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Browns player quotes - 9/25

DB Pierre Desir:

On the opportunity to play more on Sunday:

"It is a great opportunity for me. I am blessed that the coaches have enough faith to put me in there and I am ready to do whatever I can to help our team win."

On where his confidence level is at:

"I have great confidence in myself. This is Year 2 in the system so I feel a lot more comfortable than I did a year before."

On what is his scouting report on Oakland QB Derek Carr:

"He's a great quarterback. This is year two for him, so he is comfortable as well. He can make great throws and run as well. He is a great all-around quarterback."

On what he has seen in Oakland WR Michael Crabtree and WR Amari Cooper:

"Those are two great receivers. Both guys that can make plays, especially after the catch. They are explosive and have great hands. It is going to be a great competition."

On how DB K'Waun Williams has played this season and what he means to the defense:

"K'Waun is very aggressive. He does his job. He (plays) a very important role in our defense. He is definitely a guy that coaches trust and players trust as well. He is a great player."

On how it felt to make the last block on WR Travis Benjamin's 78-yard punt return touchdown:

"I felt awesome. I definitely wanted him to score. That is what we are trying to do to make sure he scored. Everyone was doing their job and coming out there with a touchdown."

On if he was 'picking on the punter':

"No, I wasn't picking on him. I was just trying to block him that is all."

On if he thought Benjamin was going to hurdle the punter:

"No, I didn't think he was going to hurdle him. That is Travis. He is a play maker. That is what he felt like was needed at the time, so that is what he did."

On if he could play in the slot or will he play more on the outside:

"As of right now, it is wherever [the coaches] want me to play. When it comes to game time we where I am going to be lining up."

On what are the challenges from playing outside to coming inside to play the slot:

"You have to have a different mindset because you don't have the sideline to help you when you are playing outside corner. When you are playing in the slot, the receiver basically has a two-way go and you really have to very discipline with your technique and with your eyes."

On if the emphasis this week was limiting yards after the catch:

"We looked at that. They are definitely great after the catch. We just have to be sound in our technique in what we need to do and make sure those we limit those run after catch plays."

DB Joe Haden:

On Raiders QB Derek Carr:

"I think he has developed. I think he is doing a really good job with their offense. He is comfortable. He makes a lot of throws. He seems like he has control. I have liked him since he came out of college. I think he is growing into the job and he is going to be a good quarterback."

On what Raiders WR Amari Cooper and WR Michael Crabtree have done for Carr:

"Cooper, I have been watching him on film. That dude is going to be special. He has a really good stop and start, his burst, his body control, runs really good routes. He is growing and growing from the first time I have seen him play. He has a lot of potential to be really good in this league. Crabtree is a veteran. He is crafty, runs good routes and catches the ball. I think their receiving corps has definitely upgraded from when we played them [last year]. Those dudes just know how to make plays with the ball in their hands. They are stepping up."

On if there has been an emphasis on limiting yards after the catch:

"Yeah, definitely. That is Crabtree's biggest point. When he gets the ball in his hands, that is when the play starts for him. He can make people miss. He has a bigger body. That is his thing. Definitely wrapping up. The whole thing is just shoot your shot. Wrap him up and everyone has to run to the ball. We have to gang tackle these dudes, and somebody has their arms and you wrapping on someone else comes and delivers the hit."

On what kind of adjustments the Browns defense has to make without DB K'Waun Williams playing:

"(DB) Tramon (Williams) has been in this league for a while. Coaches believe in him that he can switch into the nickel spot. (DB) Pierre (Desir) has been working his ass off ever since OTAs. He just does everything the right way and goes hard. I think he is definitely ready to step in on the outside."

On how much K. Williams means to the Browns defense and his confidence in Desir:

"(K'Waun) means a lot to the secondary. K'Waun is a guy that was undrafted so his skillset, he worked super hard. That 'Play Like A Brown' thing, that is all K'Waun does. He goes out there and goes hard and knows his assignment, alignments and he locks up the slot guys. That is his thing. It is going to be really unfortunate that he can't be out there. Like we always say, 'Next man up.' We have Tramon coming inside and we have Pierre who has been working his ass off to get on the field so I think he deserves an opportunity. Since unfortunately K'Waun went down, Pierre is going to be able to step up."

On how DB Tramon Williams has started the season:

"I like Tramon. He is a veteran. He doesn't ever get too up or ever get too down. He keeps everybody monotone. He has been through so much playing football that he understands what the bigger picture is so he always keeps everybody level."

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