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Browns player quotes - 12/17

OL Joe Thomas:

On how his knee is feeling:

"Good, good. I am feeling like I am getting fresh and hopefully to be ready on Sunday."

On if there is no doubt he will play Sunday:

"Yeah. Taking a day off was a matter of trying to make sure I was as fresh as possible on Sunday for the speed guys in Seattle."

On if his consecutive snaps streak is in jeopardy:

"Not that I know of."

On the speed of Seattle's defense:

"They are probably the fastest defense in the NFL. You look all across the board, and they are built on speed, running to the ball, playing hard, great effort. They have been the best defense in the NFL for a few years now, and they are playing as well now as they have all season."

On if he ever thinks there may come a time to end his consecutive snaps played streak:

"Well, I know it is not going to last forever. How the ending happens, I am not sure. I haven't thought too much about it. Maybe just walk away. Maybe you get hurt. You never know how it is going to end. I guess I don't think about it too much. Some people think about it. I am not one that does."

On if he could ever see himself voluntarily coming out of a one-sided game:

"Not this year. Maybe next year."

On playing his whole career and never missing a snap:

"It would be cool. It would be pretty neat. I think it is something that you would sit back in your lazy chair one day and think it is probably cooler than when you are in the middle of playing."

On if his knee injury occurred Sunday:

"No, it is just a matter of being 31-years old and trying to make sure you are as fresh as possible on Sunday. When you get a little bit older, you have a few more games and plays under your belt. It takes a little bit longer to recover after a game, and as the season wears on, you are a little more sore later in the week than usual than you used to be when you were younger. I think it is important to get ready for Sunday rather than do anything detrimental during the week."

On previous injuries sustained:

"I have had a lot injuries, but I have been fairly healthy this year and there was no injury on Sunday."

On if this is his first game at Seattle:

"Correct. This is the first time I am playing out there. This is my last stadium that I have to play in."

WR Terrelle Pryor:

On if he was comfortable playing last Sunday:

"Yeah, I was fine. I was where I was supposed to be every play and just did my job."

On if he feels natural on the field as a WR:


On if he hoped the ball would come to him:

"I hope that (QB) Johnny (Manziel) goes right through his progression the right way, and that's what he did."

On how much he looks forward to building off of last game:

"Just like all of my other teammates, we all rely on each other so they're going to rely on me if I go in the game, as well. Just go in there, do my job, don't make it anything bigger and that's it."

On his workout with the Seahawks:

"I stayed an extra day or two there before they even made the decision to not sign me. It went real well. I was still hurt at the time, as well."

On if it will be special to play in Seattle against his former coach Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll:

"The 12th Man is a special place. Speaking of Coach Carroll and his coaching staff, they're a class act, first class coaching staff. I think he's one of the best coaches I've ever had. We have a great coach here, as well. I had a lot of great coaches, and he's definitely one of them."

On if the Seahawks talked to him about switching to WR:

"I guess anybody with my athletic ability, they wanted to. Nobody really talked to me about that at the Raiders. They didn't really bring it up at all."

On history with Carroll while being recruited at USC:

"Yeah, I spoke with them a several times. It was too far away. He was USC. It's a great school, obviously, but that's all the conversation we really had until they traded for me in '14."

On challenges Seattle's defense presents:

"I played quarterback verses those guys, against their first team a lot, in camp and practice and all of that stuff. I know how they play. They're definitely a great defense. I tell the other receivers and I've been telling the offense, trying to give little tips. You have (Seahawks FS Earl) Thomas back there; he's relentless, very quick to the ball, makes very concise decisions when he's back there at safety. You have (Seahawks SS) Kam Chancellor; he's always down low. He plays like a linebacker, can move like a fast guy like a corner. You have (Seahawks CB) Richard Sherman out wide – smart, savvy. You have (Seahawks CB) Jeremy Lane in there, you have (Seahawks LB) Bobby Wagner, (Seahawks LB) K.J. Wright, (Seahawks LB Bruce) Irvin, you go down the line, (Seahawks DE) Michael Bennett, those four guys. We have to bring our A game. We know what we're going against, and if we play our game, I believe that we can definitely compete with them. Hopefully, we can pull off a win against anybody if we play hard."

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