Browns player quotes - 4/18

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today's media availability:

  • OL Joel Bitonio
  • WR Corey Coleman
  • LB Jamie Collins Sr.
  • DB Joe Haden
  • QB Cody Kessler (full transcript)
  • DL Danny Shelton

OL Joel Bitonio:

On what it means that the Browns re-signed him coming off of an injury:

"It means a lot. They invested a lot in the O-line this offseason and I was one of those pieces. I am really appreciative. I think it shows both that they are trying to keep their guys that have been in the program and are doing the right things, and that I want to be a part of this. I want to help win some games. It was kind of a perfect marriage. It was a great situation for me. I am just excited to get back out there and prove to them that it was worth it to give me that deal."

On how he feels following last season's injury:

"Good. I feel good. They are letting me do a lot right now. I am getting back into the weight room and they are kind of letting me do that stuff. I have been here all offseason, been working in that regard. I feel really good. It is a process thing, you know, you do not really want to push it to early. We play games in September so we are just trying to get to that point. Overall, I feel really good, really strong. The staff, strength staff and training staff, has done a great job working with me this offseason."

On when he will be full-go:

"I do not know. It is the doctors' decision. I am just trying to do everything that I can to be ready to go when they give me the green light."

On the impact of the front office's investment in the offensive line, as well as LB Jamie Collins Sr.:

"It's been great. They talked about it this offseason, saying they wanted to bring in talent. I think Jamie is one of the better linebackers in the league and you bring in a couple of O-linemen – (Kevin) Zeitler has been a five-year starter and JC (Tretter) has played a lot. For me personally, I thought it was great for me. I was thrilled to be invested in. We are looking forward to really working together, but like I said earlier, the more talent that you have, the better the team is going to be. You just have to acquire the talent. It is going to be fun to see how we work together, but we are excited to get going."

WR Corey Coleman:

On the importance of stepping up and becoming the 'the guy' at WR after WR Terrelle Pryor signed with the Redskins:

"I feel like even if he was here it is still important to step up my game, no matter who is here. That is just how I am built and how my mindset is."

On performing well early in the season, sustaining an injury and not being as successful after returning from injury:

"It is tough. As a rookie coming in, you have to learn a lot of stuff. When I got hurt, I missed a lot of time. I missed six games and not getting the practice reps, it was just a little bit different. Then I come back and playing with the same quarterback I played with the first two games, I feel like a lot of stuff goes into it, but now I know what to expect for a great season this year."

On his interest level in the NFL Draft and learning who will join the Browns:

"I just like all of that type of stuff. I was there a year ago so it is like crazy with these guys that are about to get drafted. My eyes are so open. 'Man, I just got drafted into the NFL.' I am excited for those guys, and I am excited to see who we pick. I know the guys upstairs make great decisions and the best decisions for our football team."

On his initial advice to the Browns' draft selections:

"Listen to the coaches and just try to learn as much as you can. With me, I had to learn so much so fast. For a receiver, it kind of slows you down. You do not get to play as fast as you want because you are thinking, and then you are kind of nervous because you do not want to mess up instead of just going out there and playing football."

LB Jamie Collins Sr.:

On what made him want to re-sign with Cleveland following last season:

"(Head) Coach Hue (Jackson), the guys in that locker room, there is just something about them, I just cannot leave."

On if adding defensive coordinator Gregg Williams contributed to the decision to return:

"Yeah, he is a pretty good coach – I have heard a lot. I am just ready to get started with him and see how it goes."

On his first impression of Williams:

"He is a good coach. You can see it by how he carries himself. I am just ready to get started with him."

DB Joe Haden:

On his initial impression of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams:

"His energy. His energy is crazy. He definitely brings a different attitude. He is very vocal and in your face, and I feel like we definitely need that. We need somebody that is going to keep everyone accountable – me, (LB Christian) Kirksey, (LB Jamie) Collins (Sr.), (DL) Danny (Shelton). He is definitely going at us. I feel like everyone is on the same slate. He tells us that we have been losing here for a reason, and he is here to change it. Just his passion and the way that he is coming at us, we have no choice but to turn up."

On if frequent coordinator changes significantly impacts the secondary:

"I do not feel like it does. Cover 2 is always Cover 2; Man-to-man is man; Cover 4 is Cover 4. I feel like it has been the least amount of change. Sometimes the terminology [is different], but at the end of the day, the defenses are the defenses for the secondary. I feel like it was way more for the front seven."

On what he needs to do to return to the level of his Pro Bowl seasons:

"Just be healthy. That is one thing that you can't control. I am trying to control that. I feel healthy now. As long as I feel like I am out there being able to be healthy and just taking care of my body, that is the biggest thing. I don't feel like anything else is a factor."

On how he would react if the Browns selected 'a big defensive stud' with the No. 1 pick:

"I would be super excited if they took the guy (Texas A&M DL) Myles Garret."

On what he knows about Garrett and if he watched some of his tape:

"I watched him on tape. I just feel like he would be an immediate impact player and I feel like he would be a guy that we could have rushing the passer for years to come."

On if he is paying closer attention to the draft coverage since the Browns have two early first-round picks:

"Not really. I always kind of try to pay attention to it. It really does not matter who I want us to get, but I feel like (Head) Coach (Hue Jackson), (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Sashi (Brown), everybody, they are going to figure it out. If it was just my opinion, after that one, I really do not care what happens."

On the mindset that Head Coach Hue Jackson wants for the Browns this year entering the offseason:

"Just going after it, attacking this offseason and just everybody working toward the same goal. Just getting after it. That was the worst season that we have had in a while, and we have been having some bad ones. Everybody has just got to check their ego at the door. There is no reason for any of us to have an ego anyway. We just got to get ready to ball, attack this offseason and try to win some games."

DL Danny Shelton:

On his trip to London in preparation for next season's regular season game:

"I did not get to go to the stadium, but I got to hang around the London fans and the Scotland fans. It was awesome."

On the UK fans, and if they had ever seen someone as big as Shelton:

"I am not sure. I just know that they are really hyped about the games. It was kind of a culture shock for me; I did not think they knew that much about football or were such die-hard fans. The UK is no joke."

On if he saw Browns fans in particular on his trip:

"I did see a lot of Browns fans, a lot of support."

On defensive coordinator Gregg Williams:

"It is my second day working with him in the meeting room. He is an intense coach. You can tell that he wants to change the culture around here. I think he is the perfect fit."

On if the Browns needed a culture change:

"I think we did need that. I think his mindset is what Cleveland needs in order for us to change and turn around the program."

On his first impressions of Williams:

"Just in his demeanor alone, you can tell that he is a serious guy. It is exciting to come to work and know that he is going to have a challenge for you every day. It is going to be a lot of work this year."

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