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Browns player quotes - 12/4

WR Travis Benjamin:

On if it's frustrating playing with a third starting QB playing:

"I wouldn't say it is kind of frustrating, but it doesn't matter what the situation is. Me as a receiver and us as a receiving group, we just have to play. There is only one ball so we have to continue to uplift (QB) Austin (Davis) and play hard for him and catch the ball."

On what he has seen from Davis:

"Competitiveness. Knowing that coming into the season he was the third quarterback on the roster and every day he came in and was preparing and learning and now that he has his opportunity his competitive drive is off the charts. Anytime you have a quarterback in there that is willing to compete, we are willing to go in there to help you."

On if Davis' throws come out differently than QB Josh McCown's throws:

"He has a nice ball. Nice spin. Nice touch on the ball. It is different because Josh has a nice ball, too, but it is kind of the same. You just have to catch it."

On confidence gained in Davis after his performance Monday night:

"His first rep when he got in at quarterback, it was insane for him. He was geeked. He was ready to go. He came in the huddle demanding and knew what we had to do. As a receiver group, we told each other that we are going to go in here and fight for Austin."

On if the QBs potentially rotating affects the WRs:

"In Week 11 or Week 12 in the season, it doesn't affect us anymore. There is still one ball out there, and every time the ball is in the air, it is dependent on you if you want to catch it or not."

OL Joel Bitonio: On if he is excited to play the Bengals, despite the ankle injury:

"I'm excited, but you kind of feel like you're letting your teammates down, at least I feel like that when I'm not playing. You see them going to battle and you're like, 'Man, I wish I could help out or do something, try and turn the tides of the game,' but it's exciting. We have an in-state rival, Cincinnati. It's my fourth time playing them so it's exciting. They're a good defense, and we're going to try and get a win this week."

On how his ankle has responded to treatment and practice:

"Good. The last three days, really put in some work. I think tomorrow, we'll give it a little rest with the walkthrough and everything, and hopefully, be ready to go Sunday."

On if he missed any games in college:

"No, I didn't miss any in college. That was my first missed game since junior year of high school, I think."

On if he will play on Sunday:

"Yeah, I'm pretty confident. We have to check tomorrow to make sure it's still responding, but I'm pretty confident."

On why he missed a game in high school:

"I broke my hand, they didn't let me play the first week and then I casted it up and played the second week."

On if it is more difficult to have multiple QB changes:

"It's a little different. I wouldn't say more difficult, but it's definitely different. In practice, you kind of get used to a cadence a little bit more. Everybody's cadence tries to be the same so you're kind of used to that. You're kind of used to how they call plays in the huddle and stuff. I think you kind of get most of that down by the time Sunday rolls around so if (QB) Austin (Davis) is the quarterback – I think it's harder when you switch mid-game because you're used to one and then the other one comes out, but once you get the whole week to practice with them and stuff, you get used to it. They're all kind of similar. We're kind of doing the same thing on offense. It's not like we have drastic differences right now at quarterback so it's kind of keeping it pretty steady for us."

On his confidence in QB Austin Davis:

"He was good on Sunday when he went in there. He sits next to me in the offensive meetings. I always see him taking notes like crazy, and I think he's ready to go in that aspect. He's been practicing a lot. I think he's been throwing it well and he has a big arm. He seemed excited to get out there. I think he's ready. He started 10 games for St. Louis last year or eight or something like that. I think he has some confidence and he wants to prove to people he can still play some football."

On what makes Bengals DT Geno Atkins so challenging:

"He's a stud, man. He can play the run and the pass equally well. It's just an explosion of power the way he fires off. People are always like, 'Oh, he's short,' but I think that's an advantage for him. He has that pad level and he plays hard. I think that's a characteristic. He is smart. He reads blocks well. He does a good job on the back side of zones penetrating between the guard and the tackle when we're running our combinations. He's one of the better ones in the league for sure."

DB Tramon Williams:

On if DB Pierre Desir has a bright future:

"No doubt about it. He has a lot of ability. He has that look that a lot of teams are looking for around the league – a tall, long corner. He has a bright future."

On if Desir is a worker:

"No doubt about it. No doubt about it. Like I said, he is one of the guys who continues to come to work. He doesn't get down about things. He continues to get better. He will be a good player."

On takeaways from the first game against Cincinnati:

"Pretty much the same thing we can take away from every game: not to shoot ourselves in the foot; we have to make those guys beat us; we can't give them things. That is all the NFL is about. Instead of a team going down the field and you get a three-and-out with those guys and then a guy jumps offside, that extends the drive. Now, they get potential three to seven points to where your offense could have been on the field trying to get three to seven points. That is the type of things that has been going on with us. We have to find ways to get off the field, and when we do get off the field, we can't make mistakes and let the drive extend. We have to make those guys beat us. We can't give it to them."

On if he has noticed anything different from Bengals QB Andy Dalton this year:

"I will keep it simple. When you look at Andy when he came into the league, he already had really good ability and he still has that ability. Now, he has grown over the years to make those smarter decisions. Instead of the 12-15 interceptions he had, it is cut down. He has that extra drive to make plays. He is making all the right plays. He is making all the right plays for his team. Obviously, he has a good team behind him. Obviously, the quarterback is going to stand out. He is doing an excellent job. He deserves it all."

On if he will exclusively cover Bengals WR A.J. Green on Sunday:

"I am going to see a lot of A.J. I don't know how much, but I will see a lot of him."

On what makes Green so challenging to defend:

"Size and speed. Size and speed. That is the thing guys look for now a days – can I find the big receiver who can run, run routes, catch and he makes the quarterback's job easier. That is what he presents to a defense and to a DB. It is definitely going to be a tough challenge."

On if the Bengals have one of the better wide receiving corps in the NFL:

"No doubt about it. That is one of the things I say. You run into a couple teams and you may get a tandem of good receivers, but with these guys you have a trio plus you have a good tight end. You have a full core of weapons that you really have to watch. It is going to be a team effort. It is not going to be just one guy. It is going to be a team effort when it comes down to having to stop that many weapons on the field."

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