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Browns player quotes - 9/23

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today's media availability:

  • DB Derrick Kindred (full transcript)
  • DB Jamar Taylor (full transcript)
  • DB Tramon Williams Sr./b>

DB Derrick Kindred:

On the opportunity to start Sunday's game:

"It means a lot. It shows that the coaches have a lot of trust in me. I have been preparing myself each and every week for this moment. Go out there and go through it with the gameplan, make sure everything comes out correctly."

On being aggressive and tough on the football field while being smart with physical play on the field:

"I am a very aggressive guy so I'm going to go in and give 110 percent. I'm going to come in and do everything that I have to. As far as not being too aggressive, it is just basically by knowing my keys and knowing when and when not to be aggressive."

On his performance the first two weeks of the season:

"I think I played pretty good. There are a lot of little things that can be corrected. So far, we have gotten that done so I'm just looking forward to this week."

On if the secondary will be ready in the event DB Joe Haden is not able to play:

"I feel like everybody is prepared just as well. We would love to have him out there, but everything happens for a reason. Just the next guy has to go up and do his job."

On if he will playing SS this week in place of DB Ibraheim Campbell:

"In the gameplan, we are just going to play left and right, just things that we do. It is all about how we practiced this week."

On Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill:

"He is a very good quarterback. He reads the defense very well. Fast guy. He has been in the league a couple years. Just some things that we talked about in the meeting room."

On working to shut down Dolphins TE Jordan Cameron, given Ravens TE Dennis Pitta's production last week:

"Pretty much just playing good coverage, read our keys exactly like we have practiced them. As far as the Baltimore Ravens, that was last week. Right now, we are focused on Miami."

On Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry and if he stands out on film:

"Pretty much, yeah. All their receivers are good, but as far as Landry, he is a good, quick receiver, good hands, pretty physical."

DB Jamar Taylor:

*On his emotions returning to Miami:*

"Like any other game, exciting. Every time that you get an opportunity to play and I'm healthy and I can be out there, you have to realize how blessed you are. I'm excited every week."

On if he has any 'extra juice' going playing against his former team:

"No, I'm not pumping this game up bigger than what it needs to be. I know as a team we need the win. It is bigger than me, and that is all I'm worried about."

On if practicing against Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill gives him insight into what to expect this weekend:

"A little bit, but I don't know how much better he has gotten since I've been gone. From what I see on tape, he is doing really good right now. He and his receivers have a great connection going on. I'm just going out there and just try and do my job."

On if anything changes for him if DB Joe Haden cannot play Sunday:

"No, I'm going to go out there and play football, same game I have been playing since I was five years old."

On his level of confidence in his teammates if Haden cannot play:

"We will be good, man. We'll be good. I have confidence in myself. I know (DB) Tramon (Williams Sr.) does have confidence in himself. I know the defense, they have confidence in us and the coaches do, as well. Whatever happens will happen."

On what makes Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry so good:

"He is very physical. He is physical. He is a great athlete. You talk about people being great, he is one of those guys that just has it. He works hard at it. From being there with him, he is the last man off the field all the time, good routes, strong hands, tough. Everything you look for in a football player, he has it."

On if the Browns locker room has been shaken at all due to the number of injuries:

"No, I think what you see is guys ready to step up, guys ready to carry the flag. We preach that all the time. The guys that are getting their name called this week or last week, they are doing a good job."

DB Tramon Williams Sr.:

On the injuries and challenges going into the Dolphins game:

"It is always a part of the season, always the ups and downs of the season. You have to deal with these things, and like you said, we don't know the status of those guys, but as a player who has been in the league for a while, I know that you always have to prepare like you are going to play. You have to always prepare like you are going to play, and if the guys are doing that, then we will be just fine."

On if number of Browns injuries is alarming to him at all:

"Not really. The game, guys are going to get injured all the time. I have been on teams to where 15, 16, 17 guys get put on IR in a year, and you are just playing right with guys off the street and there are not even guys off the practice squad you can pull so you are just getting guys off the street and guys have to come in and get the job done. We expect no different here, really. Obviously, we are trying to change the culture around here so we are not looking for excuses anywhere. We are just looking to try to come in, get our job done and whoever we have to count on for that day, just hopefully, they get their job done and they know what they are doing out there."

On the challenge playing CB and nickel corner in the same game:

"I think the coaches see it as a lot more challenging than the players do. That is the reality of it. Coaches don't like it to happen too often, but I have done it and I try not to make it a difference. In my head is that I have studied the film, I know what these guys are going to do so I am kind of prepared for everything so I feel that I can play at inside and outside. I have done it in games and done well at it so mentally, I am good with it."

On the Dolphins passing attack:

"First of all, they have three really good receivers over there, three really good receivers and a good tight end, who I am pretty sure you guys are familiar with (laughter). What those guys are doing, obviously, they have a first-year coach in (Dolphins Head Coach) Adam Gase who has been proven, even when he was with Chicago with (Bears QB) Jay Cutler last year. I think there are going to be a lot of people watching what those guys do. They are 0-2 just like us but a lot of ability over there, a lot of ability over there. Like I always say, each and every week that is the team that we have to prepare for. We have to prepare for the team that we could potentially get, not the team whose record is 0-2."

On his statement after a loss to the Jets last year saying 'it can't get any worse' and if he still feels that way:

"I think we are going in the right direction. When I made that statement last year, it was more what I saw from that loss. When we got down in that game, we were already defeated in that game. We have lost our first two games this year, but guys never were defeated. Like last game, I never felt that we were going to lose that game. I knew they were going to make a run – that is just a part of the NFL, you know the other team is going to make a run – but at the same time, you never waiver under that pressure when you expect to win, and I expected that we were going to win that game the whole time, and I felt that the guys on the sideline did. Two totally different feels from last year to this year."

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