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Browns player quotes - 7/31

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today's media availability:

  • OL Alvin Bailey
  • DL Xavier Cooper
  • DL Carl Nassib

OL Alvin Bailey:

On the first few days of Browns training camp:

"They're going pretty good. We've had a good two days, good competitive two days out here offensively and defensively. Have a lot of good guys out here competing to be great."

On his individual goals and the offensive line's goals this season:

"For me, personally, I just want to push the limits. I just want to see how far I can take it. I want to see how far I can push myself and see how good of a player I can be. Then as a group, we want to be the best. We've got a room full of talented guys, a lot of guys who come from different backgrounds that have a lot of different talents. It's pretty cool to see guys come together and work every day in the meeting room and out here at practice and even in our off time just sticking together trying to be the best we can be."

On transitioning to a new team and new playbook:

"I think I've been doing a good job picking up the new schemes and things. It's not perfect, but I think it's gone well so far. I've been pretty fortunate enough that football is like second nature to me mentally. I'm able to pick things up like that so I'm pretty comfortable with where I'm at in the offense right now."

On how familiar he is with Head Coach Hue Jackson's offense in Cincinnati:

"There is a first time for everything. I'm really excited. I feel like we're going to have a really dynamic and exciting offense this year."

On Jackson's friendliness towards the OL and how excited he is for the emphasis of the run game:

"He has a plan. That's the thing, he has a plan and you stick to it.  We have certain things from timing to routes and blocks and things like that and it's all planned out. You just have to stick to the plan and stick to the scheme. The run game, we're really excited about that. We've got some great runners and we're excited up front to be physical and knock some holes in the line for them."

On competition at RT, specifically now that OL Shon Coleman has returned from injury:

"It's always a competition. We come out here and push each other to the limits every day. We come out here and everybody works hard. We help each other out, grab somebody if we need to and we all work hard."

On differences in the Browns offense and the Seahawks offense:

"Offensively, the system is a lot different. It's a little more complexity. We do a lot of more different things here, but I'm enjoying it so far. I'm really liking it."

On having the opportunity to compete to become a full-time starter in Cleveland:

"It's exciting. This is everybody's dream. This is why you play the game. You come here and you work hard your whole life to be able to put yourself in a position like this. I'm excited for it."

DL Xavier Cooper:

On entering training camp following his rookie season:

"It's like when you go into any profession and you get hired at a job, you're going to have your ups and downs and learning the nuances of the NFL. I think I struggled a little bit, but I gained some knowledge and experience. I think that's how you become a great player in this league is getting more experience. Right now, I'm getting that experience working against (OL) Joe (Thomas), (Joel) Bitonio, (John) Greco every day just to get the experience to go out there and use that confidence to use it on Sundays."

On having a year of experience in the NFL:

"Like I said, it's experience. I'm going on Year 2. Last year, I was new. Going against guys like (Ravens OL) Marshall Yonda and (David) DeCastro from Pittsburgh, now going against Greco and these guys every single day and to be able now to take that on to Sundays, and now I feel confident because I'm getting the opportunity to really do it. Not coming in and out of the game, you need consistency with everything. I think I'll get the opportunity to go out there and play and be consistent."

On focusing on not 'shooting first, aiming second' as defensive line coach Robert Nunn commented:

"That just comes down to technique. I've been known for my get off. Sometimes, I'm so quick to get off the ball and I'm just quick to throw anything. Right now, it's just getting off the ball, slowing it down, and like I said, that comes with experience and reps. That's why we're out here doing right now. We have a short window of time before the season starts. I'm just trying to fine tune my technique and get better so when Sundays come, I'm trusted by the coaches to go out there and that they're going to put me out there to do what I do."

DL Carl Nassib:

On missing time during minicamp due to injury and how it feels to be back on the field now:

"It feels great to be back out here. Missing time is not anybody's ideal situation, but I'm just really happy to be back out there. I'm working on some new skills and getting better."

On where playing the defensive line:

"I'm being used pretty much inside and outside. It's really exciting and I'm very excited to work with (defensive line) Coach (Robert) Nunn and continuing to work with (strength and conditioning/skills development) Coach (Joe) Kim. It's awesome.

On if he can create penetration and get sacks from an interior DL position:

"We'll see. Yeah, I intend to."

On if playing an interior DL position is a new experience for him:

"I played a little bit of inside in college, but I think I'll be able to work a lot more on it here."

On why the Browns work him inside, considering he was a great edge rusher in college:

"Versatility. The more versatile you are, the more value you bring to your team. I like the fact that I'm being used inside and outside."

On if it was a setback because he missed time during minicamp:

"I don't think I missed a beat. I was pretty locked in with the mental reps and I'm excited to move forward and keep working hard."

On if he feels he has to make his mark right away during the live tackling portion:

"I feel like everybody does. I think today is an important day for the start of the year. We're going to learn a lot, get some technique down that you can't really get down with just teaching it so it'll be good."

On if there is a specific veteran with who he's been learning a lot from:

"Yeah, (DL) Xavier Cooper and I talk about a lot of stuff. He's helped me out a lot lately."

On the biggest thing that he had to work on going into training camp:

"Getting stronger and getting a new pass rush move going."

On what the DL coaches want to see during the live tackling period:

"He wants to see good technique. He wants to see finishing plays, and he wants to see us hustling no matter what."

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