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Browns player quotes - 9/26

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today's media availability:

  • WR Corey Coleman
  • OL Austin Pasztor
  • WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.

WR Corey Coleman:

On injuring his hand and not being able to contribute on the field:

"I was sad at first, but I'm here for my teammates. We are just going to keep on pushing through. These guys are doing an unbelievable job. We have guys who are hurt right now and guys stepping up and just doing their job."

On if the expectation for him to miss four to six weeks due to injury is accurate and if he is a 'fast healer':

"We are about to find out. I have never broken a bone before – knock on wood so I don't break another one – but we are going to find out. Knock on wood."

On how he broke his hand in practice:

"I was running a dig. That is like an 18-20 yard in-cut. I caught the ball, safety comes down, wraps me up, and he is trying to get better. When he hit me, my hand went against his pads and it went all the way back and just bent. I just thought it was jammed or sprained so I kept on practicing, not going to complain about anything. Then after, my hand hurts so I went and told the trainer. He asked if I needed some ice. I said OK so I come back in and said, 'Can I get some ice?' They said it needed to get an X-ray. I told them no, just give me some ice. I'll be good. They said, 'No, we need to get an X-ray on this thing.' The X-ray comes back – broken hand."

On his confidence that he can pick up where he left off, given his breakout game against the Ravens:

"I'm just going to continue to work and just listen to my coaches and do what they say so I can get back in a rhythm of things."

OL Austin Pasztor

On Head Coach Hue Jackson giving Pasztor a vote of confidence after yesterday's game:

"It means a lot. I have heard a lot of my teammates say, 'You love playing for Coach Jackson,' and I would like to echo that. I'm very focused this week on improving in pass protection especially. Obviously, I did not do a great job of that yesterday."

On stating that sometimes OL need to hold because it is either a penalty or giving up a sack, and if that held true on film:

"When I watch the film, it is what happens before that is really what I'm focused on – getting myself into position so that it is not a matter of should I hold or should I give up a sack, it is I'm blocking the guy. I need to make sure I'm getting off on the snap count and working my technique properly so that I am able to block him."

On Dolphins DL Cameron Wake and if he utilized pass rush moves that Pasztor had not yet seen on film:

"No, the moves that he used I've seen before and actually he has used on me before. I played him two or three years ago so it was what I was expecting, but that does not make it easier to handle either."

On how tough it is to communicate among the OL when playing on the road with a loud crowd:

"Definitely, anytime the crowd gets loud it is really hard to communicate. We just try and do our best to yell at each other and just then the guy next to you is really the one having to kind of pass it along like we are playing telephone or something. It is something you have to deal with basically eight times a year every time you are on the road. Most stadiums have very loud crowd noise."

WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.:

On Head Coach Hue Jackson saying that the Browns may expand his role:

"Like I said before, whatever it takes to win. Whatever Hue says, I am going to do, and he is going to put us in the best position. It is all about beating the Redskins. That is what we are trying to do this week so that is the gameplan."

On his individual production in yesterday's game, given the few players who have previously accomplished the feat:

"I think it gives people, a lot of people out there, especially in the position that I was in last year and years before, people that are in a position of failing, it gives you an open eye and a clear view to have tunnel vision and handle your business and keep working hard no matter what people are saying or what the situation is. It is just keep pushing forward and be an inspiration."

On recording individual statistics that have not been accomplished since Pro Football Hall of Famer Frank Gifford and other NFL legends:

"I have a lot of respect for football. I didn't know who they were until yesterday. For me, all that matters really is winning in Cleveland right now. I really don't care about the stats. If it is going to help us win and we win with it, then I'll be happy to talk, but really, the main stat we did not get as a team. Stats and all the other stuff and all the accolades come after, but if you win, a lot of guys are going to get accolades. The most important one is we have to get the win, get some stuff in the win column. We have yet to do that. This week, we have to be urgent and compete more than ever. I am looking forward to practice and getting better with the team."

On if catching, throwing or running the ball is most satisfying for him:

"Whatever gets us to the next play and is a successful play, whatever gets us closer to the goal line, whatever converts that third down, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter."

On his statement after the game that he could have done and contributed more, given his performance:

"We lost. We lost. We can talk about these stats and all these glorious stats and stuff, but like I said, it means nothing to me unless we win. That is what this is all about – winning. I really don't care about anything else."

On where he needs to improve:

"There is a lot. I don't want to break it down right now, but there is a lot. I want to help the team win. We all do. We have to finish, and we have not finished the last two weeks. We have to play better ball and play a full game how we started. We have to get a win this week. It is urgency." 

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