his first career sack:

"Words can't describe it. It is a huge monkey off my back. It has been a long time. I work so hard and it is such a long season, but to finally get those, not the first, but my second one, as well, was a great feeling."

On what recording two sacks did for his confidence:

"I am a confident guy. I am confident in my work and what I do. I relish my role and what it is but to add that to the stat sheet is a great feeling because it has been too long."

On if he did anything differently on Sunday rushing the passer:

"I felt good. Going into the game, I was very confident, and as a defense and as a team, we felt great. We all went out there and played our hearts out."

On his biggest lesson in the NFL:

"You learn to adjust to the game real quick – the tempo, the speed, the strength. It changes week to week. The biggest thing is the playbook. That gameplan, they can get complicated at times, but the coaches do a good job of making it simple for us so we can go out there and play fast and not have to worry so much."

On if he ever doubted himself:

"No, not at all. I was confident in myself and learned to understand my role in the defense. From there, when an opportunity presents itself, I had to make the most of it."

On if he was typical role Sunday:

"In the role I have always been. The opportunity presented itself, and I made the most of it. (Linebackers) Coach (Brian) Fleury always said to me to not get down on myself and that it is a long season and that it is going to come, it is going to come. That is what I did. I kept my head up high and I just kept working."

On if he ever felt pressure to get a sack in specific game:

"No, no pressure at all. I am a rookie. It is my first year. I am going to get plenty of sacks in my career. I am not worried about that. What I can do now is help the team in my position and whatever the coaches need me to do, I can do that."

On if he still believes he can be a player who records double-digit sacks:

"Most definitely. Most definitely. That is what I am here to do. That is what I am going to work towards. I just want to be the best. I have great teammates around me – (LB) Paul Kruger, (LB Barkevious) Mingo, those guys, (LB) Scott Solomon, everyone. We help each other. We encourage one another. We are working every day on our pass rush game and to be the best."

On if he believes he can beat the offense tackles he lines up against:

"Most definitely. We have the best offensive tackle in the league in (OL) Joe Thomas, and I get to go up against him every day. We have a great scout team, guys who do an awesome job of helping us up front and prepare us for the week."

OL Austin Pasztor:

On positons he can play on the offensive line:

"I played left guard and right tackle in regular season games. I have played everything but center in the preseason at some point so I feel like I can play all four, center, if you really needed me to. Most coaches don't want to throw me in there because I am tall. Centers aren't usually 6'7''. They can be, but I feel like I am fairly versatile."

On if he has played against Seattle before:

"Yes, I was on a team that played against Seattle. I was not in the game. I can't remember if I dressed or not. I was on the sidelines."

On his impressions of Seattle's front four:

"They are a very talented front four. You know all those guys before you even take a look at the depth chart. It will be a great opportunity and a great challenge this week."

On Seahawks DT Ahtyba Rubin:

"I haven't watched him a ton, but from what I hear from the coaches, he is playing well this year for them and he is playing the 3-technique positon. I am looking forward to playing him."

On adjustments made Sunday during his first start with the Browns:

"It is a solid defense that the 49ers were playing. They play that two-gap style of defense. There is not a lot of teams playing that style anymore. It was a bit of adjustment in terms of that and how the line plays against you. I would say that is the biggest adjustment I had to make."

On being part of the 230-yard rushing performance:

"It was so much fun. Anytime you can run the ball the way we did, it is a great, great time on the field and on the sidelines."

On playing between Pro Bowl OL Joe Thomas and Alex Mack:

"It is amazing. It is a great feeling between those two guys and their ability. They communicate well with me, and they help me technique wise. Every which way you could think of, it is a lot of fun. In Jacksonville, I had the opportunity to play between (former Jaguars OL) Brad Meester and (Ravens OL) Eugene Monroe when I was rookie. Meester played for 14 seasons and Eugene was the eighth overall pick. Sort of similar, but Joe and Alex are tremendous players and great guys. It is a lot of fun to be in between them."

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