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Browns player quotes - 9/21

DL Armonty Bryant:

On if Sunday's game was his best performance:

"Oh yeah, definitely."

On where his sacks came from:


On the run game assignments:

"Basically just set the edge."

On when he shifted to OLB:

"During the summer, there was a little bit of talk about it here, and then when I finally reported, made the switch official."

On if he feels like a LB:

"Yes, I do. I like rushing the edge a lot, and it feels good being back out there."

On how much weight he lost this year:

"I lost about five, 10 pounds."

On if it was a difficult transition to setting the edge at LB:

"Not as much. When I was in college, I played a lot outside and setting the edge was what I was used to doing. Coming here, I moved inside so it's just getting back to where I started."

On the Browns defense pressuring on QB Marcus Mariota:

"We just stayed relentless, didn't give up on our pass rush. Everyone just stayed focused and knew that we're responsible for the quarterback, and no matter what, we're not going to stop until we get him down."

On if momentum builds after a sack:

"Definitely, when one player makes a tackle for a loss or a sack, you just want to feed off of it, and that's what we tried to do every time."

On if the Browns wore down Mariota:

"A little bit. We saw him get up a little bit slower every time so it did affect it a lot."

On if the Browns will use the same formula for the QB next game when facing another young QB:

"We haven't started that game plan yet, but most likely, yeah."

On where he learned his technique:

"Just working on it every day at practice. You have to be physical, and losing that weight, you have to be a little bit tougher than other guys. I just always try to use my flexibility and my movement and my agility and everything like that to get past linemen. I feel like last year playing on the inside having everything happen so quickly has helped me on out the edge because I can see a lot more."

On whose idea it was to transition to LB:

"It was Jimmy's (defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil) idea."

LB Craig Robertson:

On how much better today feels after a win as compared to a week ago after a loss:

"It feels awesome. It always feels good to get a win in this league. It is hard to win in this league. Every team is good. Everybody is good. The energy around the building is great after you win."

On why the defense was able to pressure Titans QB Marcus Mariota:

"We have relentless pass rushers. Our front seven did a great job, as well as our DBs. They did a great job covering and took away his first, second read and gave us opportunities to pass rush."

On what the Browns have to do better, after watching the game film:

"We have to play more consistent. We had a lot of plays where we played great Browns defense. Then, we had some plays where we slipped a little bit. We have to be consistent if we want to be a consistent winner in this league."

On if defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil is still harping on the run defense:

"That is definitely something we want to stop. A win is a win, and you coach on what you need to coach on."

On how the Browns defense can contain the edge in the running game:

"It is something we have to focus on and harp on and really just knock out."

On what QB Johnny Manziel showed yesterday:

"That he can be poised under pressure. Every quarterback in this league can make throws, but to be poised under pressure is a great attribute for a quarterback."

On his opinion of who should start at QB this Sunday between Manziel and QB Josh McCown:

"To be honest, I play defense. I have no business talking about that. I have no need to talk about that. Whatever we have to do to win games, that is what I am all about."

On if he watches the offense at all in games or if is he going over the defense's plays:

"Kind of both. We don't know what they are doing. We just see a deep ball – 'Touchdown, yeah!' We watch them but not like a coach or someone grading them."

On how impressed is he with WR Travis Benjamin:

"I am not impressed. That is Trav. We have already seen that. I have been with Trav before. I know what he can do. Him showing what he can do, a lot of people say 'Oh Trav is back.' No, Trav never left. That is who he is and that is who he will continue to be."

On how tough is that for a guy to overcome a season-ending injury like Benjamin did two years ago:

"It is tough. It is a whole lot mentally. He overcame that a lot. You could just see the confidence that he has catching the ball and moving forward and just going and being himself."

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