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Browns player quotes - 12/18

K Travis Coons:

On if he will be able to kick on Sunday:

"Yeah, I feel good. it's just a little sore, but other than that, I think on Sunday I'll be ready to go."

On how he injured his leg:

"I didn't necessarily injure it. I just felt like a little tightness there so I didn't want to overdo it and then have an injury."

On what he is doing to avoid more blocked kicks:

"Just doing what I do. I need to have a good practice, go out there and kick the way I know how to kick."

On what he is doing to get more lift on the ball:

"I don't really need to change too much. I might shorten up my steps a little bit to get after it a little bit more, try to get more lift into it but not going to change too much."

On if practicing kicks with defenders holding rakes and padded sticks has helped:

"Yeah, it'll show me if it gets blocked or not, which is good. They're out there with the sticks, putting them as high as they can trying to block them. I'm trying to get it up as high as I can and just make kicks."

On if ball trajectory has ever been an issue before:


On how he will test his leg tomorrow to see if he can play Sunday:

"I'll probably just walk around a little bit, move my leg, swing it a couple of times, see how it feels. So far, it has felt great. The trainers are doing a good job and it feels good so far."

On if attempting to drive the ball is the reason for the blocked kicks:

"I don't ever try to drive a ball. That's something you don't ever want to do because obviously, it's going to get blocked. I'm not trying to drive it. It's little things here and there like a step is off or something like that, and I hit it too high on the ball or I'm doing something wrong and I'm not hitting it the way like I usually do or how I want to hit it, and it ended up getting blocked."

On getting more distance on kickoffs recently:

"Last week, I felt pretty good in my kickoffs. They felt good. Slower approach, maybe. I think that's helping me a little bit."

On if he studies the weather forecast for away games:

"I don't really look into it too much, but me, (P) Andy (Lee), (LS) Charley (Hughlett), all three of us, they look at it constantly. I hear from them what's going on. I played in Seattle for two years so I kind of know how it is out there."

On if, he has been kicking wet footballs to prepare to kick in Seattle:

"Yeah, we actually did the wet ball drill Wednesday – I think it was when we did that. Then they did it yesterday, as well."

QB Austin Davis:

On if he has been briefed about being the Browns' emergency kicker:

"I have been briefed."

On kicking 45-yard FGs in practice:

"We always have a little fun on Fridays with a guest kicker. Typically, it is watching someone who can't really kick a ball try to kick a ball, and it is funny to do. When we played the Rams, I got to go. I kicked in high school. In the emergency situation, if that ever came up, sure, I would give it a shot. Nothing to lose."

On if he has kicked in a game since high school:

"No, I was a terrible kicker in high school. I couldn't handle the pressure. I was awful. I have a lot of respect for those guys. I made a couple extra points, but I choked on the field goals. With a nice little tripod stick and no rush and perfect weather, I could make one."

On playing in a pressure position like QB but saying he choked as a kicker:

"The difference between kicker and quarterback is a kicker trots out there and you get one shot. Quarterback, you make a bad play, you go to the next play. It is all on that one moment. You just do it. I always thought that was much harder than playing quarterback. Quarterback, you just play."

On if it is a coincidence that his locker is next to K Travis Coons:

"Yeah, I guess so."

On if his locker being next to Coons was planned:

"No, I don't think it was planned. It was the open locker when I got here. They put me over here."

On if he kicked today:

"No, I haven't kicked a ball since that day probably. I am not going to pull a groin trying to kick."

On the guest kicker activities at practice:

"I think it is an extra point and then you can back it up and try to hit one from 25 or 30 (yards). I talked to (Head) Coach (Mike) Pett(ine). I knew I could kick. I said, 'Let's try a 40-yarder. Just back it up a little more.' He said fine. Then, I made it."

On if any Browns teammates and coaches knew he could kick:

"No, probably not."

On his FG range:

"In a real game? That is a great question. I don't know. Maybe a 50-yarder if I really got a hold of it."

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